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  1. ZaCLoNe

    Top Ten Challenge: Week One

    Lets just say, don't try in co-op mode (there was a point of contest in previous week for Exeter mission of getting 7 achievements that among the different modes, was "earn-able" through co-op...)
  2. ZaCLoNe

    ST: Icebergs

    Whooo. Even more credit expenditure to post battle costs. Not that I would expect it to take that large of a toll but still, every shot fired costs $. I hope the graphics/sound of it chipped away will be worth the shells shot at it.
  3. ZaCLoNe

    We Want Your Top 5

    I can't access the forum for Wargaming's We Want Your Top 5 Questionnaire. HERE is the link but it shows it is closed down now. Is there a way to see what the payouts were for participating in this? Thanks.
  4. ZaCLoNe

    Are servers down right now?

    Whelp, new pinups in the server room I would hazard a guess. Feel sorry for those guys having "hardware" issues. Oh well, time to spam some youtube videos to up that count towards 1,000,000.
  5. ZaCLoNe


    TBF, draws, even as a loss, are more meaningful than straight out losing. At least the other team didn't get bonuses from the match either and it must have been pretty close on WoWs!
  6. ZaCLoNe


    Ah, makes sense why that would be so high then.
  7. ZaCLoNe


    That is a tad ridiculous. Were they stacking matches or was it just the way the game was setup?
  8. ZaCLoNe


    First time I've had a TIE match! It was super close!!!
  9. ZaCLoNe

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Something on your face? Mr. Bean has a solution for you :)