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  1. [PSA] Bonus code

    Yup, 5000LIKES was redeemed successfully. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Submarines and WOWS.

    New Game Mode: 1vs1 DDs or even BBs that launch kaiten, manned by human players! Travel the straight line after launch and witness the satisfaction of slamming your face into torpedo bulges or into the emptiness of the ocean! Let MM chose your torpedo slot # for the match, enjoy conversations at a blissful 30knot speed spanning 16km with your allies! No service cost to play and mega-winnings if you could tolerate leaving you PC on and AFK if your ASLAIN mod dolphin torpedo-charicature hit something!
  3. Update 0.7.3 - Space Battles

    Where does the ship xp from space battles go? Does it stay tied to the tierX ship (even if you don't own)?
  4. Update 0.7.3 - General Performance

    This was noted in the patch notes. lol
  5. I would first open the wg console and disable the setting to autostart it. Then I would open task manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc on windows 10 and go to startup and ensure WG is disabled there as well. OR on Windows 7, Hit the Windows Key+R (or long-way: open start menu, type Run, select Run) type 'msconfig' without the ' , and go to startup tab and disable it there. Tip, you can open the notification area in bottom right corner of screen and right click and close running WG console even after you open or close the game itself.
  6. Sullivan Brothers

    Interesting article finding the Juneau that carried the 5 Sullivan brothers. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2018/03/20/five-sullivan-brothers-serving-together-were-killed-during-world-war-ii-their-ship-was-just-found/?utm_term=.5b17211e927a
  7. Symbols? Squirrel?

  8. Space Port

    Should watch Iron Sky then.
  9. I wouldn't think the game should display penetration hit/ribbons if there were flukes due to connection or that should definitely be addressed urgently for the practical basis of this game-DAMAGING ships. If there is an internal armor belt, then create a ribbon to display that or lump it into the shatter/ricochet ribbon. I can see the silly nonsense of replies to this but it is a blatant issue that there is no resolution or true knowledge to other than blame abstract concoctions (internet connection: this should be a noted issue listed then | invisible armor belt: don't show penetration if it doesn't truly penetrate-put it into shatter or ricochet). I appreciate your feedback though to let me know it just falls on deaf ears for finding a resolution.
  10. I have the NM and ready to buy Colorado (have to hoard money first for T9 German BB though..) I am going to keep the NM even when I buy the Colorado because I have found that the NM is the perfect ship for those Citadel assignments. I have fun with NM. Like others have said, basically upgrade in every way from NY.
  11. I'm trying to knock out the Bismarck containers through the weekend specials. I wasn't on WoWs at the time the event took place. Time will tell if they will do the events long enough to save having to purchase containers. Yamamato isn't going anywhere, it is permanent. Knock out the missions to git 'er dun.
  12. It seems tied to WOT 1.0 release. Coincide with TWA, who knows. 15 daysish, we will find out.
  13. First off, no mods are downloaded/active on my PC. I have noticed, sporadically, that I will get a penetration hit (yay). But, upon seeing the ribbon for it, there is no update to the damage done, nor is there an indicator over the enemy ship of damage done, nor does it show any damage being added to the total count in top right corner of screen. I do not have a replay/screenshot of this but it happens sporadically where I do see a connection of shells onto an enemy ship. My idea for a recreation of this issue that I have noticed is when I review the ribbons to determine type of penetration (usually 1 penetration) as well as monitor the damage (in this case, no numbers show) that pops up over enemy ships, I then see the ribbons filter to total count and there is no damage added to the grand total to show the registration of the penetration damage. I hope this makes sense and please ask for elaboration if needed. Thanks.
  14. 64-bit ? What does this mean?

    There are still those 32-bit XPs in the Bermuda Triangle.....
  15. Good luck! If anything, hope it magically repairs itself!