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  1. Kevin1970_1

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Missouri plays with and against lower tiered competition much more than Montana. I have both. And Montana seldom sees a big full of tier 8. Missouri is often top tier with a liberal sprinkling of tier 7’s. Seems like the times I do play Missouri I’m always running with and against a Colorado and Gneisenau. That’s a joke. Montana would one shot them. Playing against a team with bottom tiered tier 7’s is waaaay different than Bismarck, NC/Alabama, etc. as bottom tier.
  2. Print Eitel Freidrich is a faster Konig with no turtle back armor. Both above average relative speed with terrible rudder shift and mediocre turning radius. Both also have very accurate but weak guns and rapid reload times. Like I said, PEF is almost a Konig carbon copy @ tier 6. I didn’t say it will be a bad boat, but it’s more or less a Konig.
  3. Kevin1970_1

    USS Massachusetts Review - No Zoup for You

    I bought Massachusetts after raging about the whole sigma thing believing that if accuracy was unworkable it would get buffed sooner than later. After my first game in her which I was the only non tier 10 boat with a 5 bb meta and doing 90k damage exclusively with main battery, I can tell you that this ship hits hard and reliably to max range. Very little accuracy difference between Massachusetts and Alabama despite the sigma chasm. Not going to pixel snipe with her but honestly, dispersion feels much better than any German ship in the game aside from König. Shorter max range isn’t a problem. Anyone who max range snipes with a tier 8 B.B. is generally a non factor anyway. Especially with US 45 cal main battery shell flight times.