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  1. +1 I've never seen any Mogami or Ibuki or Kutuzov or Chapayev ever get that accurate on BBs. Aswell ,it's important to point out that Mogami with 203 mm guns only has 10 barrels Mogami with 155s have 15 barrels, but it's good to note that the range is only 15.7km Which at Tier 8 isn't that long. The NO has 16.2, the Hipper at 17.7km, Chapayev at 17.3. Not to mention stuff like Kutuzov at 19km, Prinz Eugen near same range as her sister, and Baltimore will actually be taking NO's spot at T8 soon. At a short range, against the typical stupid BB that charges in or sits you can certainly hit a lot of shells, but rarely over 90% even then. Even in my Bismarck, a Kutuzov firing at me from 15-17km away would hit about 4-5 shells per salvo. Cruiser accuracy ain't that good. Mogami has the 'benefit' of having a shorter range that forces her in closer, which results in an accuracy improvement. This. So much this. Run premium repair + the damage control systems module that reduces fire chance by like 5% and manage yourself. Remember that fire damage isn't that big of a deal. Stop sitting, scare off the HE spammer with a salvo and disengage. Repair, lick your wounds (heals 100% of fire), and get back in. If you really must, run fire prevention skill to get only 1 superstructure. But honestly, Flamu's Berserker build he uses on Scharnhorst is perfect. CE + Super Intendant + Adrenaline Rush + Premium Heal and Repair Party works great. You don't have to worry about fires because your consumable reloads fast. Let the fire tick down and abuse the faster reload, then repair and heal yourself after using CE to disengage. All it takes to reduce fire issues is proper positioning and consumable management.
  2. A lot of people that have experience play lower tiers for the sake of clubbing and taking advantage of people like you, for example. Flamu himself details a rather good trick for hitting people smoke firing. While normal gunnery view is just a flat axis with a single field of view, using a spotter plane gives it an extra dimension and if you're about to fire on someone in smoke, you can triangulate them easily both vertically and horizontally by putting your crosshair smack in the middle of the gunfire. Even if they're not shooting, spotter plane gives you the ability to judge the depth of a smoke better and place your shot with more ease. The fact is, this 'cheat' mod is insanely situational. It banks on someone sitting still the entire match or for an extended period of time which doesn't happen often. CV's that actually know what they are doing wouldn't sit like your youtube example is doing. If you are really moving around in your smoke, and you suspect this mod is to blame, then you're lying. Because it supposedly 'dumps accurate fire on your last position', if you're moving, that means the shells won't land on you outside a stray shell or two. I've been seeing a lot of people complain about getting hit while in smoke lately, as if it's supposed to be this magic guardian that can't be countered. Especially if the smoke bloom wasn't that big, it's pretty easy to just dump a salvo into the smoke and make a few hits without even really trying or using techniques. Aswell, that 'X' is useless against people in smoke that weren't spotted before they laid it, meaning that the actual advantage is null. Specifically speaking, it's just a marker that tells you where your shells will land. It's similar to seeing the hard area of cover smoke actually provides, it's just a bit of information that isn't really that bad. I highly doubt it'll get banned.
  3. I've yet to be told they reported me, but I do frequently get the 'wth CV NO FIGHTERS". It's hard being a CV. You have to be god mode in order to activate god mode, if that makes any sense. I've gotten three compliments three matches in a row with Independence, but that' because I was 1st in team each time and was on overdrive. People don't appreciate CVs until you're either blasting ships left, right, front and center or giving literally everyone fighter cover somehow. People don't like you just spreading the drops with fighters either, nope. If you want them to notice the fighter cover, you have to strafe all the planes out of the sky and completely deny the strike. You have to strike ships they want you to kill, when they want you to, while also striking where you're really needed. Often you're blocked from even striking some ships because combined AA of two-three low AA ships will delete planes. CV isn't something you play for fun, as unless you're Farazellath or Flamu it takes a shitton of work. It is a rewarding class to play if you can make the most though. You alone can influence the match and save ships, and delete ships. Myself, I actually am still crapat dealing with DDs. I every so often pick off really low health ones with a DB, but I can't reliably strike them like an IJN carrier does. If a DD gets close enough to me, I'm screwed.
  4. Talk me out of the Prinz Eugen

    Good: History, 100%+ Captain Training, more than other Premiums, it's an Admiral Hipper. Supremely comfortable guns, with high velocity on AP and HE, ultra fast turret traverse, and the AP can citadel some BBs inside range. Bad: It's a (fat) Admiral Hipper. Weak HE overall. Ugly: It's an Admiral Hipper. Yeah...Seriously. But she sure is purdy. Basically, if you want a Premium Hipper, go for it. If you like the History, go for it. But Hipper has history too. If you want a premium that 'brings something' to the table in gameplay, walk away. Her 'trick' is the +100% Captain Training. Kutuzov has smokes and more useful HE fire, longer range, marginally better stealth, torpedoes with 8km range vs Hipper-class 6km. Atago....everyone knows already. So yeah. I would've bought her myself, but Scharnhorst was 30% off in the tree, and I had a 30% coupon for the Premium Shop, so I bought the doubloons on the discount and then used that for it.....talk about a steal!