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  1. 6thGuards

    Create Missions just for Veterans / Veterans Only

    If that is what you want join the VFW or American Legion.
  2. During my time I flew UH1s, OH58s, AH64s and CH47s with most of my time being in 47s. I rode in a Blackhawk twice and both times it was only because someone made me.
  3. 6thGuards

    Weekend Spree 27-29 August 2021

    Wish there were some shows in my area.
  4. You could at least tell us how long have you worked for WG?
  5. 6thGuards

    Subs Feedback Thread

    So far I find subs extremely fun to sink. Hopefully this failed experiment will be over soon.
  6. I have no Twitch account, my WG gifts are collected on the Amazon website.
  7. Amazon Prime accounts also receive prizes.
  8. 6thGuards


    It was a disappointment in no uncertain terms.
  9. Finished the last stage this afternoon. All the stages except the four I was required to purchase were completed in co-op.
  10. 6thGuards

    Dante Alighieri Early Acess

    Found the problem, dummy me had T4 and below blocked out.
  11. 6thGuards

    Dante Alighieri Early Acess

  12. 6thGuards

    Dante Alighieri Early Acess

    Thanks, tried that before posting, still no ship. I'll give it a while then submit a support ticket if it doesn't show up.
  13. 6thGuards

    Dante Alighieri Early Acess

    After claiming the ship does it take some time before it shows up in your game?
  14. Co-op for the most part allows me to avoid people with attitudes such as yours.