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  1. ZaCLoNe

    Password Breach

    That seemed to work even though it took me to the page I was trying to change the password on still. Anyways, hopefully all is good and I still have my meager doubloons and ships in port :) thanks ya'll for your insights.!
  2. ZaCLoNe

    Password Breach

    I'm reading the articles and it sounds like WG wants your phone for 2FA. I'll just try a password recovery link at the login and see if I can change my password that way. Will report back afterwards.
  3. ZaCLoNe

    Password Breach

    I have tried changing the password under account management and it won't let me go past step 1. That was my initial concern since my current one works but it doesn't accept a password change.
  4. ZaCLoNe

    Password Breach

    It is safe and a google service. https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/23536150?hl=en
  5. ZaCLoNe

    Password Breach

    Chrome was kind enough to let me know that the password for na.wargaming.net has been breached upon logging in to the site. I don't know if anyone wants to be proactive or wait and see if WG will make an announcement about this?
  6. ZaCLoNe

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    I appreciate your reviews LWM. Thanks for keeping your reviews objective and offering explanations to your subjective findings. If I have to miss out on a ship, glad it is not broken and OP for the whales and PTW clans (yet). Additionally, I was pleased to read your sharing of insights with the PR debacle. Thanks for the summary of tidbits that has transpired as well as expressing what the community has shared about the event and electing to host it within your review. I appreciate your vigilant eye and honesty with reviews, both of ships and notating the duress of WoWs community, over this very busy 2019 year. I am not holding my breath over WG’s change to tactics and further announcements for 2020 but I do wish you a happy and pleasant new year LWM and thank you for your time and dedication.
  7. ZaCLoNe

    I dunno why I never overclocked sooner

    Afterburner comes with an ingame monitoring display while you play a game. Look up how to activate this. After you active this, it will show your bottle neck (cpu/gpu) % used and temperatures (along with ram usage, fan speeds, clock speeds, FPS, etc). Ideally, you want a minimum system with an i5 (4 core) cpu/AMD equivalent, 8gb of ram, and a 1050(ti)/AMD equivalent, or higher Gpu if you have a 1080p monitor. 60hz monitor works well enough for wows. SSD instead of HDD if you want much faster loading/boot times.
  8. ZaCLoNe

    Two Future Dates I'm dreading

    To avoid the salty hate, every PR player- oh I grinded it for free. :P
  9. ZaCLoNe

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    From the description of the event. All or None of them pending further details (if they continue with the NTC junk) since it could be interpreted as existing UU get reworked.
  10. Agreed. At this point, why don’t they just sell it as a campaign like the steel event of yesteryear or as a season pass or anything else that is actually upfront with a cost rather than exploitative and predatory marketing.
  11. I do thank WG for the many other rewards outside of the PR ship event. However, the hype WG provided about the event and then the ridiculous expectation of directive completion/doubloon investment is a significant turn off. If this had been advertised as a 1% of player base mission, I would accept that. I was hoping in the span of the 4 day layover, adjustments could be made to the directives based on feedback of players and CCs. Instead this was paraded as a publicity stunt to seemingly boost interest/activity levels for the game based on the reward. My wallet is closed for this event and heavy scrutiny moving forward towards spending doubloons and future purchases will be reflected with the direction this patch has brought. This amount of a grind over a Christmas and new year holiday season cannot be justified. I can only hope that WG never pulls this level of charades leading to an event, smokescreens of investment in time/money needed, and ridiculous mission/directive goals. But time will tell. There are members on the forum stating the PR will be available for future purchase (Santa crates-Missouri style, cash only, etc?) Whatever the option is will be a slap in the face to anyone who heavily invested time in these directives. Thanks for trying to do whatever your task was Sub, but i personally don’t agree with the event and it’s dedication needed for completing the PR.
  12. I use this crtl key feature to look at reload times on torps and other accessories. Used to use it back on old AA to do 30% more damage as well.
  13. Love these contests and this game mode!!!