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  1. I stopped playing rank many weeks ago, just got tired of it.
  2. New Cat video series

    I hate dogs.
  3. PayPal credit to wrong email address.

    First, let me I have submitted a support ticket, only posting here to make others aware. Signed into WOWS using my gaming email address, went through the process to purchase doubloons as always however this time I elected to pay using PayPal. WOWS site took me to PayPal to sign in to complete the transaction, however when the transaction was completed on the WOWS site as directed the amount was credited to the email address linked to my PayPal account rather than that with WOWS. That email address is not connected to any WG function. Hopefully WG can correct the mistake on this transaction. UPDATE: After approximately an hour the system credited my WOWS account with the doubloons.
  4. Pirate Hunter Flag

    Received my flag a couple of days ago.
  5. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    Thanks guys.
  6. Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    Do you recommend the Salem over the Japanese BB in Arsenal?
  7. I have mine through an op but it is certainly not something I would pay money for.
  8. Are servers down right now?

  9. The only undisputed fact about global warming / climate change is that it has made Al Gore an extremely wealthy man.
  10. Only three kinds of players in this game - those that have been pink, those that are pink and those that will be pink.
  11. Bought it and it showed in my list of ships almost immediately.
  12. Issue - Rude Players

    Turn off chat and those rude players will just disappear from your game.
  13. The New WGC Launcher

    That being the case, why do I now have to reboot my computer after a sleep period to get this fantastic product of yours to load? I was told by support this was a known issue yet it was allowed to be given the go ahead for downloading.
  14. Failure to launch

    Update, was told by support this is a known issue and will be corrected in the next update. I certainly hope so.
  15. Failure to launch

    Thanks for the help guys. I close out the game and launcher completely before the computer goes to sleep. Deleted game launcher last night, will reinstall later today to see if that makes any difference.