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  1. Why is there no threads from "63%pros" organizing training sessions for the "potatoes" to help teach them the way of the 63%'ers? Instead we get the "I was 1337 the day I started playing so my team sucks" all the time.
  2. Supporting this thread. Must admit, their response time to tickets is super fast, having come from another game where their support would take weeks to get back to you, if ever, to this game and getting a response almost immediately, it was a bit of a shock. So many thanks from me as well WG support.
  3. Am I doing this right?
  4. Hi, welcome.
  5. You end up top scorer for your team with only 400pts....
  6. Haven't been playing long enough to try the other nations yet, but I love the Konigsberg and Nurnberg, both have 360 rear guns with 16.5km range, hydro, fast reload, and torps. Great dd killers, getting in close to the action always has me on the edge of my seat looking for that opportunity to use the torps or spot that sneaky dd. Really fun ships to play.
  7. Hi and welcome, I'm fairly new too, hit me up if you see me in game.
  8. I only started playing about a month ago and I've already spent US $100. I don't think it would be a good idea for a noob like myself to have a voice just because I spend the $$.
  9. Damn you surratas, now I'm gonna have Richard Simmons stuck in my head with every match :(
  10. Hold my beer.
  11. mmb

    Are you trying to bind the MMB in in-game settings, or editing the xml file? or overwriting preferences.xml with your preferences.xml from before the patch?
  12. This is the only open letter I care about.
  13. Mailing letter to AnderZENZ_IowaClass now.
  14. I approve of this product and/or service.
  15. The Texas is a freebie when you sign up through invite a friend, could have been his first run in it.