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  1. Kildayil

    Wargaming center black screen

    Having the same issue, I even uninstalled the whole thing, game center and the game, and when it downloads the new game center, comes up as a black screen. BTW, running WG check and all that crap, requires game center to work, because it wanted it updated the one time I tried. Since it won't, can't get any data there.
  2. Kildayil

    Heroic Achievments in Go Navy

    Well, damn, that explains it. The Kraken I just got worked though :) Thanks!
  3. I just noticed it in the last match, and unfortunately, not until after I'd closed it and could not get a screen shot. But I had 2 heroic achievements, first blood and I think it was close quarters in my Kurf, however, I only received 80 points for the win, and 80 points for the 2 kills. Anyone else noticed this? Should have had more points for those achievements I would think.