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  1. MSN_Soulgain

    The worst brawl forever

    There is only one reason: waiting 10-20 min for a fight. and you can see there are 30-40 players in queue... Good Job, WG!
  2. MSN_Soulgain

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    terrible clicks sound for no points... Wargaming, do you know fire a useless team can also make some money?
  3. The new click sounds are pretty annoying. So far I have to turn off all the interface sound to remove it. Can Devs add a separate option to disable it? or anyone happen to know a mod to disable it?
  4. MSN_Soulgain

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Funny, I get the last two but not the middle two.
  5. MSN_Soulgain

    ranked waits forever

    still getting >10min wait, it is the fourth week now. I need an option to downgrade the rank level from golden to silver! what's the point of the golden league if there is not match at all?
  6. MSN_Soulgain

    ranked waits forever

    it has been two weeks, still takes >10min to join a golden ranked. is it ranked or waited battle? I would said give the golden players league an option to join silver battle, no stars gain but at least a battle to play for.
  7. MSN_Soulgain

    Ranked: strategy change

    in golden, everyone gives up as long as first death appear, since no star need to save. It makes ranked a quick rush for silver coins lol
  8. MSN_Soulgain

    Best ship ever for ranked?

    nothing to do with ship, just need more people around. It has been a week and still takes >10min to join a golden rank. It never happened before.
  9. MSN_Soulgain


    Let the highest score player of the winner team get two stars and the last place of the loser buck lose two stars. It may make the current ranked more exciting and wipe out weak players quicker.
  10. Let the highest score player of the winner team get two stars and the last place of the loser buck lose two stars. It can make the thing exciting and motivate positive game player rather than go die switch ship / just afk. At least apply this in golden ranked.
  11. MSN_Soulgain

    Auto-Homing is wrong

    You need to use R for sub, but there are many other things demand your R as well. I think a new consumables for anti-ping only.
  12. MSN_Soulgain

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    I try them in golden rank, strong, very strong. But I still hate the sub for making all the match boring.
  13. MSN_Soulgain

    Y people hate subs, they probably don't even play PT

    The more I play Subs, I hate them more. It is simply destroying everyone's gameplay. You can quickly notice in lots of battle Sub+DD makeup of 40-50% of the total ships.
  14. MSN_Soulgain

    Subs do not belong

    But WG belong to $$$$, sub can definitely largely increase WG's profits. Saving Players or $$$$? WG already give out the answer.
  15. MSN_Soulgain

    Tactics for submarines

    Also, no need to save your diving bar carefully, mostly Sub have way more than enough diving capability. trade them for damage if possible always.