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  1. Shouldn't this be comparing the Gneisenau and Tirpitz? Or Schnarnhorst vs. Prince Eugen?
  2. CorvetteKaptain67

    Stukas / Graf Zep

    Blame War Thunder, because one of my favourite planes was the Westland Wyvern. So an Audacious would be a cool carrier. Sea variants of the 109 and Stuka would be more historical. The Stuka would probably be rugged enough for carrier landings. And not too far off the bombing payload of a Japanese B5N.
  3. Still gives me chills when the theme starts.
  4. CorvetteKaptain67

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    I would understand if it was because, chat in game is now filled with players griping how bad their Tier X match went and how useless the team was. Then b!tch and moan the whole game "My team sucks, you guys are useless..." I wonder if it's the same type of players that flip a table when they lose at checkers.
  5. CorvetteKaptain67

    Would you play a PT Boat if offered in game?

    If it's anything like the TP boats in War Thunder. Great to try. lousy to play.
  6. CorvetteKaptain67

    Japanese CL line?

    I've gotten rid of all my Japanese Ships including both carriers. I just can't work with them. I've seen others do fine. But I get clobbered every time. I've tried being cautious, aggressive, hiding behind islands. The Carriers ironically were the best part. But I've had enough. Japan is off my list.
  7. CorvetteKaptain67

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Thanks Little White Mouse from another Canadian. I don't care if I have a bad round in her. I love the Haida. Could be worse. They could have put Flower Class Corvettes as Tier I's
  8. CorvetteKaptain67

    Wargaming, what on earth is this? - Yorck

    Isn't the same source as the Gaijan sekret dockuments?
  9. CorvetteKaptain67

    Fuso is such a beast

    It's sad that even from the Moon you spot it.
  10. CorvetteKaptain67


    Why did they yank it from the Arsenal????
  11. CorvetteKaptain67

    HMS Vanguard should never have been completed.

    I disagree. While carriers might has displaced the Battleship as the premier capital ship. The battleship is still effective to launch cruise missiles, and low tech, low cost shells with reasonably good accuracy. A navy with 1-3 Battleships do project power, it may not have the range of a carrier. But it packs a punch. And it's not like there's a lot of enemy battleships that will go toe to toe with one. Both carriers and battleships are vulnerable to aircraft and missiles, and torpedoes. In this high tech age, armies still have artillery, despite helicopters, aircraft, and missiles and tanks.
  12. CorvetteKaptain67


    I prefer the Queen E class. But I always seem to do well with the Iron Duke. Maybe it's the just right ship at the right level for it's tier.
  13. CorvetteKaptain67

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    The US Navy after WWII had to fight the US Air Force to maintain its budget. The Air Force wanted strategic bombing, and didn't want the Navy to infringe on its territory. When they cancelled the USS United States super carrier this lead to the "Revolt of the Admirals". The post war Navy had to fight for every penny in its budget.
  14. CorvetteKaptain67

    British CVs WIP

    Those German Zeppelins will rue the day they tried to bomb London. Fear the Sopwith Pup!
  15. CorvetteKaptain67

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Never completed vs. built and fought does in my opinion.