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  1. If this 5meeeheegnrqtteeeki4tdt9mtikeattweeetetsskt is the correct result of the supposed morse code in the redacted parts, and its what we are supposed to decipher, and it is an autokey cipher, what is the keyword to use to decipher it?
  2. Don't know if of any significance, but the letter from the one you seek is from the same typewriter that Capt. Karl M. Allenson used.
  3. https://api.worldofwarships.com/wows/account/list/?application_id=demo&search=GENAlphawolf
  4. One time, I kid you not, these people started debating the intricacies of various states of water, on a WoWs forum, it was insane I tell you.
  5. In my squishy Nurnberg in a T8 match with 2 DD kills and 55k damage, 4 T8 BB's left, guy that's been dead from 1 minute into match: "Blind, stop camping and get into the fight"
  6. "My BB is fully spec'd for AA, so I will stick close to our CV at the back"
  7. Was on the other team, so didn't see much, just the chat.
  8. I'm still wondering how an RN BB "charged" going in reverse and manage to get within 10km of a Graf Spee.
  9. Yeah I haven't selected it yet, but yesterday before I got my 10th skill point, when mousing over AFT it was showing main armament +1 or +2 (can't remember) above the AA Defense.
  10. And now its not. It was yesterday, but not now after getting my 10th commander skill point. Is this a bug I'm seeing? It should bump up the 6x2 105mm secondaries by my understanding.
  11. Doing the best I can, but the potato is strong.
  12. Very nice, congrats.
  13. Best: Sharnhorst when it went on doubloon sale Worst: None, yet.
  14. I'ma gonna go with, yes.