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  1. Stupid Midwest weather!

    Common sense with any kind of weather and basic preparations/arrangements will get you far. :) I live central IL and I'm more worried with other drivers than the weather anyday.
  2. Mail from WG

    Hey, Congrats! On a sidenote, did that email thing for "absent" players ever get evaluated from around time of Santa Crate release? I know it was quite the rage for a moment.
  3. One can hope that the spectre/meltdown media scare will push consumers into buying new, "safer" CPUs with new architecture that will support x64. Its a reach but still.
  4. Oil

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/seasons-fleetings/ ^ Event gives you signals container and no oil.
  5. Well, happy b-day to ME!!

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your cheesecake!!!! (hehe, I'm a little vain too sometimes).Hope its gouda!
  6. My WoWS Christmas List

    You gonna ask for a map, be more imaginative! An iceberg ring starting on map boundaries, that closes inward/center-ward(?), damages ships if they are pressed against enclosing icebergs, and eventually negates concealment bonuses if not ended quickly....(fits YOLO meta). Oh, and chance for torp/guns/planes to freeze/seize intermittently! :)
  7. New Computer Advice

    256 GB is kind of small (-30-60 for windows [headroom with updates that don't get deleted, error/log files. etc], -30GB for WoWs, -3gb Office 365, +/- 2gb for files). This leaves you with approximately 150GB free (SSD will not have 256 to begin with, more like 240gb-ish or even less possibly). Should be alright if you don't have too heavy of other programs/media/pictures you install/store later (and it is usually pretty easy to move to a larger hdd/ssd later). Mind you some laptops are not easy to upgrade (minus the fact of even tearing them apart appropriately and most have the CPU welded to motherboard, for instance). -$: Determine your budget, if there is one. -CPU: find a i5 (i7 is pointless for you with explained workload). -STORAGE: Determine SSD/HDD size. Don't go hybrid.....(ssd+hdd in one). SSD has no effect on gaming besides loading screens (startup, closing game, powering up OS, etc.). 256 GB is good, 512GB would be safe.... If you do HDD, 7200rpm will give you best speed (as opposed to 5200rpm HDD they shove at you). -RAM: Next check would be RAM (this is tricky; depends if you use discrete/cpu graphics or choose external graphic card). Discrete will use your system's RAM as VRAM (your laptop will probably use 2.5-3GB just in desktop mode).8 GB is plenty (Google Chrome eats RAM up, so don't have 20+ tabs open while gaming). I would expect your discrete could use upwards of 4GB (on newer CPUs) of system ram, leaving 4GB for OS/other services, in heavy gaming scenario. -GPU, 1050/ti is definitely going to meet your needs and I would recommend it (WG just moved to directx11 and this would future-proof any other update/graphics to game, unlikely game-breaking, unless new graphic engine or something, but....). I don't follow laptop gpu-models. I just use discrete graphic on my laptop. And I infrequently play games on the laptop so can't help say what my Dell Inspiron 3537 can pull out with its specs on WoWs. Maybe I'll try it and update later.. I just put new HDD 7200 in it so fresh install still.
  8. Too many potato computers that the effort to achieve AAA status on a F2P game is not worth it. Need 4k technology/graphic cards/budget PC|Laptop builds/ to become mainstream that can handle 4k. If you are building 4k rig, you really aren't playing budget build. Cool thing would be for directx12 to become more mainstream to bypass the silly sli/crossfire stuff before worrying about 4k (inherently that would probably help towards 4k adoptability though).
  9. Your profile pic goes with your comment so well. lol +1
  10. Could incorporate it as a PvE environment with all as one class but variations in speed or broadside capabilities through tiers. Will be a shocker when they get to T1 with dreadnoughts and not changing tactics to avoid broadside/torpedoes. Maybe an alternate game mode; something like this:
  11. I don't know where that 40% stat was found, but I think it is fine and fair to offer events like these to the entire spectrum of players. I'm sure there are more people that play PvP regularly that will now play scenario/PvE to accelerate the progress to gain the ship since it is now an option. No one calling/bashing on that playstyle that I've seen. It is sad that people expect equality over all levels but life ain't fair and games aren't either (hence nerfs/buffs/meta/etc). I haven't spent any money on this game (frivolous spender) and only plan to do so on T10 camos ($20+ each) when I reach there. If they can keep me interested to that level, I will gladly pay for their services. Event wise, you aren't truly losing anything (premium ships usually fare worse than regular ships), 1 port slot (300 dubloons=~$3), and a few consumable items (I always sell these for credits). To each their own on this game and styles (I gave my own outlook/play). People want to whine or gripe over frivolous things that are achievable through skill (not 50,000+ flooding damage in 1 battle mind you). If it asked for only scenario or PvP or PvE, I would fall into rank and wouldn't mind doing so. If you think the reward is worth it, then it should be no problem whatever mode it is in. I think it is already courteous enough to lower the tier itself to 4 for accessibility as opposed to T5 or T6 or even T8 (and they don't lock you into T4; you can accelerate or more easily meet the quotas of missions using higher tiers). No one is stuck in T3/T4 unless they choose to (and accept that new additions are OF COURSE going to see influx in population at that level). I would wager AT MOST 40-50 (co-op, less if PvP) decent games and you can make it to T5 if you felt compelled to leave that population/higher skill spike (and if you are playing co-op, you never versus humans anyway).
  12. It could be an option in a menu to display/notify of those rewards so those that don't want immersion breaking can turn it off / people that want it on can turn it on. Could be further helpful with Youtube videos that new players watch to further enhance game understanding/dynamics with reactive, on-screen feedback.
  13. There needs to be a platform/option for people looking for competencies in players. Random is not that option. You get what you get in this option. Let's look at League of Legends: You have random: you jump in que and take what you get from all levels/population in that queue. OR You have "ranked": A place where no random player will go. Unless you are looking for competitive gameplay/strategy/coordination, you won't see the "random" crowd there. There should be some sort of "competitive" option as opposed to "catch-all-random." Then when people go rage/angry on randoms, you tell them to go play ranked if they are so good or expect amazing unicum skills or to quit whining (because it is RANDOM). Set a tier and # of battles in certain class ships, to be sift through newbies ruining the ranked since they won't have the developed skills/gameplay experience down yet. A potential issue I would see from this is queues (depending on server load) on wait times/balance of active players playing random/ranked. There doesn't have to be increased rewards/time slots for this. An environment for those wanting either a laid back random battle or actually put forth effort to play and go to ranked (and won't stay in it if they are constantly losing against higher skilled and focused players than those found in random).
  14. Wrong account....

    You can also select "disconnect from server" from the Menu icon in top left corner. It returns you to login screen. Don't have to close/restart the client/game necessarily.
  15. WoWS Chat room

    Could tell them to message you on the private message on the forums or tell them to do that in the clan description or something.I think that banner is for general announcements like "upgrading X building" or "if you want to fight clan war, be on by xx:xx est." The banner would lose its feature if it was treated as any other announcement by just any member. Maybe they could insert taglines/status/"motto" box to user profiles so you mouse over or whatever and users can type their availability. I don't see your option being implemented though. Maybe other people have worked out a system and will post on here to help you coordinate easier/better.