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  1. Use it at the start of every game.
  2. If asked to target a radar cruiser that is within range and in a position that it can be hit I will do my best to support the DD whether I am in a BB, CA or DD. Eliminating the radar helps everyone on the team.
  3. "Nowadays, you would have been a commissioned officer flying choppers." I was specifically addressing your comment about Army Aviators not PAs. In Army Aviation the vast majority of aviators are Warrant Officers. Aviation and Medical Service Corps are two different branches, the pilots except for flight school are managed separately. Try not to confuse the two. The Army has talked about doing away with the Warrent Officer rank for 40 years, every time they compute how much it will cost in the difference in pay the conversation comes to an end. Hopefully this isn't your source of information - https://www.duffelblog.com/2014/05/warrant-officers/ I may have retired from the Army after twenty seven years as an aviator but I haven't stopped keeping up with what is going on in Army Aviation. I have the impression you have never been to Fort Rucker.
  4. When did that happen? The vast majority of Army aviators outside of Medical Service Corps are Warrant Officers.
  5. USS Alabama 1940

    Glad you liked it. :)
  6. USS Alabama 1940

    A little footnote in history, on this day in 1940 the keel for the USS Alabama (BB60) was laid at Norfolk Naval Shipyard , Portsmouth, Virginia.
  7. Admiral Graf Spee & Hsf Graf Spee

    Favorite ships in the game, I bought the HSF version this past summer when the regular version was not available. It came with the HSF captain and camo as well as a German captain and standard camo for about $25. Regular version I obtained in a Christmas container.
  8. Who's with me and wants night battles?

    Was not a problem for MicroProse to add that feature into their Task Force 1942 simulation that was introduced in 1992.
  9. Finished it in two afternoons using the HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee both of which I had long before the op began.
  10. HSF Yamato camo: what bonus?

    Absolutely! I finished the complete op this afternoon using the HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee.
  11. HSF Graf Spee hate. Why?

    Favorite ship in the game, installed the regular camo, moved the Japanese captain to reserve and replaced her with an 18 point captain I use for my German BBs. Play the ship like a CA but give youself a bit more distance and it is a great ship to play.
  12. Can I shut off badges?

    Once again WG proves they have not learned - If it ain't broke, don't keep fixing it until it is.