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  1. Love these contests and this game mode!!!
  2. ZaCLoNe

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    What a fun strategy!
  3. Not the best but at the same time, a win with an AFK midway for entire game was quite the plot twist!
  4. They could do a Missouri B release. (Massachusetts B, Tirpitz B)
  5. This is definitely one of my better CV games.
  6. Saw a post to expect an announcement in the forums about expecting an email about the amazon credit for recruiting friends by the end of September. Is there any further insight into this?
  7. USS Sims please and thank you!
  8. Captain Ovechkin #3 (hockey)
  9. Captain Ovechkin #3 (hockey)
  10. ZaCLoNe


    It would be interesting to see a WOWs “steamsurvey” of the community’s PC setups though. I just don’t think the game development, let alone most players PCs, have the capability, let alone VR equipment, to justify the VR development. And this is ignoring CV, MM, ship balance, submarines ( /s ?) and soon to be new rage NTC changes that take precedence over graphic overhauls. I’d be just as happy as getting triple-A graphics and raytracing capabilities instead of VR and the development of a whole different playstyle that is not in scope with what the game currently provides. You could checkout Iron Wolf - submarine VR game. Seems to be good from the reviews and in line with your Star Trek idea. This is my opinion coming from owning a HTC Vice and capable PC (i5-6600k, 16gb ram, gtx 1080, 1440p@75hz).
  11. Thank you for the event!