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  1. Division change

    It was a terrible change, there was nothing wrong with the old div window, it was out of the way but always visible, now it's just in the way all the time.
  2. improve radar

    But... but... the auto-targeting lazorz...
  3. Forum coding problem, I just noticed I only get the pop-up when I don't have focus on the forum, just now opened the support page in a new tab, with no new notifications on my support page or forum while logged in to both forum and support page, and with focus on the support page, I get the system tray pop-up, clicking on it changes focus to the forum and opens the blank notifications panel next to my name.
  4. improve radar

    Yamato should also have a auto-targeting laser cannon on it so when dd is detected by 15km OP radar it will insta-kill dd with 100% accuracy without any effort from Yamato captain.
  5. I get these desktop pop-ups in the bottom right system tray of my desktop notifying me that I have a new message, when I click on the notification pop-up, it opens the "bell" panel next to my login name but the panel is blank. There are also no new PM messages in my inbox, and/or no new notifications that someone has replied to a subscribed thread of mine when this happens. What is this witchcraft?
  6. If I sell a ship....?

    Also, pretty sure when a commander is dismissed, there is a cool down period where you can cancel the dismissal before the captain is permanently gone. Can't remember how many hours it is. So in case of accident, there is that safeguard.
  7. Anyone else NOT get the container reward for completing the sub-collections?
  8. Excellent, thank you all for your replies.
  9. If your AA Defense Rating is already at 100, would adding the BFT captain skill make any difference. Would it still add the +20% average dps to AA Defense?
  10. I know I suck at this game because a Des Moines who asked for smoke and got it but proceeded to race through it guns blazing into the cap and got deleted, told me.
  11. I would hold on to it, grind my way up until I'm ready to use it properly. It's a very fine ship in the right hands, which with time and practice, you could become. /my2c
  12. Yeah they didn't have an end date before this latest patch.
  13. Started beginning of August and didn't know my port from my starboard, fumbled around for a bit at the start, but have made gains since. Have plateaued a little bit at around 48% I think due to the bad start, and only now seriously started thinking about fixing certain areas of my game. Looking to lift it in 2018.
  14. Grinding!

    See now you've jinked it, WG are gonna see this and give it a big buff before release, just to troll us all. :P
  15. The question is, can I do New Year Raid in 9 days from start to finish with only 2 hour sessions per week days, and one full weekend. For those that have already done New Year Raid, should be easy, right?