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  1. The new system is a wee bit too sensitive. I had a ship bump into mine yesterday with 6 health points remaining, his ship exploded leaving me pink for two games.
  2. Pink - How you doin so far?

    Went through that yesterday along with a load of comments from the self righteous crowd wishing they could sink pink players without penalty, this all from players who had no idea why my ship was pink for two games in the first place. Told them if they felt that strongly about it I would stop where I was and let them sink the ship, none took up the challenge. Ended up being the second highest scoring player on the team, in the previous game where I turned pink I had been the top score on the team.
  3. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    About what it all boils down to.
  4. ships surpassing tanks

    I bailed on WOT console after the backstabbing they gave the STs last year and I have not looked back.
  5. Favorite car you ever owned?

    1972 Dodge Challenger with a 440 V8 that I bought new in 1972.
  6. Tammie Jo Schults - American hero

    Excellent post, having been an Army aviator for over 27 years I have to say you hit the nail on the head with this post.
  7. Alabama or Prinz Eugen

    Both are fun but their play styles are completely different. If I had to give up one the PE would be the one to go, the Alabama to me is much more fun to play.
  8. R. Lee Ermey Fair winds and following seas

    Sad to hear of his passing earlier today. I had the opportunity to speak with him a few times at the OMVS Show of Shows in Louisville over the years. Super nice guy, he always went out of his way to pose for photos and speak with the younger set.
  9. I must lean a bit more toward the darker side.
  10. It had no other way to go but down after the original post.
  11. Public test participation

    After the backstabbing WG gave the WOT STs last year I no longer participate in any testing for WG. Just not worth devoting my time to.
  12. Just one more reason to disable chat at the beginning of every game.
  13. Vulgarities

    There is a one click option - press control and click the mouse pointer over the X that is under the chat box.
  14. Since I found out how to turn off the in game chat I do not get angry any more.
  15. Use it at the start of every game.