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  1. 6thGuards

    Incorrect Ensigns on the German Tech Tree

    The only ships represented in the game that fly a different flag by default due to historical changes are the Russian/Soviet. While I would like to see the same for the German ships I doubt that change will ever be made.
  2. 6thGuards

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Limit to number of F-keys per minute and the ability to disable chat permanently rather than for each session as it is now.
  3. 6thGuards

    Hostility among teammates

    You can turn off chat in WOWS.
  4. 6thGuards

    Caught the Big Fish in an Xmas Box

    No doubt your post will result in a bump in mega box sales. :)
  5. I would enjoy the game much more if an exemption was included for team killing friendly carriers who have no clue what it is they are suppose to be doing. :)
  6. 6thGuards

    I just put my cat to sleep

    Always difficult, for many of us it the same as losing a family member. Seven years ago I had to put my cat to sleep, he was the last living link back to my late wife and the pain of that was like reliving her death all over again. OP, take heart in knowing you did what was best for her. Never an easy choice but it was the right choice. I am sorry for your loss.
  7. 6thGuards

    Let's talk about your favorite game mode

    Originally nearly always Random but for the past few months almost exclusively Co-op. I have grown very tired of the chat negativity in Random, so much so that I usually disable the feature as soon as the game begins.
  8. Thanks. I never sell a premium ship no matter how much I may dislike it.
  9. Three ships out of 22 boxes, none of which are ships I even remotely wanted to have but it is what it is. 22 Boxes in order of opening - 15 - Scylla flags 10 - New Years streamers 10 - New Years streamers 15 - Red Dragon 15- Basilisk 5 - Dragon 1000 - Doubloons Abruzzi 1000 - Doubloons 10 - New Years streamers 15 - Wyvern flags Ashitaka 15 - Wyvern flags 15 - Basilisk 15 - Dragon Mutsu 1000 - Doubloons 10 - New Year streamer 1000 - Doubloons 50 - Zulu flags 4 - New Year streamers
  10. Even without the aid of the carriers the US submarine campaign all but eliminated their commercial shipping fleet which could not be replaced by Japanese industry dooming any chances of a victory by Japan.
  11. 6thGuards

    Thankful and Grateful Mission, part 3

    From what I got out of the last two containers I would not recommend wasting time on finishing this mission.
  12. 6thGuards

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    Atago B and Massachusetts B.
  13. 6thGuards

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    The coupon I received was given to me when I logged on. Lately I have been playing mostly co-op.