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  1. Shot custom flintlocks exclusively in the 90s, most built through Jim Chambers. However, at my age now, I much prefer belt feds, put them on a tripod and have at, no heavy recoil or walking for that matter. Some of our fun last April.
  2. I was leaning that way since the Hipper is available in the tech tree. Cleveland is similar as the Atlanta but different enough.
  3. Thanks but not interested in models. I play the game to relax after working on these during the day in my other hobby.
  4. Guys, thanks for the comments and advice. The Atlanta I have seen in the game numerous times but the Prinz Eugen only once in the five months I have been playing the game.
  5. Most I buy are based purely on the ship's history and not any of the training aspects of the ships. The history of the Prinz Eugen is why I was considering buying it, with the Atlanta mainly to learn the aspects of the game version of the ship.
  6. Which one? Torn between the two, only reason I am interested in the Atlanta is because I hate seeing them in the game.
  7. Those that would buy the Massachusetts would probably be playing another battleship of one kind or another so the release of this ship would probably have no noticeable affect on the numbers of battleships you would see in the game.
  8. Only been feeling the effects for about five months, spoke to the doctor again this past week about it. He recommended to just wait until the pain increases to the pins and needles level before surgery.
  9. When your doctor suggests having surgery to repair the ulnar nerve in your right arm.
  10. Believe he missed the point the discussion was about a Imperial Russian Navy cuiser (IRN) and not IJN.
  11. Graf Spee closely followed by the Giulio Cesare.
  12. Thanks. I checked the prices of a number systems from various sources and reviews before buying this one. Up until 2000 I used to build my own systems but just don't have the time or desire now to go to the trouble.
  13. Less than $700, wasn't looking for bragging rights, computers are not the center of my universe.
  14. Not the best by any means but well within budget, ordered one of these today to replace the three year old Dell I have been using. Should be more than adequate for running WOWS. The Dell was limited and was struggling. Great little computer for what I originally bought it for but not up to snuff for gaming. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Intel i5-7400 3.0GHz AMD RX 580 4GB 8GB DDR4 RAM 1TB 7200RPM HDD
  15. Too many to remember, my dad got me started visiting museum ships when he took me to see the USS Alabama the first month it was open to the public in 1965.