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  1. Jdelgado20005

    Cossack vs Haida

    Hi Everyone, I'm not too savvy on the actual technical specs on each ship, however i don't consider myself a "noob" at all. My question comes to what actually decides what tier a ship should be categorized by??? I own both Haida VII and Cossack VIII. So i bought the Cossack thinking it will be a nice upgrade from the Haida. I think I'm finally making the Cossack work for me but looking at the stats of each ship i realized that the stats of the Haida are better. I usually achieve 100K dmg with the Haida most of the time, and as for the Cossack boy is it an achievement when I do. I did upgrade commander skill for Turret Traverse speed on the Cossack bringing my Artillery up by 1. Stats for Haida: Suitability: 26 Artillery: 29 Torpedoes: 11 AA Defense: 22 Maneuverability: 85 Concealment: 96 Stats for Cossack Suitability: 27 Artillery: 28 (27 without commander skill) Torpedoes: 12 AA Defense: 11 Maneuverability: 84 Concealment: 97 If anyone could explain this .. well you da real MVP. Thanks all and may everyone have a GG!
  2. If you're thinking about getting this Tier VII Italian Premium, DONT! is much worse than the Tier VI Duca D' Aosta? How is this ship a tier VII? IDK (Worst $40 I've ever spent) The citadel sits way to high. if a Battleship fires, you will get hit in the citadel bottom line. So the fact they added a repair party is just a gimmick. If you give this ship such a crap armor then at least compensate it with some fire power, but not here. Your 152mm HE guns cannot start a fire to save its life (even with the commander perk) so don't even try to salvage it by wasting 3 points. is not worth it. I would start 1 fire about every 80 hits. (WITH FLAGS AND COMMANDER PERK) AP is a joke, you would think they would at least give it some rail guns, same as the lower Tier vi Duca D' Aosta right? NOPE. Its actually one of the worst armor penetration in the game. (IFHE is going to have to carry you most of the match) So here you have a ship that has crap armor and crap fire power. Hopefully this thread helps someone save $40, OR at least be warned this tier VII premium will get erased by tier V's.