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  1. Yeah I just don’t want people to think it impossible. There is all kind of strategies and tiers to tryout. If something isn’t working after a few battles, try a different tactic for awhile and have different mindset. I think it’s good that you all are sharing how it panned for you so it reflects that it is possible through all kinds of methods :)
  2. I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments about the objective to gain 1600 base xp. I’ve researched varying tactics and suggestions to accomplish the 1600xp. This is not to gloat, just to help out frustrated players :) I was was able to get the objective met (sorry, no pictures). I used a tier 5, US DD, Nicholas. I was able to gain 1725xp from that match with a win (and first place). Before that I had been trying with a tier 8 Bismarck and tier 7 yorck. Tougher style especially with Yorck but I just could not get close enough...... before you despair, first hear out how a tier 5 DD met this goal (as opposed to tier7+). -cap! I think you can gain around ~500xp just right there per cap. -flags and camo: I used camo and any flag that would benefit the DD (increase fire%, -100 detonation%, speed, increase flood%, shell dispersion, decreased detection, etc) -keep awareness! Watch the battle, camp on points. Stay a low threat until the enemies are preoccupied with something else or find those advantages to be placed behind islands or not detected behind their guns. -be patient: don’t dive into battle first and just keep going-you have a 20 minute match to work with allies. -win: you have to win the match for that extra boost to xp to carry you over, at least in your tier 5. I mean maybe it possible to do it, but not at tier 5. That doesn’t mean throw in the towel though! Play it out so you can still get that much more xp to move up your tech tree or bring in silver $. All in all, I had 2 cap assists, maybe one sunk ship, 1-2 torp hits and 9 fires totaling around 50-60k (I think) to bring me to 1725 base xp. Anyways, just know you don’t have to be a unicom (just look at my profile-haha). Just stay focused, turn on a YouTube video/music or something to get your tactical groove on. I’m sorry I don’t have a screenshot to prove I’m not talking out of my .... It is doable and I can’t give exact stats/breakdown, but persevere and I know you can do it! A week is still a long ways off to knock this out! :D Good luck and hope you are inspired at least a little to not give up or rage at desk :)
  3. That's too scientific for an unscientific survey :)
  4. It's tough sometimes. It's just part of the grind. Sometimes you knock something out the first time and others it takes 10(000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000+) more tries to succeed :)
  5. It doesn't even have to be a daily thing. Bring the events back in seasons/events where you can either complete it if you haven't yet and/or you get some reward that is better than random game play (extended bonus xp/credits/container/premium day/status flag) to help to entice people to fill help keep the server list full.
  6. I am for this as well. +1
  7. Mind you this is a free game like a phone app. You have your "ingame $" and "real$" players out there. So if you can't see how that is "somewhat" comparable to WoWs (premium account/consumables/camo/etc) and you know how you react poorly/cry injustice to the users that are the $ spenders for best "equipment/units/whatever", then probably stop reading here because that is just the marketing strategy the real world is now to a large degree. So find something to enjoy this game that isn't focused on "completionist" mode. I like this idea of an analogy playing the game-- "Let's go sink some enemies today! Let's take out my tier "1-10" ship and do this!......Start MM.....Find group that MM gives.......glance over the roster (my defaulted view to see who I am playing against)...."Oh no I am bottom tier....I'll just have to carry on!!!" --- The mentality of this is if YOU were on your chosen boat in war and (forego the REALITIES of proper fleet arrangements) HQ said "Hey, go with your modgepodge fleet to fight the enemy modpodge fleet, you would have to go. Soooooo, fight to your best! If you can come out on top and win, you should feel proud and (maybe) a little smug (or maybe you just had luck, who knows). But if you lose, realize that there is a whole fleet in your port so you don't have to watch/wait the next 15min of the match before using again if you are that impatient or don't want to watch the tactics on a larger scale. (tactic/strategy/whatever you want to term it-don't care, you know what i'm saying lol) IN BOTH CASES you need to evaluate where you did good/bad, what tactics did/didn't work, are you dying/surviving often the same way from doing the same tactic, are you misplaying your class/ship, doing stuff wrong against the same enemy class/ships, initiate/participate in communications/pings/commands, not watching minimap enough, failing with situational awareness (why are you so far in enemy territory with no support or why is your range not extended enough to provide ample support for the offense/defense?), leading/soloing first into enemy fleet rather than acting as a pack, focusing on a distracted enemy rather than you being distracted and blown up, remembering with 1 hp you can still be a nuisance and deterrent than if you have 0hp, etc. Look at just a few of those things to try and appreciate being a CAPTAIN that you have your 1 ship this round and don't want her sunk no matter the odds (isn't that why we have HOLLYWOOD shoving movies out where you have to fight those "impossible odds" and yay! when they do?) Don't even bother with co-op; that's for your "tests", introvert-ness, break from PvP exhuastion/anger, and.....Seal clubbing---this is only fun if you like to be a narcissistic self-empowered player.where you feel you may have some "control/fight the Man/Big Brother" instead of that "that horrible/1-sided MM/99% unicums you just seem to be matched against." Of course you won't win PvP when you play bots and will never rise above average because human players react-computers (at this time) just target low health/fail miserably at any kind of expected player response. Good luck succeeding with that strategy/training on LoL or any game with multiplayer. See you on the seas (hopefully)
  8. Ha, yeah I don't have any of those ships yet either, but hey I like the free skin to those ships for when I eventually grind there if I am able. I think I am closest to New Orleans or Monarch right now than any of the others so those be my go to.
  9. Take a moment to vote on how you fit with the community at large that liked the skins released with the Anniversary Event.
  10. i5 6600k 16gb ddr4 2x1tb hdd 120gb ssd win10 OS g1 gaming 1080 gpu wifi card z170 mobo 8 fan case 2k monitor cdrom ( for kicks :D ) Sitting around $1500ish probably(doesnt inlcude htc vive price)
  11. What does the fox say? . . . . . . We now know what the fox says.......sorry, I had to lol
  12. Doesn't it state at 5 minutes you will be loaded for match? Would have not wasted 25 min in a co op que doing nothing. It would have been quicker opening and closing the client and even the PC multiple types to address a potential issue in that time frame.
  13. This is what is wrong in NA. People dictating how people should spend their free xp. 1st world problems I tell you.
  14. Can I barrel roll away from a torpedo in a BB?
  15. This is why there is a chatbox to say 'hey fletcher, what the plan bro?' People assume being a commander of their ship lets them dictate other ships as well. Use the chatbox. Way easier to communicate and try to provide insight/strategies than rage rants. No one will ever learn from that behavior and we can already assume how the transgressor spamming that stuff would react if someone did it to them, so.... kind of wish WG implemented LoL style of banning for players to be reported to WG and it could be judged by community possibly (view chat logs, ticket details, overview of game). I cannot stand players that think RANDOM battles are where you will find the RANKED pros to fight along with/against. That is the whole reason why there is RANKED. Then at least you are more likely to have an expectation of someone at tier 2 rank as opposed to MM Random. This game is free and for fun. If you are that competitive then find a game that has a competitive/tournament edge to it for you to get your salty rocks off.