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  1. Issue - Rude Players

    Turn off chat and those rude players will just disappear from your game.
  2. The New WGC Launcher

    That being the case, why do I now have to reboot my computer after a sleep period to get this fantastic product of yours to load? I was told by support this was a known issue yet it was allowed to be given the go ahead for downloading.
  3. Failure to launch

    Update, was told by support this is a known issue and will be corrected in the next update. I certainly hope so.
  4. Failure to launch

    Thanks for the help guys. I close out the game and launcher completely before the computer goes to sleep. Deleted game launcher last night, will reinstall later today to see if that makes any difference.
  5. The New WGC Launcher

    Concept WG seems to have missed - "If it ain't broke, don't keep fixing it until it is."
  6. Game will not open after computer is woken up, must reboot before game will launch. Anyone else experienced this problem in the past few days?
  7. A South Korean firm made a splash on Tuesday after publishing, what it says, is a Russian Imperial Navy cruiser which was sunken during the Russo-Japanese War and may have had an entire flotilla’s treasury on board. The Dmitrii Donskoi was an armored cruiser in the Russian Imperial Navy’s Baltic fleet which was deployed to the Pacific along with several other ships to fight in the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War. It took part in the Battle of Tsushima, which was disastrous for Russia. It fled crippled and chased by Japanese warships and was eventually scuttled by its crew to avoid surrender off the coast of what is now South Korea’s Ulleung Island, or Ulleungdo. https://www.rt.com/news/433519-treasure-ship-found-korea/
  8. Is this game full of haters?

    The type communication I normally see in chat I can do without.
  9. Is this game full of haters?

    From what I regularly see being discussed in chat "critical" is a vast over statement. Rarely does the discussion have anything to do with what is going in the battle but more to do with "What is that ship like?", "Oh, I can't wait until I have that one." and so on added to the usual complaining by one guy that the other eleven ships are not doing what he wants them to. That level of chat I can do without.
  10. Is this game full of haters?

    Turn chat off and you will realize your enjoyment of the game often improves immediately afterward.
  11. I had not planned to play today but I guess I will now, at least three crates worth anyway.
  12. Be Patriotic!

  13. Knocked the aircraft and 150 hits requirement out in three games this afternoon using the Cleveland and Belfast.
  14. Exactly! You can shut down chat, enjoy the game more and communicate all that is necessary using the F keys.