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  1. MSN_Soulgain

    Subs do not fit in, Just like CV's

    fitting in or not, doesn't matter taht much, because WG have to do so to make money. But, at least, Limit the sub number together with CV. Cv+ sub <=2.
  2. MSN_Soulgain


    Sub should share the same limits together with CV, like Sub + CV <= 2. These are all the stuff making game boring (other word reduce player-player interact), so should be limited. Imagine that, if a battle of 2 CVs +3 subs, do you want to play? even the CV and Sub players dont want to as well.
  3. WG is lucky, so far players are still willing to complain. Many game die in silence.
  4. No way to dodge. Because a skillful sub will never hurt you alone, you have to dodge the trop and watch other gunfire / airs attack etc. Best way: run at the very beginning, only at the endgame battle, you can kill the sub. Just like killing a cv.
  5. MSN_Soulgain

    Debate Challenge: Submarines

    Same as CV, sub largely reduce your interaction with others. a game of avoiding air strike or jumping with trop bring no fun but pain. It has nothing about how light the air strike it or how weak the trops are. Just like a mosquito in your bed room, won't really hurt you, but funny?
  6. MSN_Soulgain

    Subs Are Worthless

    Doesn't mean to be offensive, but it depends on the hand behind the chess. At least sub holds my highest rank win rate record 89% to golden. Even my petro only have 69% to Golden R1.
  7. MSN_Soulgain

    Did new changes break subs further?

    way more strong than the previous one, almost the same op as the very beginning. The diving time is almost infinitely, or at least, enough you to trop whatever you need to. if it is in Golden rank battle, I always have 3-4 min diving time left after the winning. In Random, sub only need to follow the gang, spot dd and steal the kill, no CV dare to spot you within group AA. Most of the time you don't even need to dive.
  8. MSN_Soulgain

    Subs useless in CV matches at higher tiers

    I saw couple time that a sub go underwater at the very beginning and sneak into the cv and kill it.......
  9. MSN_Soulgain

    Sub in Random Play

    anyone can easily get a tier X sub. Go and see how many noob subs die in 5 min in random.
  10. MSN_Soulgain

    Please remove subs from Co-op at least.

    You spend more time in coop ---- increase wows daily activity --- more free money goes to WG.
  11. MSN_Soulgain

    Not going to like it, but someone has to say it.

    Sub: an boring non-interaction gameplay No one hit me, I am not hitting others. Only feeling is you throw some trash into the sea, and some unlucky guy stable into it. No exciting battle, just like the sub in the real history.
  12. MSN_Soulgain

    Unofficial Subs Poll for Submariners

    The main problem: no real counter for sub. Mostly my sub get killed is because most of my teammate die. Even in a sub vs sub fight, mostly the kill results from a ram.....trops are too easy to dodge.
  13. MSN_Soulgain

    ASW could use a bit more UMPH. (Visually)

    Only problem: if you can't see, you can't hit.
  14. MSN_Soulgain

    Tactics against submarines

    Alter: Play other game before next change. Without balance, no need to waste our brain cells
  15. if sub can't kill other ships easily, how could WG make money?