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  1. 6thGuards

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    The primary reason, a pure lack of maturity of many of the culprits.
  2. 6thGuards

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    Little chance this law will gain any meaningful traction, very low on the importance scale.
  3. What I would like to see added is a single player option, just me and BOTs going at it.
  4. 6thGuards

    World War One Operation/Scenario needed

    The SMS Königsberg (1905) in German East Africa comes to mind as a option.
  5. 6thGuards

    What are your professions?

    Not this retired Army Aviator, never have played a carrier, no desire to buy one, wishes WG would remove them from the game.
  6. Without paying players you lose 100% of those players putting funds into WG to make the game possible in the first place.
  7. 6thGuards

    Exeter missions - an interesting imbalance.

    Same here, my time was worth more than the money it cost.
  8. 6thGuards

    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Rather than go through all that crap I may just take the bait and buy the darn thing if I decide I want it. My time is worth more than the $35.
  9. In the free crates? Nothing worth the time it took to get them.
  10. 6thGuards

    A/C icons

    I have been trying to find out the same with no luck.
  11. I fully understanding testing a product before it is released and with all that is wrong with this current update it is obvious that the testing left a lot to be desired.
  12. 6thGuards

    How to succeed in Co-op

    From what I have seen the past two days in co-op is that if you have a carrier on your team you are likely to lose, if you have two carriers on your team you will lose.
  13. Hopefully the majority of current players will not die of old age before those adjustments are made.
  14. But are you doing anything about the problems reported? This latest update appears as if it were never tested before release.
  15. 6thGuards

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    So far today every co-op game I was in with carriers except one were a loss. You were outgunned from the start.