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  1. Nope, not even close.
  2. BlindAF

    Are we now playing WoCaTS?

    If CVs were balanced, we would be able to spot the CVs and everyone have the range to apply damage with the possibility of eliminating the CV within the first 5 minutes of the game.
  3. BlindAF

    Thanks for the free DD's!

    Same here, though I do have a Gallant that I got in a Christmas crate.
  4. BlindAF

    For those with concerns about WGC

    I don't know why you can't install it where you want it. I have it installed on D drive along with all other games.
  5. BlindAF

    Benson, what am missing?

    Your trying to play it like the Farragut, don't do that, T8 is a different beast what with being bottom tier a lot. (Damn it, Commadore beat me to it.) Don't need torp speed skill until you get to Gearing. Did you skip the Mahan?
  6. BlindAF

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    Radar, hydro, insane DFAA, insane rate of main gun fire, great concealment, how much more do you want?
  7. BlindAF

    Empty Premium Shop

    I don't know how, but I fixed it. Sometimes, pressing random buttons makes things go.
  8. BlindAF

    Empty Premium Shop

    I can't take the hamster out, how will the gears turn?
  9. BlindAF

    Empty Premium Shop

    Well it's not my browser, does the same in Chrome and Firefox. Cache has been cleared. Was working fine yesterday. Any ideas anyone?
  10. BlindAF

    Empty Premium Shop

    Ok that's odd.
  11. BlindAF

    Empty Premium Shop

    Is there something wrong with the Premium Shop? There is no product displaying for me on any of the tabs, also no log in.
  12. BlindAF

    The coolest boat in the shipyard

    Took me a while, but looks like a CCM used for insertion and extraction of SEALs. Source: http://www.americanspecialops.com/swcc/
  13. Stayed the same. Game play has definitely changed, but have learnt to adapt. Only issue I have atm is grinding through that paper thin Mogami against all them T10 delete buttons.
  14. BlindAF

    Shoutout to a good team

    That first volley on the broadside Atlanta, sometimes you feel there is a 0 missing on that damage number.
  15. BlindAF

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    Damn, was that game before the patch? Can't open it.