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  1. Seniorious

    Deadeye needs to go

    Besides the understandable benefit to ships with already great accuracy, Dead-eye provides drastic efficiency changes for ships with less accuracy than standard. This means it'd make the SAP italian BBs stronger, and directly improves Roma, and Jean Bart also benefits from this strongly. Improving battleship accuracy was not a good step I feel, especially with the current implementation. I honestly feel they mixed up Dead-Eye with the cruiser version. The cruiser version improves your reload as well as secondaries if someone's in your detection, and Dead-Eye gives you better dispersion if someone isn't. Doesn't anyone else feel this would help gives cruisers a more useable skill bonus and provide battleships better reason to move in closer, use secondaries, and pump out more damage? At least, it'd benefit battleships like Bismarck and Massachussets, Alsace, etc. Besides that, yeah, WG simply refuses to respond to extreme player feedback about gameplay shattering ship performance and skills. They didn't do it for Belfast, or Smolensk, or Slava, for the CV rework that most despise, and certainly not this skill rework. You'd think they'd pause and rethink it, but no... edit: If Dead-eye was changed or combined with the improved AP shell damage to something else to improve battleship efficiency, why not make it something like "Improves normalization angles by 5 degrees" or give us the option for "shorten fuse time by x relevant minor buff". This would provide AP a more effective tool against angles, likely slightly reducing HE spam, and the fuse change would probably make overpens less likely but also make it harder to citadel many battleships as the fuse arms too quickly.
  2. This. While I'm not a DD main, I play enough to see how painful it is to get radar'd, but you can also play around it, remind teammates to focus those radars, and maintain solid cover where the radar does nothing but make you visible, and they still can't do anything about you. Think about it from the other side, other ships need information and it provides that instant scan that lets us know something is present. that's anywhere between 15-45 seconds of information DEPENDENT on the radar ship and this also means that the radar ship frequently has to be pushed up into a fairly dangerous zone as well, and he's much easier to spot and shoot at than a DD. While I sympathize with it, radar isn't the 'big problem' it used to be, CVs are with their hilarious rocket power against DDs. And people conveniently forget the era where DDs could stealth fire and solo any type of ship at end game by just pelting them with HE endlessly, staying at the safe distance and the target has zero, and I mean zero means of defense. DD outmaneuvers too hard, and can defend caps and still torp and fire. Not to mention that nowadays DDs like Kleber, Marceau, and Harugumo exist that have DPS capabilities to make cruisers blush.
  3. Seniorious

    Dead Eye

    Not necessarily. Outside of not being able to use the skill points elsewhere, there's no penalty. Smart gameplay with it involves making use of the skill with long ranged battleships to improve their efficiency early and in-between moving towards target groups. For JB with a 26km range, my ability to make a difference early game and crossmap improves greatly, and I can still be quite close to a capture point so long as someone isn't there spotted. As a result, you get improved ability to cause damage whenever you're not in a CQC position or in between things being spotted and unspotted while near an area. It's also important to remember that as a percentage buff, you get diminishing returns using this on Yamato, Thunderer, etc. French battleships benefit from this greatly as their average-to-good concealment and worse dispersion but strong range means that when getting to use their mobility, their main battery improves. As well, the reload booster consumable skill reduces the cooldown nicely. For Strasbourg, JB, Richelieu, and Republique, this is quite useful as they can actively play with their distance and remain effective. Germans tend to just get too close, and for Massachussets, this also applies since you want to use secondaries and you have a massive 14.5km concealment. British BBs....yeah this is a flat buff for conqueror. Italians will probably benefit from it. Japanese ehhhh, other American ships ehhh....Montana maybe, Iowa maybe, Ohio ok, Georgia will probably be iffy as the dispersion is already cruiser tier pretty much.
  4. Seniorious

    Recommended new CV builds

    I'd say there's maybe minor potential for the Interceptor skill costing 4 points. While you give up spotting and area control vs enemy fighters, you do get to be better at defending those whiny ships demanding AA support. But is that really worth it? No, of course not. CV's can't support the way they used to because we can't float entire squadrons around certain areas indefinitely and actively eliminate or defend ships from attacking waves. We're relegated to a nerfed spotting system and only being able to be in one place at one time, as opposed to microing two or even three strikes at once in different areas, or effectively assassinating ships by dropping all squadron ordnance on one particular ship. Instead? We got a tool for harassing DDs even better, because THAT was really necessary. Right? Right?
  5. Seniorious

    Recommended new CV builds

    Because that's a NERF. Not a reduction in return time, but an increase. That means it takes longer for your CV to turn around aircraft and get them on deck and ready to go. So if you launch two waves, on the third wave, your first one is probably only barely cycling. That's very inefficient, when most builds and CV tactics focus around maximizing the speed and frequency of attacks since we have to travel back and forth to targets. Having planes be faster, return faster, and cycle faster means more uptime, bigger squadrons to survive AA, and being able to attack more often and more effectively.
  6. Seniorious

    Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque & Strasbourg

    I didn't need this review to decide for me (Probably obvious given my pfp is the waifubote Dunkerque herself), I already planned on getting Strasbourg as soon as I learned she existed. From the moment I tasted Richelieu, I fell in love with the French line. After getting Dunkerque and having fun at low tier, to eventually investing early on with JB and sacrificing some hard earned steel to secure her faster, a decision I will never regret, I was set and secure. French battleships are my favorites from T8 to T10, and JB and Dunkerque helped round out the flavor. Now I'll have Strasbourg to fill in the T7 gap as I personally hated Lyon. Regardless of how mediocre french BB accuracy can be, when you're pumping out enough shells (especially with the Honore captain) it doesn't matter, eventually something will stick, and the Reload Booster makes singular frantic and important moments incredibly in the favor of Jean Bart, and I suspect, Strasbourg. When a DD pops up too close and you have HE ready, or a cruiser shows broadside, you can use the RB to dish out enough damage to secure the advantage before the enemy can properly react. Aside from those, there's the obvious usefulness of being able to HE sling with it too. The sheer agility of the French battleships I think is what really makes it for me, as I almost physically hurt seeing people do only bow tanking with them. I've made mockeries of so many T10 battleships in brawls with Richelieu while speed boosting because pre-Kremlin, you could literally run circles around them, outrunning turrets while being close enough to not miss that juicy broadside. It makes Kurfursts look like belly up pigs. I loved the in-depth review you provided as it's quite plain about the obvious and glaring flaws these ships have, yet touches on how the grace their few benefits permit makes them excellent in those regards. Agility, turret use, and for Stras/JB, the RB. I enjoy that you actually mentioned the quite strong penetration against flat armor instead of just going "Can't overmatch, just crap" like other reviewers occasionally do. The 330mm rifles can and will punch through citadels up to 15km, perhaps it may be my dumb luck, but even T8s like Massachusetts I've been able to dump on, and KGV is also not safe either. In any case, I'm pleased with the dual review given the ships are so similar.
  7. He wants a simulator like game, but then doesn't understand basic physics enough to know that an explosive charge does infact have armor penetration.... In any case, just about everything he has said is flat out wrong. It reads more like a troll post than any genuine concern.
  8. That's right, another sister ship. At least it existed, unlike Agir or Siegfried or so many other ships. So what's the deal here? Why another version of a cruiser many lament and a few somewhat enjoy for the memes it sometimes brings? Simple. We make the Graf Spee, but a version that replicates better what people see the other game's version is capable of. Essentially, a ship that completely dominates cruisers AND DDs, as right now GS is pretty bad at that due to poor HE alpha and poor reload, but don't worry, we'll address that. The ship will pay in other forms for what I'm about to suggest. That's right, we're making a fun german ship, and at low tier to boot. It'll get nerfed and shot down, but I'm bored and theory crafting. Also, it'll be named Deutschland. Not Lutzow. Go away. Firepower: 2x3 283mm 2x3 105mm 8x 150mm It's Graf Spee firepower, what gives? Aha! It's not the spee ellipse, it's normal cruiser dispersion. Additionally, the range of the secondaries are bumped from 4km on Spee, to 5km like on Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Additionally, it's getting Graf Zeppelin dispersion. You're getting 7.56km range in a full secondary build, and this is intended to boost her efficiency at close ranges against destroyers. It's not much, but it's honest work. Oh, and 16.5km base gun range instead of 16.1km. Nice. Torpedoes: Awww, did you like your widdle 8km torps? Too bad. 6km now copied over from the Nurnberg. AA: Again, we're copy pasting Spee here really. But according to Wikipedia, with her latest config: " Admiral Graf Spee and Deutschland were rearmed in 1938 and 1940, respectively, with six 10.5 cm L/65 guns, four 3.7 cm SK C/30 guns and initially ten 2 cm Flak guns—the number of 2 cm guns on Deutschland was eventually increased to 28." I can't confirm anything as I don't know the depths and wiki nor another source agree on anything. Minor differences at best, nothing noteworthy for gameplay differences. Copy pasta. Maneuverability: Copy pasta Spee Concealment: Deutschland doesn't have the pagoda-like superstructure, but does have a somewhat tall mast. Equal or follow Hipper/Eugen principle and make Deutschland slightly more concealed, like perhaps 11.8km base instead of 12.75. Consumables! Now we're really making the Deutschland pay for her transgressions of having consistently effective weapons. No more heal. Gone. Poof. No more fighter. Gone. Poof. Now you get a spotter. Enjoy your range ++ No more DFAA. Gone. Poof. You're officially even weaker at dealing with planes. Ay you still got a hydro. That's nice. So what's the deal, what happens now if this was put through. Well, on up tiers you suffer in survivability as now you can't shrug off any damage at all, you'll die fast if focused. On the plus side, you're more concealed. You have better base range, and you can use the spotter to hit at roughly 18km. Your guns are more accurate, so more citadels. You might even devstrike some low tier cruisers. At 8400 per shell x 6 shells that's 50,400 alpha strike. 4 citadels is enough to dev strike an Aoba, 3 will rip off ~25,000 of her available 31,900. On equal or down tiers you can push caps that only have 1-2 cruisers and a DD holding it down, which means you can use your meager secondaries on one CL or DD and knock down another with your main battery with hydro active. While you won't annihilate a DD, your secondaries will pick up slack between the 20 second reload. It's something. TL;DR, a ship that's happy at picking on DDs and CLs like Graf Spee, and better at it, but suffers even worse at the hands of battleships and aircraft carriers.
  9. Since I'm bored and have been debating making a case for the New Jersey or any new Iowa-class, since Missouri is unavailable and Georgia hides behind Coal, we'll make this a FXP ship. Or a Bureau ship. I prefer FXP. Since we're fantasizing, and don't want it to be a Missouri copy, or a rehashed Georgia, we'll make it a modern flavor ship. From Wikipedia: 1982: 9 × 16 in (406 mm) 50 cal. Mark 7 guns 12 × 5 in (127 mm) 38 cal. Mark 12 guns 32 × BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles 16 × RGM-84 Harpoon Anti-Ship missiles 4 × 20 mm/76 cal. Phalanx CIWS Leaving out the missiles because there's no precursor we basically get an Iowa hull that leaves the main guns, the secondaries, and only the 4x 20mm CIWS for functional pieces. You read that right, only 12 total 5-inchers. That's three dual-mounts per side. Very low secondary power, only really worthwhile for their flak bursts. Secondary gimmick is being thrown around a lot anyway so we'll put those away. The 4x 20mm/76 Phalanx CIWS are what would give you an insane mid-close range constant DPS. If you give the NJ a DFAA consumable, then you can apply the percentage boost to make the numbers temporarily fly up sky high. That means roughly 30 seconds of no-fly-zone, assuming your CIWS doesn't get knocked out by HE. I suspect this would be remedied with a high base HP for the mounts and requiring auxiliary armaments mod + preventative maintenance. The goal here, is AA-effectiveness on par with or superior to Halland. Main guns are exactly the same as Iowa, Missouri, and Montana. Available dispersion mod in the final slot. If the secondaries are left to the standard tech tree spec, then that means boosting the main guns to have a 2.0 sigma or even Georgia dispersion should be perfectly legal. Additionally, since this late-refit NJ is supposed to use a helicopter instead of a plane but we don't have Helicopters ingame, there is no plane. The game doesn't need any more radar's so lets leave that unimaginative consumable out. That means New Jersey gets zero spotting tools whatever. So what are we left to deal with here? A battleship that relies on destroyers and aircraft carriers to spot for it, but in return recieves reliable firepower and marginal AA immunity while the mounts are active. Lets get into a more detailed suggestion using ingame relevant stat card things. USS New Jersey BB-62 Firepower: 3x3 406mm 50 cal Mk7 Main Battery 6x2 127mm 38 cal. Mk12 Secondary battery The preferable settings are the same dispersion pattern as Georgia and access to the USN BB specific dispersion module, but secondaries are standard tech-tree fare. Main battery range is similar to that of Iowa/Montana. Reload time between 26-30 seconds. Turret traverse average (no extra twisty soviet turrets, go away). Fairly high Sigma, perhaps 2.0 ALA North Carolina. AA: 6x2 127mm 38 cal. Mk12 (long range) 4x 20mm/76 cal. Phalanx CIWS (Short-Midrange aura) The effective goal is for these mounts to possess extreme DPS boosted by a DFAA consumable. The long range will remain poor-ish probably, but the midrange DPS must reach high enough to effectively shred off plane HP and make anymore than one pass near impossible to accomplish if all mounts are active and DFAA is active. Again, Halland-effectiveness is the benchmark. We want a battleship that can effectively shrug off a CV for most of the battle. Maneuverability: Speed: 33 knots minimum, equal to Iowa and Missouri or slightly better if we assume slightly lower weight (I really am not educated on NJ's weight changes so tbd) Rudder shift: Iowa is 17.1s, Georgia is 16.5s. I believe a 15-second rudder shift or better is applicable. HP: Comparable to Iowa and Missouri is liable. Stealth: Comparable to Iowa or NC Consumables: Damage Control Party : Standard USN flavor Repair Party: Fast reload, Georgia/Massachusetts flavor DFAA: No precedent for a USN ship, DFAA has been a UK thing with Hood, Thunderer, and DoY in testing at some point. Spoodbeast: Up for consideration to allow the percepted role of the USS New Jersey in a T9-T10 environment as a highly mobile artillery barge that excels at the mid-range like Georgia, but trades functional secondaries for AA capability, allowing the ship to operate on flanks or by itself away from the group without getting picked on by an Aircraft Carrier. The ship is therefor very vulnerable to Destroyers, but is counteracted by high speeds and highly accurate main battery, allowing it to hit multiple shells if the DD is spotted. A predictive vision if we assume meme reviews pass on the current suggested version is a lot of B-roll footage of consistent devstrikes and damage on cruisers and battleships that have fairly high citadels, and of CV-planes poofing as they show the ship kiting away. What you're getting here in essence, is the Vanguard/Georgia agility experience combined with reliable main battery guns and a Halland strapped to your ship. Hydros are for German battleships, Reload booster is for the French. Speed boost is for french and soooorta the USN, if we use Georgia as a precendent. Again, I'm trying to not use Missouri as a precedent for Radar. Radar ships are consistently being added, and a ship that takes a different approach needs to be done. Secondaries are fun, but battleships with reliable main guns take the cake and it's proven by the long held respect for Warspite and Yamato, and the Thunderer. Even without Speedboost, I think this suggested form would work as the Iowas are already very fast on their own. Outside of smoke or some other strange gimmick, there isn't really many ways to carve a battleship that would make it a unique experience unlike the many forms that DDs and CAs come in. I would perhaps, given that WG has shown that dispersion can be fiddled with fairly easily with Snowstorms and Kuznetsov, consider a consumable for the USN that works on this principle and is based on the reload booster and soviet BB radar concept since they're trying to make unique concepts on guns. Fire Control Radar consumable. Borrow the consumable timing from the french reload booster. No, it's not a radar that gives you vision. It's based on a real function of FCR, which is to improve the ranging and overall accuracy of the main battery (roughly, don't yell at me, see Battle of North Cape for what I'm getting at.) In essence, lets say you're on Tears of the Cruisers on a flank side, stationary and waiting for the enemy ships to pass in front. A CA or BB is nose in, but turns broadside to shoot at your team's Donskoi that is spotting them because he's overextended. He'll die anyway, but when you take aim at the enemy ship, you pop FCR before you shoot and gain a, lets say, -30% to -50% dispersion buff for ~20s and your salvo is a beautiful 9 shells forming an incredible cluster that falls exactly 1 foot away from the enemy ship because you got your elevation just a hair wrong. That. Now you learn your lesson and you actually delete the next ship that broadsides you. That means you get exactly 5 'perfect salvos'. It's a consumable that near eliminates main battery RNG 5 times per game essentially. This means bad aim will still bend you over, unlike JB who's reload booster allows it to get 3 salvos off and brute force RNG into behaving. This also means if we altered the form to get a spotter plane, it'd make people proficient in smoke firing with battleships very very happy, as now they essentially get a free lock-on buff and can pump a beautiful salvo into the smoke exactly where they want it.
  10. Seniorious

    World of Warships Proposal: MN Strasbourg

    Bumping this, as a fan of the Dunkerque, Richelieu, and JB. I really like this idea as much like JB has small caliber guns for her tier but they are the most powerful 380's there, Dunkerque's 330mm rifles are more powerful than many 356mm guns around. Infact, Odin's 305mm at T8 penetrate around 326mm at 16km, whereas Dunkerque can penetrate 400mm. At this range, even Vanguard's 15" guns only have a 27mm penetration advantage. I'm comparing to T8 ships remember, not even T7 or T6. This means much like JB, you won't be overmatching anything, but you're definitely not lacking in penetration. Strasbourg at T7 getting better sigma and reload boost will make it a very, very polarizing ship. Shares all the tier for tier weaknesses as JB in armor, guns breaking and shells bouncing, but when given broadsides will shred things badly. This is all WOWSFT information too, you can verify yourself. EDIT: The 330mm Chamond outperform all British premium and tech tree BBs at T7 and T8, lmbo. They're competitive with Colorado, Gneisenau, and the vaunted sinop, all in the 400mm-450mm penetration range at 16km. Just missing overmatch. I highly vouch for a hotrodded Dunkerque-class at T7. I'd also like for Dunky to get a small sigma buff, or at least tweaked dispersion pattern (Graf Spee pattern would be spicy for Dunk and Stras).
  11. It really seems like WG is very cautious about making secondaries on any ship or class too strong to where it becomes a significant boon. After all, while Agir's first state was lamented, the secondary settings still left it a very amusing ship to play thanks to hilarity. GZ only keeps what it has because premium, I'm sure. I can only guess it's because once they reach that level of effectiveness, it becomes Main Battery #2 effectively, and on equal or downtiers the Massachusetts quite easily proves this as the IFHE secondaries totally function as an IFHE atlanta strapped to your side. If only WG understood exactly how much the playerbase loves it's secondary dakka. That, and functional AA. #MakeDFAAGreatAgain
  12. Seniorious

    Upcoming Ships - Slava, Ludendorff, German CVs

    One can only hope that they nerf the hull specs enough to balance those ridiculous guns. They had a good start by dropping it to 25mm armor, but we have to remember it probably won't be fired at much due to range. This means IMO that it should get a really [edited] torpedo belt too so that it can't tank well. Rather, they should just nerf the tanking capability as a whole. This includes giving it a NORMAL BB repair party, so that people can't rapidly cycle off fires. That's all just my wishful thinking though. If they want a ship this powerful to exist, they must make it a glass cannon. It's the ship to make Stalingrad look balanced from day 1. They need to rob it of many things to make the original concept guns work at the current state.
  13. Seniorious

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    Ayo~ I'm one of the 75 and my premium time did post! I accepted it and tbh I just background grinded it, I forgot about until I woke up in the morning and saw the notification upon booting the game that I recieved 360 days of premium time! I basically never play british ships so this was probably a result of me playing DM and Alaska some in between other things. I have other USN ships like Mass but just don't use them so much. Super pleased with this event, and things like this are what makes me happier with WG than Gaijin. More goodies thrown in here and there just for casual playing, rather than strange and difficult missions.
  14. Seniorious

    Worst Rank 1

    Because games tended to blow out hard, which means either way, a CV doesn't get to farm and functions largely as a teamplay mechanic more than anything else, similar to CBs. Instead they exist for harrassing and spotting to make it a little more or a little less one sided. Also, premium theorizing is dumb. Not sorry. I did this sprint using a mixture of Yoshino, Halland, and Venezia, none of which require money. Nor do I feed WG's wallet. The few I have bought, I had coupons and saved doubs from ranks or made use of the gift card exchange deal.
  15. I don't forsee Georgia happening in a similar timeframe to JB however, as Georgia has more gimmick and is more of a meme-ship than JB. At least, in my views. I groan seeing JB's in the enemy team as they're usually more trouble but Georgia often have a habit of rapidly overextending and dying, and I find them very easy to damage and citadel. At least JB has a turtleback of sorts, and the MBRB makes JB far more dangerous up close due to the ability to pump out shots in quick succession, reliably vs secondaries. I would suspect Thunderer to make her exit faster or very close by, as the reliable main battery makes it much more dangerous and popular.