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  1. I used to play Randoms a good bit but I got very tired of the toxicity. I play to relax and having to listen to one or more raging A holes while playing a game kills that objective, now I only play coop.
  2. 6thGuards

    ST 0.9.9; New permanent camouflage for Bismarck

    The immature crowd then.
  3. 6thGuards

    ST 0.9.9; New permanent camouflage for Bismarck

    It looks ridiculous, probably will appeal to the 12 and under crowd.
  4. King of the Sea flag also gives bonuses.
  5. 6thGuards

    Chat Ban Abuse

    The easiest way to avoid a chat ban is to simply not use chat.
  6. For the most part it lets you know that the player using the radar or hydro has no clue that those have a limited range and they are using it well out of range of any possible target.
  7. US Army aviator - 1979-2006.
  8. 6thGuards

    Salem or Thunderer

    I have both, the Salem is absolutely my favorite of the two.
  9. Disregard, issue resolved.
  10. 6thGuards

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    There was no lie if you have taken the time to read and been able to comprehend what was required.
  11. I have not experience any problem players since obtaining the PR, if any thing is said it has been congratulations on finishing the OP.
  12. Congratulations, mine finished a short time after midnight but I was not there to see it. :)
  13. 6thGuards

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Mine arrived around midnight last night. Will take it out for a spin later today.
  14. 6thGuards

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Should be finished in roughly 14 hours at 1312 per minute. 1,168,000 remaining.
  15. Thank you, I thought that might have been case. My account has been returned to its previous status and all is back as it was. No doubt your colleague has dealt with many requests for refunds and misunderstood my question. No harm done other than a few moment of excitement here. :)