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  1. Seniorious

    Which russian ships are OP?

    This. Can't begin to imagine how many exactly, But Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Benham, Somers, Black, Alaska, West Virginia, Arizona, Saipan (at least previously), eh that's enough for a reasonable example. The US is loaded with excellent premiums, and France owns the other top two premium battleships per the Jean Bart and Bourgogne, which are still unique ships thanks to their low caliber but extreme RoF, speed boost, high gun performance for their caliber, Reload Booster, and overall strong designs that lend themselves to high AA and secondary power as well. Anyhow, as for the soviet ships I would list as overpowered: Sinop Kremlin Stalingrad Smolensk Moskva No one uses the older overpowered premiums enough for anyone to care, and no one really blinks twice about OP USN ships, or the French. Worcester does the same thing as Smolensk with even better tools than smoke making it a slightly higher skill level but far more dangerous, but that's A-ok. Meanwhile IJN and KMS ships are left being just ok, decently strong at best. As it is, Scharnhorst and Tirpitz are still money rakers. Really wish WG would leave the Hindenberg's reload alone, how many times are they going to nerf and rebuff it?! Leave it now! Rebalance other ships with that same gusto!
  2. Seniorious

    Italian Battleship Lineup

    I'm heavily in favor of Italian Battleships coming soon, and this list sounds very solid along with the other contributors ideas and lists. I would note that while it's highly likely the Tier VIII will appear as Littorio, it's possible they could place her ingame as Italia instead, as she was renamed during the war. Also possible for another premium with the Vittorio Veneto, perhaps as a Tier IX FXP/coal but with boosted consumables and soft stats ala Richelieu/Jean Bart situation. I'm also excited for the idea of them following along with SAP, as the larger calibers will change with what they interact with, providing a slightly different experience to the cruisers. The cruisers can already slap for 10-20k on their best volleys, battleships slinging SAP would prove interesting, especially against destroyers and light cruisers that they constantly overpen. Especially with the Italian high velocity guns that love to overpen things, I think people will enjoy gravitating to SAP against lighter targets and switching to AP when facing real armor. The dynamic of this with cruiser guns is a bit off, SAP overall needs buffs, but with BBs who rely on Alpha strikes mostly, it'll be better. Gotta say too, all the italian cruisers are damn beautiful, even the 'fake' ones. I have little doubt that the battleships will also be hella lookers. Mostly though I'm interested in my free Roma known as Littorio
  3. Seniorious

    Smolensk and Smoke Gen Mod 1 Question

    Based on videos from Flamu, the first ships to actually get a big buff from using that module will be certain upcoming Italian CAs which have a smoke that actively conceals them even at max speed. With this module, their ninja cloud is going to last extra long and give them a lot of more tactical potential.
  4. Seniorious

    Clan Brawls - What A Blast!

    Ran a couple of games as well in the final hour, it was a very low-stress type of gameplay where we spent more time laughing than strategizing. Fast, fun, non-campy and without any real poor meta that we've seen. While some strong ships exist at T7 (e.g Belfast), in a setup of only 3 ships there's very little room for the ships to play abusively. Games are quick, satisfying, and maps have been relatively well designed.
  5. Seniorious

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    While it wasn't a Smolensk, I've taken away half of a Minotaur's HP from the same range in Moskva, just by firing AP between his tracers. Eventually he left the smoke and got spotted, and I finished him of. Just because your accuracy without lock on bonus is decreased, doesn't mean it's worthless to even try. You'd be surprised how often it pays off to just even throw a few salvos into the smoke, but people treat smoke like a magic forcefield too often.
  6. Seniorious

    Thoughts after ranking out in this sprint

    This Sprint was horridly easy overall, in spite of the constant potatoes. I ranked out in the Dunkerque. Broadsiding BBs everywhere, and basically none of the big guns ever used the overmatch mechanic against me. Was downright amusing, and I ranked out with like 1-2 days left before it ended. Literally 10x or more easier than the real Ranked season. I didn't even have to do any hard pushes, I just casually played a few games to rank up a bit, then did something else. Came back next day, a bit more, left it alone. Was really casual.
  7. Speaking as one of the surprising few to have ranked out, I largely used just three ships. Kitakaze, Sovetsky Soyuz, and Jean Bart. But the Kitakaze was really key here. The BBs were most enjoyable and useful at the lower ranks where dumber players let you take advantage of them much easier, but in the highest ranks leading to 1, I stuck to Kitakaze because DDs simply were the most effective for controlling caps and leftover ships. A BB isn't nearly as efficient at killing the ever present DDs as a DD itself, and thus Kitakaze allowing both cap potential and DD killing with ease made it a perfect fit. The five matches from 2->1 were a complete win streak for me in the Kita, because you have the potential to impact the game much faster and keep that ball rolling in your favor. The negatives that @_greifer mentions are exactly what I experienced as well, and was frustrating to deal with. Granted, I did a lot of bouncing at the start around ranks 10-8 until I figured out how to get past, and thus I finished with just under 200 battles total. Still, this is actually my very first season to hit Rank 1, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I look forward to the next season, hopefully it's soon.
  8. Seniorious

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Which is why I didn't say it was specifically for the purpose of DD's, but as a blanket statement to cover that IFHE broadens the damage capability significantly.
  9. Seniorious

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    I concur, having played both CE Mass before I had the points to spec the max secondary build and also with IFHE following a respect and the gain of more points, IFHE is totally necessary. IFHE is what makes every ship at a lower tier to you incapable of sustaining combat within secondary range. DDs melt, cruisers melt, and the older dreadnought designs take far too much damage and fires, besides the fact that your 16" guns completely bypass their armor. IFHE spec Mass with AFT + MS becomes a completely baller ship in downtiers where you can easily take on multiple ships by yourself due to the overwhelming capability of being able to bow tank, while DPMing anything lightly armored with secondaries and blasting apart the rust buckets that attempt to challenge you. Massachusetts is far more effective than Bismarck, purely because of the ability to actually hit reliably with both main and secondary batteries. Also Mass has better AA, better armor profile (outside of citadel weakness), larger guns, more guns, faster heal. For fun BBs though, Massachusetts is a solid 2nd place for me. First place belongs to Jean Bart IMHO, and that will probably never change. JB's AA, agility, and capability to rapidly rip through every ship type with reload booster thanks to powerful guns in both AP and HE makes it far too flexible and comfortable to play aggressively in.
  10. Seniorious

    What is the most powerful (OP) tier IX/X battleship?

    No option for Jean Bart at Tier 9 even though it's AA is highly relevant and the reload booster makes it amazing at circumstance moments where you can utterly destroy someone or punch out a DD that got too close with HE and MBRB.
  11. Seniorious

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Unfortunately ships aren't balanced against opposition until they've been thoroughly played and have their profiles shown to be vastly ineffective, which results in minor buffs like when certain cruisers get buffs to their bow armor. Yes, at the tier when you're not higher up I rarely if ever run into people who I can tell are abusing their overmatch against me, and many more still fire wrongly at my armor instead of superstructure with 356mm guns and fall on their face. I recently made what was the 77th highest damage in Dunkerque when I checked, which is seen here. Frankly, this occurred because I was able to farm battleships. I think many get caught up by the Yuro video and the historical purposes of the class to be fighting cruisers, but this is just fallacy ingame. After going full survivability build and focusing on fighting off other battleships instead of the cruisers (unless they're like a broadsiding Aoba...), I've found better damage overall in games with more impact. Accuracy problems go down when shooting at the much larger BBs, and there's more damage to farm, and you don't overpenetrate anywhere near as often. Infact, I'm seeing more citadels overall. The thing is, Dunk's guns are too powerful for her own good. They easily and happily spank broadsiding battleships. Hell, I've citadeled an Alabama at 15km from a stupid angle, and a Colorado was hit for over 20k after I double cit him from 13.5km. Not to mention if you get to bow into a broadsiding New York/NM or Fuso, and then it's just a feast. They can't hurt you bow in, but you can definitely lay in the pain. Warspites are so soft I was pulling easy 8-9k volleys even when he was bow in. Smaller caliber and fast reload aside, these are not like Scharnhorst whatsoever. Dunkerque can and will fight off equal tier and higher BBs when given the chance. She has the range and penetration to make Tier 8 BBs pay for viewing her as a minor threat that is ok to broadside to. How big is the difference? According to wowsft, at 15km Scharnhorst has roughly 290mm of penetration. Dunkerque has 412mm of penetration at 15km. Where Scharnhorst would clang off main armor belts or shatter, Dunkerque will slam her fist straight through their jaw. Granted, she's still not all that reliable. This style of play has been greatly enhancing my games now, but she's not quite as good tier-for-tier as Richelieu. Her guns aren't anywhere near as reliable as Riche, with a 1.7 sigma compared to Richelieu's 1.8. I think Dunkerque could easily use a 1.9 sigma to make her highly effective, if not flat out 2.0 like Scharnhorst who still suffers massive dispersion issues.
  12. Seniorious

    Yukikaze Is Trash (testing phase)

    While I'm certainly no pro-DD player myself, anyone who has earnestly attempted to learn fine aspects of destroyers knows that speed boost on those ships is not for closing in, it's for increasing your maneuverability in short spaces through faster acceleration, deceleration, and reverse as well as permitting faster exit away from incoming shells, radars, and hydros. Or capture point hopping, if time is of the essence. If this guy finds speed boost only puts him in danger faster, that means he's using SB purely to put himself in the wrong positions even faster, and making himself even more detrimental. Even French Cruisers only use SB to move from one side to another or play the guessing game of speed at long range like Henri's so trollishly do at high tier. Only Richelieu and especially Jean Bart can use Speed Boost to any significant aggressive advancement from what I've seen, largely against other battleships to out maneuver them and their turret traverse, or to throw off torpedos and planes (defensive maneuvers), or get into positions people don't expect a BB to already be in (a well thought out one.)
  13. Seniorious

    Battleship Secondary Weapons

    Secondary penetration is also relevant according to what tiers you face. German battleships above Bismarck have more secondaries to fool with that are more survivable, but they also still somewhat need IFHE because of the armor plating at high tier. Massachusetts is without a doubt the secondary king right now though when it comes to effective damage against other ships, as her secondaries are by far more accurate than Bismarck, Yamato, FDG, or Alsace/Repu/JB. Spec into MS, IFHE, and AFT and you have a ship that has the best secondaries for actually nailing and rapidly damaging destroyers and light cruisers. All the other ships tend to loss a lot of hits due to dispersion issues, whereas Mass avoids this and can literally have an effective Atlanta on each side due to the amazing accuracy. GK I've yet to play, but know people still like using the secondary spec on it for memes. Repu secondaries aren't worth speccing into though and she doesn't have the survivability and armor for it, she's a mobile sniper, and JB is in a similar position albiet JB can be far more aggressive due to turret placement, speed, and Reload Booster. Alsace sure, it can use secondary spec because it is a brawler with hyper gun count for secondary and main battery. But for Bismarck, the secondaries can be very useful when same tier or lower and they seem to spread fires a bit better than Mass, and this is helped by the fact I don't feel the need to spec IFHE for Bis so they naturally do it more. Massachusetts has to be specced into secondaries because it's her gimmick, and a powerful one at that. So IFHE is a must for the damage bonus, to tie in with her agility, turret rotation, quick reload heal, and use the secondaries to keep up the punishment. Bismarck can use it or lose it, she has hydro for another tool and is a tank. Bismarck's serve more psychological purposes and to be setting fires. People already do their best to avoid being near Bismarcks and thus love turning out next to me to try and get away, but in Mass they tend to try and tank me, which doesn't work as I can just plunge 16" shells into their superstructure and deck while the secondary hits, damage, and eventual fires begin to rack up.
  14. Seniorious

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    Yes, very much this. They're really not cruisers you'll want to be sitting in one spot. Roon plays very much like a Nurnberg at high tier, however Hindenberg performs more like a boosted Hipper/Eugen. The Yorck is the stinker of the line. But she can be used. Her HE shells are worthwhile, and so you'll want to use Yorck like your typical HE spammer. I'd suggest using AP only under 8km or so because of the ridiculously bad shell drag.
  15. Seniorious

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    You've definitely got the right play style down, at least it's a good mimic of what I do based on words. And yes, it's important to specifically spec into the accuracy module with Hipper/Eugen because especially with AP you have to make each salvo count to the max, and all your HE shells hitting to get the most. Baltimore and other CAs can get away with AA mod or other selections, but between the reload and finicky ammunition the KM CAs demand you be selective and focusing on working your guns to the max efficiency. I also highly recommend investing in getting the Extended HydroAcoustic Search Module on all German Cruisers. It's a big strength afforded to these ships, so speccing AA+DF can work, but your best and most consistently effective setup is survival and utility + Hydro, and making Hydro last as long as possible is important. From Konigsberg up to Hindenberg, and especially with Prinz Eugen who has many utilities, SuperIntendent is an excellent skill for spare planes, Heals, and Hydros.