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  1. did not go AFK, my game crashed my entire PC, but you can say I'm the cause. Ever since 7.2 the client has been super unstable and crashing every few hours, but then again, I'm the cause.....
  2. gotta love getting a critical error and having to reboot PC completely (yes my PC is old get over it), and then getting a penalty.... Thanks WG!
  3. go to the prem shop, and do it... just have to know their in game name, it is an option when you are entering you CC info
  4. go to the prem shop, and do it... just have to know their in game name
  5. Hermes operation

    Not always, there were at least 2 different versions of that on the PTS
  6. Hermes operation

    Allied T7 cruisers, or French BB T7-T8
  7. Sadly, I dont agree with your Bret review, I have had great luck in the ship, and enjoy it alot.... although... needs a reduction on the onboard fire chance. I have over 80k xp on the ship, and no doubt it will only go higher before the line is released. Things I've noticed about the Bret: 1) Cruisers regret showing broadside.... AP=Citadel city 2) Guns take 1 years 349 days to turn... so setup early... 3) she turns like a pig... oink oink 4) someone hit the NOS cuz you aint gonna get there fast.... I mean it's a special taste ship... much like all the french ships...