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  1. Tier VIII Brit DD: Lightning

    Not to mention in a cap fight Z-23 will smoke up sooner and overpower the hydro on this ship and gain an early advantage. It's like they're trying make it a mix of everything but just ended up making it crap at it all. Can't gunboat from range like the RU, can't close in DPM like the USN, can't cap control like Germans, can't skill wall like IJN. What's the point?
  2. Hipper and Eugen

    I enjoy the heal more so than buffed DPM personally. With it, I can comfortable long haul fight cruisers by just letting fires sit. It'll all come back anyway. I can charge into destroyers, make early plays, then fall off the map and heal up again. If you want to be able to affect a match as a long as possible then Prinz Eugen is the way to go. She absolutely farms Dreadnought achievements because of how easily she comes back from the dead. There's been many a time where the enemy team thought I was a dead ship with 1-2k HP, only for me to come back 2 minutes later with 25k. Together with extended Hydro duration module and concealment skills, Prinz does everything for the long haul. Her artillery might not be optimal for hunting destroyers, but once Hydro is active you are their god, and they have to be careful not to bum rush you due to the 4x3 torpedo tubes. She trades off concealment and agility for this, but honestly I don't miss it much. The downside is that your DPM remains opportunistic in how you change between AP and HE. Either you're kiting or providing HE support from behind cover or you're holding onto AP to thin out the cruisers. An extra 1.5s isn't enough to make me feel like I'd benefit more from the reload than heal, it'd have to be a 10s reload like Baltimore and then we're talking. Let me tell you though, Baltimore guns are the best 203mm AP at Tier 8. The Prinz might have a 900 damage alpha advantage, but Baltimore guns just punch right through everything and citadel far more reliably. By far better if you're just farming citadels and directly supporting caps due to that scrumptious 10s reload. Honestly, I'd say it's just straight up better than Hipper and Prinz. The difference lies in that Baltimore can't even touch their max range, and Balt can't reliably hit with AP at his own either. The Hipper-class can citadel most cruisers all the way to 17km so long as they're full broadside. Baltimore 10s Charles m 10s Hipper 11.5s Prinz E. 13s Mogami 15s
  3. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    This. Also, I believe Cleveland is doing fine. The issue she faces is the same all CL face at high tier, overmatch mechanics. At Tier 6 she could get away with a lot of stuff and her firepower would absolutely melt the battleships there even without IFHE. Now, battleships can hit her anywhere and still pen besides angled belt armor. Even assuming the statistics for her tank after a month or two, Cleveland will not be moved. She belongs next to her historical stablemate the Baltimore, and will simply be buffed again if not performing as expected.
  4. Where is thegun boat line?

    The gunboat line starts at Akizuki and will end in Tier X. Ironically, Asashio and Akatsuki are better gunboats than Shiratsuyu, with more guns due to 3x2 layout and even better reload on Asashio.
  5. Explain Nikolai. Explain Kongo. Explain Kaiser and Konig. Explain Bayern. WG balances accuracy on characteristics and relative firepower. Hood doesn't bring anything special to Tier 7, she's down on shell caliber and has your typical 8 guns. Her sigma is 1.8, if you use the accuracy module you drop -7% dispersion. It would be reasonable to ask for a 1.9/2.0 sigma. Warspite even has more powerful shells period, besides the accuracy. Part of the stigma with Hood's accuracy is the massive amount of freeboard between the guns though. It leads to shells flying in crosswise depending on relative angle of travel. Hood works for what she is, largely a cruiser hunter. Like Scharnhorst, she struggles to citadel battleships, but is excellent at punishing cruisers. Scharnhorst actually has a 2.0 sigma, she just has bad vertical dispersion. I'm not sure why Hood has such a low sigma, but I think a buff would be warranted. I'd definitely considered dropping dough for a Hood with a higher sigma.
  6. More Defensive Fire battleships please Also, pls change the Hydro on DoY to Defensive Fire. What the hell am I going to use Hydro for on DoY? It works for Bis, but DoY? Also, This. Prinz and Hipper are finally in a good place, but it took ages to get here. Back then, that would've been disastrous. I completely understand the want for Washington, but with three USN BB at Tier 8, two of them already premium, you start flooding the MM. I'd rather not. Aswell, Kirishima would be just about exactly the same as the Hiei ingame (AKA Kongo). It'd take significant soft buffs ala Bama/Mass to make her worthwhile. Frankly though, there's a ship that has more historical significance in terms of construction for statistics, and that's Haruna. The IJN Texas if you will, with dazzle camouflage on her turrets and barbettes. I get the point, it's a 'North Cape' type of deal. We have Scharnhorst and DoY. But they're just alternative sister ships to their tech tree counterpart. Just two ships total from the class.
  7. Worcester + AR AA + AA SPEC + Legendary module which extends DF time = MEMESTER I wanna see Flamu do this test like has he before on other ships.
  8. How to Bismarck in the currrent meta?

    Yes, to a degree. Like Scharnhorst, she does have the capability to romp on her own....but only if the targets are 'bullyable'. You have to play like a normal BB at the start of the match and look to see if you have a chance to move in and exploit your advantages. Solo battleships, two lone cruisers lower tiered than you, a couple of small fry defending a cap, you can push in pretty safely and go Rambo. But in same tier or uptier, the chances Bismarck has to move in and bash heads becomes severely limited. As Flamu says, secondaries are strong but don't give up favorable positions or take needless HP loss for the sake of getting them active. Most of the time you do need team support, particularly at least one cruiser to help set fires when your secondaries aren't there to. Sadly Bismarck isn't quite as good as Tirpitz anymore, because whiners demand Tirpitz have both torps and secondaries, hydro aside. So Tirpitz can go all the way in and use Torpedoes to make rapid breaks and kills. Bismarck is forced to be an 'arms length' battleship, because closing in too much leaves your side exploitable due to the amount of broadside needed to use the back turret. With some range you can wiggle, but too close and the rest is history. I should also mention that from my experience, I don't normally get the most effectiveness against DDs in Bismarck, though all the memes say she's a 'no-fun zone' inside range. Smart DDs just ghost right through, and you're forced to rely on hydro to survive those moments. My biggest secondary damage games come from points where I'm able to use my mainguns on other targets and let the secondaries annoy cruisers that are trying to support their DDs incap, but my secondaries are melting them if they peek out enough to fire. They're too big to make the shells miss often and still too lightly armored to shrug off the hits like a battleship. According to an FB post I made: So calculating 40,000 damage total÷ 200 hits gives 200 HP per shell in damage. Doing the exact numbers(42,749 damage and 214 hits) results in 199.76 which is 200hp per shell anyway. I had 107k damage total that game, with 40 main battery hits giving me 61,626 damage. As my best Bismarck game in terms of Secondary damage, not overall performance, it should show exactly what secondaries give you. You need time to rack up these hits, and enough broadside to get most of the battery firing. Moving targets make it harder, stationary or slowly moving targets really make the damage pile on. In that game, it was on Hotspot and I'm quite sure I had parked with some angle outside of C, the island cluster. There was an NO, an Indianopolis, Gnevny, and a Bayern + other random ships in my damage tally, which means likely the cruisers and DD were trying to take the point....but I was there. My secondaries rained down. In a position with low chance of being heavily HE spammed and angled in a way that BB on their side would not be able to heavily damage me with AP, I had a low risk-high reward position that let me exploit my Bismarck's advantages. I was killed that match eventually, and it sadly ended in a loss aswell. I was only present for that one capture point, and if the rest of my team fails...well, eventually I get overrun.
  9. Meta Killing. The Asashio sobs

    Speaking as a largely cruiser and BB main, what is with all the Sassy Hoe hype? I've seen quite a few at this point, but I've yet to see one 'decimate' and flip the battle in their favor purely because they're sassyhoe. Belfast sure, seen it happen. Kutuzov. Never seen a Gremyaschy do it either actually. Missouris yep. Asashio? They all seem to die at the same rate as other DDs, and they all seem do about as well with varying randomness. Far from OP. The best IJN DD? Perhaps. What IJN DDs should have been? Probably. Have I noticed it? Not really. I play a lot of Tier 7 through 9 with Scharnhorst, Prinz, Akizuki, Baltimore, Fletcher, and Iowa. The couple of times I've seen Asashio, usually at the other end of the map honestly. He eventually dies, or hides. My side clears through, and we pincer. I'm definitely interested in buying her at some point, but the prospect of Massachusetts and some day hopefully Vanguard keeps my wallet shut.
  10. Basically yes. While the Spee has limitations, it still remains strong enough to hold her statistics high enough. Given most people refuse to play her quickly once they realize it's a bit awkward to use, the only people left are those who play her well. As she's a premium, no one is forced to either. Hipper is a forced play if one wishes to advance up the German cruiser tree, and has always, always been weaker than her stable mates. WG has been steadily buffing her over time, and it's just never enough. Adjustments to HE damage, adjustments to other soft stats, they added the entire new C-hull with AA buff, the C-hull had issues with turrets getting blocked by AA mounts so they fixed that, they gave the Germans 1/4 HE pen, and they recently gave Hipper 11s reload because she still wasn't powerful enough. Eugen is basically a copy, and was actually slightly worse in everything but HP, she had a little bit better HP. When Hipper got a reload buff, Eugen's reload remained the same but she received a Heal. So they have a long history of mediocrity in WG's eyes. Spee is just trapped really. Her firepower is too much for lower tier but her design limitations make her terrible at uptiers. She had Diesel engines after all, not steam. You have to just fire largely AP and try to do what she was designed to do: Hunt anything her size and smaller, and run away from bigger cruisers and battleships. She just will never be an 'excellent' Tier 6 ship like Budyonny for example because her design is just bad, it would require a lot of soft stat buffs.
  11. I would end up mothballing Akizuki. I think the ships can work with just IFHE assuming you play more passively and act more like an Atlanta. All it boils down to really. Gun range does remain the same, fascinatingly. Albiet, I think it's ok. The guns start to struggle by 12.5km anyway, so the range isn't so important. If you build for AA with BFT, AFT, and MAA, you do end up with over 200dps at over 5km and extended gunrange with reduced reload. Such a build makes sacrifices though. Lots of them. You're basically trying to turn it into a Russian like gunboat. Which, given how bad the turn radius is, might be worth trying. Who knows.
  12. Akizuki is 7.56km concealment with no modules. With CE, module, and a camo, she's 5.9km. Without camo, 6.1km. Kitakaze loses only 50-100m in detect at most it looks like. As a Tier IX she'll have access to the same modules, plus an extra slot iirc. Harugumo however...7.9km base detect. Yikes. Yes, IFHE is necessary no matter what because you need it to pen even cruisers and DDs. 19mm plating is everywhere as a rule, and superstructure is often so light. I can tell you from 115 Akizuki games according to a stats site, that IFHE is necessary. It's not an option. If you don't take IFHE, you just won't do any damage period. You'll have to rely on fires, which means relying on RNG. You'll rely on AP, which while extremely potent on broadsides and DDs, any amount of angle kills it. Any DD can angle against your AP and bounce it. As far as the 8km torpedos, yeah I'm not sure of the point either. The 10km are clearly stock torps, the ones Akizuki uses. The 12km are a straight upgrade, and the 8km I guess are meant to be like F3 torps. If you take Torpedo Acceleration you'll get 81 knots and 6.4km range. They could work as a self defense and YOLO tool. In the SD format, it's good for taking out ships that are charging your smoke. Slow torpedoes can often be dodged, especially if it's a DD, but torpedoes that fast.....mmm. As for the 12km torps, 9.6km range with TA and 72 knots. Overall TA remains useless to all but CVs. 12km range with good damage and decent speed already is plenty. Turning circle remains terrible for these ships, sadly. Historical sure, but still sad. I have 300k xp sitting on my Akizuki and climbing, so when Kitakaze releases I'll be able to instantly grab her.
  13. According to the Facebook DevBlog: Tier IX Kitakaze 4x2 100mm guns (same as Aki), 20,700hp - 730m turning radius, 7.6km base detect, 19mm plating, 33knt speed, and three types of torpedos to use: Torpedo tubes - 1x6 610 mm. Maximum damage - 20967 Range - 10 km. Speed - 67 kt. Reload time - 167 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.7 km. Torpedo tubes - 1x6 610 mm. Maximum damage - 23767 Range - 12 km. Speed - 67 kt. Reload time - 171 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.7 km. Torpedo tubes - 1x6 610 mm. Maximum damage - 21367 Range - 8 km. Speed - 76 kt. Reload time - 157 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.8 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator Slot 3 - Engine Boost Slot 4 - Torpedo Reload Booster Tier X Harugumo 5x2 100mm guns (same characteristics as Kita and Aki, just an extra turret) Maximum speed - 35.7 kt. Turning circle radius - 830 m. Rudder shift time – 5.5 s. Surface detectability – 7.9 km. Air detectability – 5.2 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2.5 km. Same torpedos, same consumables as Kitakaze, long range AA goes up slightly due to the extra turret of 2x 100mm that acts as a DP mount. I'm not really sure if these changes are enough, but don't diss the Tier X one too much. Akizuki can already out DPM Tier X Destroyers, so Harugumo with her extra turret will be absolutely furious in situations where she gets to use that firepower. IFHE is always a must, but if Harugumo catches the broadside of any ship, including battleships, her AP DPM will mimic Minotaur. Even Akizuki can rip off damage chunks of 1,200-3,000 on broadside battleships per AP volley every 3 seconds, so Harugumo with her extra turret will be even better.
  14. Close-Mindedness in DD Builds

    I see a lot of 'It's a support ship', which is exactly why it's not popular. It's not bad by any means, it's very flexible, it has good points...But it's only support. Noone looks at a Grozovoi and feels worried. Noone says damn, I really need a Grozovoi for CB or KoTS. It's not a carry ship. Yueyang is a carry ship. It has a combination of concealment, torpedoes, smokes, and gunpower that make it high threat to every single class of ship. Shimakaze can skillwall and that makes it able to area deny from safety, while being quite fast and stealthy. Gearing is a direct support ship with long lasting smokes that can be used well for teammates and has good firepower, and long ranged torpedoes with decent stealth and decent AA. Z-52 has incredible AP capability and the Hydro makes it a dangerous cap contester due to the ability to spot torpedoes and ships from a distance, while lasting for over a minute or more, infact it can straight up dump on any DD in the game by smoking up and popping hydro, then gunning it down. Khaba….has never been considered a carry ship. It's a strong ship, it's a good gunboat, it's basically a light cruiser on speed, but it lacks impact in most cases. Terrible at scouting, terrible at cap contesting due to turn radius, thick armor means AP penetrations when you're unlucky, but it's strong. People know to play Khaba if they want a relatively easy time of flitting around and going dakka dakka. Grozovoi? It's a support ship. It blends bits and pieces from every line. IJN concealment, Russian guns, Fletcher torps basically, USN AA with the Defensive Fire, and bad turn radius of 720m. The Moskva turns in 760m. If the Moskva had Grozovoi ruddershift they'd handle closely. It can pull a mix of everything, but that means it doesn't exactly excel at anything. AA is a very supportive gimmick, which forms a large package of her strength. The 130mm guns are quite multipurpose, but she's not a supergunboat like her sister. Things will get even worse for Grozovoi when the Tier 9 and Tier 10 IJN Super-Akizukis launch, and they are infact confirmed. Akizuki already out DPMs everything, so her higher tiered sisters with an extra turret and other buffs will be even more punishing. That said, I do like the concept of Grozovoi. I like it infact. But you have accept that Grozovoi is not a 'meta' ship. Yueyang is meta. The Gearing is staple support of CB. The Z-52 is the dedicated contester. The rest just exist really.
  15. Akizuki could absolutely work at higher tiers assuming you improve her turn radius. That alone is the biggest thing that makes her sluggish. I'd certainly buy a Tier 8 Premium Akizuki, perhaps Hatsuzuki or Yoizuki. I don't know what you could possibly do to make them different though...