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  1. ZaCLoNe

    IFHE All Night Long

    The next captain respec is set for autumn 2021, if devblog is to be believed with the removal of dead eye. Hopefully by then there is some quick reference guide on updates for IFHE/general skills.
  2. ZaCLoNe

    Godzilla horn effect

    I'm sure that is more difficult than it sounds, but hey, modstation could probably look into it. I think the fire effects/blooms needs to be blue rather than traditional to go more in line with, you know, Godzilla's blue atomic ray? We can nitpick it to death, but it's cool that a mesh has been made at this point. The movie was pretty entertaining for the naval scene.
  3. I am purely speculating a huge backlash against some of these announcements. People hate change, understandably as it is human nature. All of my questions are purely head thoughts, typed out loud, about the game and the path these announcements are leading me to consider. Once some details get ironed out in regards to the nature of: ~~how auctions are setup (currencies to bet with? accessibility to the rewards for users both new and old? number of rewards? reward contents? further some other wallet-draining mechanic as this will open the floodgate into other mechanics I'm sure that are undisclosed), ~~the revamp of how to get rewards for achievements (removing the reward for the fun detonation mechanic)-what is the datasheet sharing that an issue with achievements demands a change? Just for more grind or is there poor payouts/obtainability into the rewards? Is this just to create "fun and engaging" missions" to get 2500 base xp, 5 achievements, and win? ~~the Air Strike which will most likely either be hugely over buffed or significantly underwhelming which seems like there is no reactionary ability for opposing players other than wasd. And how does that lineup with the existing testing of ship mechanics launching their own strike and controllable aircraft? Why is this turning back into a RTS if you did the CV rework and are happy with it? I'm feeling like I am watching the end times of WoWs ripping enjoyment of the game into a gnarly grindfest and pure wallet seeking grabs. The options to release overpowered ships for cash to then cripple them down for the next ship that is released for cash is just gross and sleazy mechanics. Not balancing existing issues in the game or at least showing some kind of agenda and progress into the issues before bringing in more dynamics that will, of course, further push back "spreadsheet analysis and monitoring" dismissive attitude we seem to receive in the community. It is an interesting dynamic that events, like those that Hapa used to announce with screenshots for awards, wants to engage with the community on the forums. But after users are here and engaging with the community, the feedbacks on the boards are just left to the users to squander without any kind of recourse or acknowledgement into said issues. The only way that seems to really pull in a crowd to the forums or reddit community is to release game-breaking/altering "[edited]" (PR event, original research points academy announcement, etc). By then, you can't even have a discussion and so it feels like WG takes it all the way to max, just so they can justify getting the minimum objective or doorway open they want to further seize, with the reaction from us being: Well, it's not as bad as they first announced it. It's still bait and switch and misleading with that kind of marketing behavior. Sure, public relations, details, insights, and disclosures can't be made about certain things, I think the community can respect that. But where is that line drawn? At some point, some transparency for the game and its current state needs to be ACKNOWLEDGED (not "we'll pass it on to suboct or whoever") and then just let a forum topic or issue "die". Cause the issue doesn't go away with no follow-through after an acknowledgement. If anything, having a thread of a topic/issue posted by admins that can share updates into the known issues or things they are actually "investigating". Then feedback can be sourced with announcements there from WG directly to then let the community discuss. But instead, we get topics like this: "Announcement Patch #.#.#.$ Let us know your thoughts". And then what? The DevBlog only goes so far before the playerbase says, "whelp, WG still released #.#.#.$, but they said they are aware of X issue in the forum when it was announced!" No recourse to engaging with the developer. I really enjoy this game. It fills a niche that other games haven't met with the arcade naval warfare system that WoWs presents. However, my time and enjoyment, while different for everyone, can still be easily assessed by the overall community's sharing of issues that currently exist and need addressed, as well as providing feedback into any new changes. We don't get a say into implementing the direction and announcements of changes obviously, but we do get a say with our participation and wallets. And so, I am staying the course for now because I do support this game and want it to succeed, thrive, and keep the servers on and community online, engage in fun and new events/changes/etc, but it feels like this is becoming more of an estranged and distance relationship that I may have to bow out on the diverging course WG's vessel is taking. I'm sure I'll post feedback in the new announcements when they approach release, get further testing, etc. But for now, this is the current view I see and have. Perhaps I am being stubborn or not looking at this in a different light that differs from what I see in the forums. Thanks for joining my brain's TED talk. Stay safe everyone.
  4. ZaCLoNe

    Weekly Combat Missions: April Fools' Day

    But you get 15,000 credits for a duplicate!
  5. They totally missed having blue blooms from gunfire on the Godzilla version
  6. ZaCLoNe

    Update 0.10.3, Godzilla vs Kong

    I'm just going to fly high and go with it. This is the most exciting announcement I've encountered and never thought I would have seen! EDIT: Watched the livestream today and saw the ships ingame. It is great that the ship horns are the monster sounds! Only constructive feedback that I can share is that the Godzilla skin should have blue gunfire plumes instead of standard explosions. Maybe that is special treatment against Kong's, but Kong's theme goes well with standard gunfire plumes. This goes awry against the blue theme Godzilla has going on-please implement if possible :)
  7. ZaCLoNe

    Really WG? Five DDs per team?

    To elaborate further, green DDs suicide in the first five minutes.
  8. ZaCLoNe

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Source for the codes: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/marathon-with-gifts-real-naval-stories/
  9. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/big-hunt-the-raid-begins/
  10. ZaCLoNe

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.2

    I see WG has jokes-made my mind scramble for a second:
  11. ZaCLoNe

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Quick video maths, looks like you can get maximum of 12 corporate tokens max, so 2 of the perma camos. You get 8 from the assorted random bundles, and 4 from the freexp/credit bundles (2 of the options may not worth spending credits/free xp on, so maybe only 10 tokens max (and 10k coal) if you don't want to lose 75,000 free xp or 7.5 million credits). But if you spend those resources for the max on those, it leaves you with 2 corporate tokens leftover (plus 20k coal). Can either be converted to 3 million credits total (1.5 mil each)--this doesn't pay off the 7.5 mil to spend for just one....- or spend 1k doubloons x3 for three more corporate tokens and you can get 3rd perma camo. If going for maximum credits, 22.5 million credits conversion (minus 9 million dump to get to max tokens so net gain of 13.5 million) for corporate tokens and then measly amount for the battle tokens. Not a money-grab intensive event to participate in some of the rewards, which I appreciate! Yeah yeah, time and energies to grind/play in this event but if this event or rewards aren't worth it to you, there is always the base game to go back to until the next event that may be to your liking next time!
  12. ZaCLoNe


    Agreed, I appreciate graphic updates and will forever appreciate higher fidelity of immersion and action. The fire changes, citadel explosions, QoL consumable displays-just a few of the changes I can recall-are very welcomed. Running with GTX1080 so I'm happy to put it to work. Of course I want the highest fidelity for those that have lower hardware specs because I want everyone to be able to appreciate the environment and interactions. It is appreciated that they shared that the update shouldn't be a performance hit any. But I am certainly not against raising the ceiling of maximum graphic settings if machines are capable. The only thing that could be made better would be with the sound department. Increasing resonating booms from guns (original Shikishima guns), explosions/detonations, etc when in certain distance of ships. I get the fog/glare/water splash issues that people have but I think its that much cooler thinking that a target is getting peppered that hard with shells that the water is literally becoming a screen for said target, LOL! I would love seeing more dynamic sinking of ships and as much debris thrown around. Maybe animations of lifeboats evacuating ships, heading to an island and the ship (as a burning carcass) sits beached if it sunk near island or if sea floor is high enough for it to rest on, or lifeboats just floating around the dead ship in open water, kind of as a grave marker rather than just see the sunk position on the minimap. I'm all for the graphics and sound processing and any QoL or immersion to the environment. Keep it coming WG Graphics Dept!
  13. ZaCLoNe

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    Cool, I appreciate the feedback and that makes sense, being that it is a community effort that can only utilize local resources and such. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to the exciting graphics update and hunting event!
  14. ZaCLoNe

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    Wouldn't a 4 leaf clover flag be in more line with the St. Patrick good luck theme? Just curious if that was an oversight. Otherwise, looking forward to the event (with no doubloons this round for sinking those leprechauns, interesting as well).
  15. ZaCLoNe

    Free Look key Issue

    Ah, you're a nipple guy. --A pointing stick (nub, or nipple) is a small joystick used as a pointing device typically mounted centrally in a computer keyboard. --