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  1. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Based Stalinium. I mean yes it can't be overmatched, but it does have a Moskva Citadel. When you do screw up, especially with the whalelike agility that makes Iowa look like a cruiser, any BB the ship can face will wail on it. Hard. The bow armor is the same format as Moskva, which means at 10-15km Yamato can't point at the bottom of your bow and delete you. He has to aim a meter higher and punch through the upper bow, the turrets, the barbettes, and the superstructure, still doing tons of damage. The 'Special Ellipse' has me curious. I'm sure it's not nearly as special as one might hope, but still. The Radar/DF combo is over the top however, at least for me. I'd be more enthused if the ship lost both of those consumables completely but got the RN Heal instead. Still, 2.65 Sigma. What the ****. Does this mean other ships will eventually appear with redonkulous sigmas?
  2. Republique

    Republique's guns are more powerful than Yamato until 20km in terms of pure penetration, and her 431mm guns can overmatch the deck of Des Moines and some other cruisers. She also has a 2.0 sigma vs Yamato's 2.1, and her guns also fly on a much flatter arc. On top of the massive Reload advantage. Having better secondaries too. Better top speed. Better mobility with Speed Boost. Better AA by a factor of 2x or more. She has 8 guns vs 9 on Yamato, against the typical 12x 16" guns of the Mont, GK, and Conq. Where Repu loses out significantly is on armor, she is the most vulnerable battleship of them all. For whatever reason, every part of her including the massive belt is coated in 32mm armor, allowing Yamato to hit her basically anywhere and penetrate. IFHE shells will also take a dump on her, as will 203mm cruisers and god forbid we find out what IFHE Harugumo will do to a Repu.
  3. Fair point. Very fair point. Though AA-builds are highly uncommon nowadays, as CV population is all-time low. Thus, while potential, it's more of a perk than a purpose. As others before me now have said, Massachusetts is highly popular because it feels 'Like a battleship'. Your secondaries, heal, AA, and armor all play together to make you feel strong and imposing. The same thing Bismarck does. By speccing Secondaries, your AA boosts and you have bonus threat and damage, and Bis has Hydro too. They play like you expect a BB to play.
  4. Serious question...why would you use Mass to train USN cruiser captains? What USN cruiser would want a secondary build...which you would need to make Mass work properly? This much. Massachusetts was PURPOSELY developed into something with powerful secondaries. If anything was a cruiser trainer, it'd be Alabama. But then why on earth buy a battleship for cruisers? Especially since for the CL you want IFHE. Besides, stuff like Indianoplis and Boise and Atlanta exist. Also, no, the RN are pointed towards HE. They have much higher damage shells, much higher fire chance, and 1/4pen on the HE. The AP just has a shorter fuse, which for a BB is TERRIBLE. High accuracy? The Conq has a 1.8 sigma. As do the all the BB below it. Not to mention the AP penetration is terrible compared to other ships. At Tier 8 the Richelieu and NC dominate the pen chart, with the UK way on the bottom. At Tier 9, Iowa and Izumo. At Tier 10, Republique is literally more powerful than Yamato until 20km, and then it also has a 2.0 sigma, vs Yamato's 2.1. Conq is way below on the chart and the short fuse means it's incapable of properly citadeling BB reliably. Also, while I don't like being that person, NeutralState is only an average player. 293 battles in Missouri and he has a 49% WR on it. Doesn't sound to me like he knows what he's doing.
  5. Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Though from WG's perspective, Dunk probably needs no buffs. According to the pages, she's one of the best performing battleships. Infact she's 3rd on WR and 4th on Avg Dmg according to wows-numbers. Arizona is an obvious leader because ridiculous sigma on 12x 356mm, Normandie at 2nd is a bit too new but she is a decent ship. She compares somewhat favorably with Warspite too, she's 200k games down because of age difference, but by this point it's unlikely her stats will drop much. If they ever buffed Dunk, they'd write "Changed sigma 1.7->1.8 - This change was made to make the gunnery of Dunkerque more comfortable for players" Not that it was exactly necessary, but people really really wanted it a bit better.
  6. Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    Basically this. Bismarck does have competitive concealment with CE, but without a high pt captain of at least 18pts for 3x4pt skills, you have garbage concealment. Even so, there are ways to utilize the secondaries without actually having them firing. If people are aware of your presence and the secondaries, you can simply setup camp by a capture zone, and now people will be reluctant to push in. Without secondaries ever firing, you can zone out ships.
  7. Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    What about 1.7->1.8 + Spoodbeast consumable? She's literally Mini-Richelieu It'd be pretty neat IMO. I haven't bought Dunkerque yet, but my Richelieu has become my favorite T8 ship to play, and that alone has started convincing me to buy the Dunkerque.
  8. Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    I love my Scharnhorst, but KGV baffles me with the unusable third turret and terrible AP power. I like the DoY much better because of the improved AP. For most purposes too, Scharnhorst is indeed a better ship because if it really wanted, it can outrange the KGV. It has far better bow armor too, better AA, better reload, better sigma, torpedoes for brawling, almost 2x faster turrets, and so on.... I can get why the KGV is so popular, but it's been creeped into balance like the Conqueror in that you absolutely positively HAVE to spam HE to a degree to get the most out of it, If I load HE in KGV or DoY I absolutely know I can get big numbers, but it feels so silly. Having your AP clang off other BB is entirely pointless, because it's like Scharnhorst again. Except Scharn is faster. Conqueror is loathed for being generally unkillable and having silly HE power, but also....it can't actually affect matches very well. Because it doesn't have the raw AP power of Yamato or Montana, nor the Titan-esk GK, it can't actually provide presence. The Conq doesn't be a threat because it just slips in and out of stealth and farms fire damage. Which, everyone just heals away anyway. KGV has an inflated version of this effect because at lower tiers you have a little more people that don't have so much common sense when dealing with fires. KGV is definitely good, but in a firefight with a decent Nagato or Colorado at 15km? No. Lol no. You'll get overmatched into oblivion.
  9. Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    You're supposed to use the Torpedoes as point-blank weapons to deny rams or instantly win 'jousts' with other BB. They're also useful for torping DDs hiding in smoke near you. A full secondary spec Bismarck reaches 11.3km with flag. But I highly, HIGHLY don't recommend using secondary spec above Bismarck. You'll get some random good games here and there, but the meta just changes too much and just about no one gets very close to you anymore. At Tier 9 with FDG you're better off respeccing into survivability. But trust me, Bismarck is a keeper. I've tried running other builds, but Secondary Bismarck is just the best. FDG and GK just can't make good enough use of it sadly. They have it, just the chances to use it are much more limited.
  10. Baltimore already has 10s reload, which translates to 6 rounds per minute. Des Moines already has her automatic gun reload. New Orleans and Pepsicola are balanced by reload, so they won't be improved.
  11. Overpenetration mechanics. Even War Thunder has this. When a vehicle's light enough, crapjust passes right through. The deck armor of the DM is also meant to protect against artillery in practice, not specifically bombs. I'm sure it was designed with the threat in mind, but not specifically against. Aswell, it's a system that was not intended to proof the ship against it's own allies. Even Moskva is vulnerable to AP bombs, and she has a 'superior' system of deck armor.
  12. Ehm, there's a reason people spec for concealment even on Moskva. It's just a great utility to move between certain positions without being seen. Unless you're going full dodge-tank and kite like a Khaba where you basically never go silent, its always a great idea to spec concealment.
  13. Does Zao actually have a citadel?

    This. The best time to shoot a cruiser is when they turn and expose their belly, making the citadel creep up like a pantyshot in a lewd anime. Though the best way to citadel anything is to just play Moskva really. There isn't any cruiser she can't slap from max range, as even Hinden gets dropped. I've found that the only ship I really have trouble with is Kronshtadt, those I've yet to citadel in Moskva from between 12-15km full broadside. Not sure if maybe my aim is wrong...
  14. Save the Battleship Texas

    There has been advancements in railgun tech in the US, and certainly a battleship would have plenty of space to hold the capacitors and generators necessary to make it viable. I think. What needs to be thought about though, is exactly what the armament would look like. I'm quite sure it's unfeasible to retain the 3x3 AB-X turret setup, to feed 9 railguns would require power beyond what we can currently scale to that size. She'd also need advanced escorts and radar for herself to actually detect targets. In order for railguns to become practical, they must be capable of outranging and defeating anti-ship cruise missiles. This means not only defeating enemy destroyers long before they can even THINK about firing a missile, but also defeating even the Aircraft Carriers before they can launch fighters to drop anti-ship missiles. Destructive force, range, and accuracy must be immensely overreaching to make it a practical weapon.
  15. Save the Battleship Texas

    IIRC they're not on the register but there is a specific law in place to ensure they're made capable of being re-militarized in case of emergency. From what I understand, until the Iowa-class becomes as ancient as Texas, they're stuck in limbo between permanent museum and still military property. Edit: When POTUS was making claims about reactivation, estimates by non-officials and some people with relative knowledge in the field suggested that compared to an actual refit of modernizing the Iowa-class with nuclear propulsion and updated systems, it's actually cheaper to just build a new Iowa. Given our shipworks can crank out massive ships like the Gerald R. Ford, it's not beyond us. The only issue is between wether they'd keep the naval artillery, and they'd have to design new guns at that, or if the empty space would have hundreds of missiles instead. Moreover, what would that ship actually be named?