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  1. Merkrestov

    Thanks for the Atago WG!

    Gratz the for new ship, good to see some of the winners are real players and not bots.
  2. Merkrestov

    WoWS Replay System Rework?

    I was trying to watch a replay and after searching a bit and get this...really this game cannot have a decent, not saying good, just a DECENT way to replay a game? bad controls (and no a easy way to figure them) the game just crash for other commands. i hope it can get a fix at least by this year and even that seem to be much to ask.
  3. Merkrestov

    Teir X CV play

    To give some context, i just get into the game for the mere reason to play one nation, the Japanese and sadly in higher tier i found is the hardest nation to play, i just join before the 8.5 and manage to get my T8 Shoukaku for some days was a really fun experience, the the 8.5 came and the fun drastically drop but i have to adapt, now i just manage to grind til get the t10 Hakuryuu and i cant be more disapointed. First, is really obvious this was designed for pre 8.5 AA but they just drop one without fixing the other, also a constant problem is the squadron size vs attack size The T10 experience is kinda the same that T8, but worst in a lot of ways, the economy is really bad, unless youre premium+you do damage equal to 3/4+ total ships life youre going to loose credits, i has to choose from detection value or more planes/lower replenish rate, and since each plane lost cost 1,000+ credits that last was the worst idea, will not get further into the admiral skills not fixed just take into consideration. For some...lets call it "extrange" reason, the T10 rocket planes have a worst accuracy that the ones of T8 they got a potential 50-60% more damage and 8mm more penetration, not really great since you fail a lot more and since the squadron size is still 9 (and unless the dd have lost some of their AA and is isolated) you re never going to be able to do more of 1/2 runs (a 3-9k credits lost) on them since thats the usual target to use rockets. The DB move from 3/9 squadron win to a 3/12, another really bad design (by this time) were usually you can do 2 runs and since is only 3 planes per time you lost the other 6 (remember about 6k+ credits) also is really weird the way in wich you can or not get citadels, i only know the most heavys BB get citadel 50% of the times while other like the US/UK is just like 10% The last one, the TB and this is the only "upgrade" and reason that i dont sell the T10 and get back into T8 or just jumpet into other ships, the 4 torp although are really slow and has a long arm distance are more useful that the 2 torp version (and sadly it seem they will remove them in 8.7 so yeah fu$% devs) by 2 reasons, range of 6+ kms and they atack 4 per time of the 12, and the 2-ver well. just 2, the worst here is the 2-ver upgrade, a 12 wing size were only 2 atack by time, i mean...really even in the pre-8.5 AA thats a really, really dumb design flaw, Now, this goes for all the attack squadrons, lets see, you should at least be inside a usual 6km aa range for about 20 secs, first vs a stock (even and afk)AA ships you are not going to last there, in the Hakuryu planes of average 1900 hp, you will lost at least 6 of them if you evade every flak or that should be, but since the AA also hit the planes retreating after the atack and those still in your control you lost planes at the double rate that mean you will lost at least 90% of your squadron. In the end is a 90% regretable decision to jump from T8 to T10 but foolishly you think "better be in a T10 if youre going to fight vs others T10"
  4. Merkrestov

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    Most of those "AA kills planes" is from potatos that rely in a automatic broken AA system to "defend" from CV, we should implement a feature that every time a ship goes 10k close to a CV they release all the planes to atack the same ship at the same time so the CV can "defend" from them, could be fun. Again, WG is not well know for doing a good jod in balance or patch timing, i guess this game is just a filler to keep them playing their games, (more wot) that give more money. i doubt they find a way to make everyone happy, or atleast not making most of them angry since players complaining about CV are those that just can play in 2D
  5. Merkrestov

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    You can shor the regen timer, but by that you also should incresease aircraft speed to compensate the time lost, also reduce the exp/credits rate for each plane down, and unless the regen timer was like 10 sec by plane, also the hangar space, and now that you talk about AP, just remember some CV (some premium, US & RU) can select to use HE or AP DB (guess what they chose)
  6. Merkrestov

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    Seems Fair, Here: 20190627_213720_PJSA108-Shokaku_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay a kinda Bad T10 game but you can see the point about how you cant get close sometimes. And here: 20190627_223000_PJSA108-Shokaku_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay you can see a t6-8 game where if you pay atention you can see that sometimes i dont have to worry about their AA, that mostly is when is one the not reinforced of they have really bad. a excel showing the exactly data could help but that will take some time. you can see this guy video for "some" data https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weN5khRq71Q . A "counter" change to this could be just allow to all the planes in the squadron attack at the same time since only 1/3(4) of those atack while the other half could be already dead. (but guess that could be a overkill in some cases lol)
  7. Merkrestov

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    An Analysis of the new 8.5 AA system in a premium CV and not even performing greatly, sure is well done, sarcasm a side, the continuous AA damage is kinda balance but just if you remove flak and AA damage coming from others ships, the idea of losing one craft at time is a good way to secure that you are in risk when atacking just like any regular ship using weapons, but is not balanced in a way to compare with that, (unless that every time you shot in a BB half of your turrets get disabled for one minute and only one is repaired at time) the damage splited in all the squadron is not good at all since you can get out with 0 craft lost in medium to poor AA ships but is still better that this new one. They also forget to rebalance the skills, for example "aircraft armor" was made to reduce damage of the cotinuous fire in 10%, by the change they made should be changed into reduce damage in 10% for each possible aircraft in the squadron, since the damage get focused into a single plane the damage reduction should be the same (if you re thinking that is sound ridiculus, well, is almost the same about the AA change). I'm not going to explain here what changes could be made to make a more fair and balanced AA system since is not my work but for most of those guys that cry about their AA doing nothing most of the times until this patch is that they just dont know how to even reinforce their AA or how try to avoid a incoming attack.