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  1. CorvetteKaptain67

    Nagato — Japanese Tier VII battleship.

    I'm surprised that I find with Japanese ships, they seem to be built for more cautious play. I'd figure they'd be more designed to hit hard, hit fast type of role.
  2. CorvetteKaptain67

    Mikasa - have not had one like this in awhile

    I got rid of mine. It would be interesting to see some pre-dreadnought battleships, at Tier II.
  3. CorvetteKaptain67

    WOW This Ship Is Terribad!

    It's because it doesn't have a VR6. Your using a G-lader supercharged 4 cylinder.
  4. CorvetteKaptain67

    If CV's are so balanced

    "Are you sure this place is honest? Honest? As honest as a day is long..."
  5. CorvetteKaptain67


    Should the UK line be split at some point with Battlecruisers? Invincible Class Indefatigable Class Queen Mary/HMS Tiger Renown Class Admiral Class/HMS Hood?
  6. CorvetteKaptain67

    Hawkins and Onward.

    41% win rate in Devonshire. 32% on the Hawkins. I started out loving them. Then it was like open season on British Heavy Cruisers. I hide, I try to group up. Nope it's a shell magnet. Only thing I'm doing worse is DD's and Japanese Cruisers and Destroyers. If there's a play style to them I haven't figured it out. I have more fun with British and American light cruisers.
  7. The real reason people hate Carriers is WG is still in the works of developing the Kiev-Class (Dubbed the Novorossiysk) Tier X Soviet carriers. They will be stealthy, have Yak-38M armed with rockets or bombs. That way Soviet ships will dominate in EVERY category. No, no Russian bias here....
  8. CorvetteKaptain67

    Some love to Zeppelin

  9. CorvetteKaptain67

    Ze german CV !

    Caution: Snatch level of language.
  10. Its one of these stupid style over substance changes. I agree if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  11. CorvetteKaptain67

    What is with these new sounds

    I can handle the sounds. What I hate is the stupid change to the interface in port. Once again WG changing something they didn't need to.
  12. CorvetteKaptain67

    République — French Tier X battleship.

    Is there a technique for success with the Rep? I don't seem to do as well as my Jean Bart or Alsace?
  13. CorvetteKaptain67

    New Mexico — American Tier VI battleship.

    Is there a reason why the main gun range is only 16 km but the New York is 18 km? All to get 200 more hits? Bigger, slower shells? Game balance to offset two more guns?
  14. CorvetteKaptain67

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII cruiser.

    Oddly enough, my Baltimore is everything my Edinburgh isn't. Maybe it's just I have to play more ninja like with Ed. Because I see people doing well with them. But I just try to keep a low profile but turn into shell magnet.
  15. CorvetteKaptain67

    Sub So far....

    Is there a how to, or anything? I never get any kind of homing on the ships with my ping.