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  1. BlindAF

    [ALL] ModStation

    In this version I am having an alignment problem with Score Timer being off center, and also the Customizable Panels by BADoBEST being too high and covering everything below the damage counter.
  2. Not to sidetrack the convo, but the Klingons also had cloaking technology, which was acquired from the Romulans.
  3. BlindAF

    Replay Does Not Work

    Yeah I get that all the time, only way I know how to fix it is to remove all mods. SOMEtimes a replay will work if I delete all replays in the folder and just have 1 in there.
  4. Best advise I can offer, is to watch some Destroyer KuroshioKai Youtube videos. He goes into detail about what he is doing, why he is doing it, and what he wants to achieve when playing his DD's. Maybe you can pick up some tips from him.
  5. I was in a St. Louis. The deployment by the team at the start was good, I was initially on the other side of that rock shooting into C to help our DD out as you can see by that dead red DD in F8, but after that, EVERYONE turned around and ran leaving me stuck there in my tinfoil ship. So I moved into B and capped, looked like the safest place to be with only the Hipper being able to shoot at me.
  6. I hate it when I over extend instead of hanging back with the team.
  7. BlindAF

    Things I wish WG would add to WoWs

    There is a mod for that in ModStation, just so you know.
  8. BlindAF

    Game with 1500 base XP and 0 damage

    On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate this match in terms of gameplay experience?
  9. BlindAF

    Shoutout to ANZ4C!

    One of the most on the edge of your seat exciting games all season. The roar of cheers from everyone in TS when the last volleys were fired killing each other was pretty loud. Well done HINON for the win. Thanks for the shoutout.
  10. BlindAF

    Whats your WOWS sound track?

    When the lemming trains happen, I usually hum a little tune to myself.
  11. BlindAF

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Naval Battle recorded an attempt when I had the Naval Battles disengaged. Was doing a few Naval Battles today in T10 ships. Finished a battle when clan mate wanted to team up for some T7 randoms. Still had 2 Naval Battle attempts left. Joined his team via invite, selected my Scharnhorst and put captain in it and clicked ready, still with Naval Battles engaged. Realizing I had Naval Battles still engaged, I went in and disengaged it while waiting on other team mates to select ships. After playing a game I noticed only one attempt left on port view screen. Went into Naval Battles screen and saw that it was still disengaged but had recorded the game we just played as an attempt.
  12. BlindAF

    I can see it now on patch day!

    You'd think that to be true, wouldn't you.
  13. BlindAF

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    Nope, not even close.