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  1. TIE

    TBF, draws, even as a loss, are more meaningful than straight out losing. At least the other team didn't get bonuses from the match either and it must have been pretty close on WoWs!
  2. TIE

    Ah, makes sense why that would be so high then.
  3. TIE

    That is a tad ridiculous. Were they stacking matches or was it just the way the game was setup?
  4. TIE

    First time I've had a TIE match! It was super close!!!
  5. Done with Warships.

    Check out SpinRite when you get a replacement HDD and see if you can still get your data off the old one.
  6. Oh I know you probably knew since you were referencing it, but for OP, I was wanting that a noted feature as well
  7. Supertester reward ship idea

    I propose that we should put those workhours into looking at other ship/meta/cv/game/cosmetic/etc problems before *purposely* introducing this one? The point of the article is that it would be no fun to play with or against and we already have plenty of that in current state of game at times :)
  8. Also note that there is a tier Tier VIII discount if your clan builds it.
  9. Maybe there is a timed feature that it detects if you tried booting right back into game, it retracts? Idk otherwise. EDIT: Apewar defined what causes it.
  10. I will definelty pay attention to see how this unfolds now. Genuinely curious to see if this is a feature of the plane or just luck of plane hitting something in its orbit.
  11. i think it's only damage. It does nothing for accuracy I believe.
  12. I've never payed attention to this. I do the Ctrl + click all the time. However, does it really grab the attention of the fighter? I'm usually WASD hacking and don't pay attention to monitor fighter position or how it engages...
  13. EU code

    Works only on EU server for redemption. 751189Hamburg Source:
  14. Brawl. Get to Tier 8 and then move onto another BB line :)
  15. Bottom of page. A particular enemy squadron can be targeted by Ctrl-clicking. This will cause the AA guns to prefer that squadron over all other targets, as well as giving a 30% DPS bonus. The Manual Control for Anti-Aircraft captain skill gives a +100% DPS bonus to AA guns of 85 mm or larger against a manually designated target. Mechanics: If there are multiple targets on one side of a ship, the nearest target will be automatically selected. Captains can hold CTRL and left click with their mouse to to focus an enemy target for their secondary battery; this will order the guns to focus that target regardless of range. Unlike anti-aircraft guns, selecting a focus target for the secondary battery provides no bonuses of any type. (The commander skill Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armamentchanges this mechanic. See below for more information.) If there are targets on both sides of a ship, the guns on each side will engage the nearest target. Only one target can be manually selected, regardless of which side of the ship they are on. The WIKI is a good read sometimes :)