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  1. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Carrying Teamates

    Incomparably balanced, as all things should be
  2. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Schlieffen frustrations

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Schlieffen take conceal and the extra heal/dcp, your choice between AR and BoS, disregard vigilance, that's just what WG recommends, your choice of a t1 skill
  3. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Three-ship Clan Divisions in Brawl

    because it originally started out as clan brawl....
  4. The_Ruleset_Difference


  5. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Superships - Whats the point?

    They are meant as a credit sink. When they eventually get fully released the plan is for them to cost 2-3x times the cost of a t10 with the same multiplier for service costs while costing 1xp to research.
  6. The_Ruleset_Difference

    The Repulse is the worst Tier Eight battleship in the game

    Its a battlecruiser so yeah when its bottom tiered it will not do BB things as well as other T6 BBs. I highlighted in its wiki article that it has light armor not just on its sides but its bow and stern, allowing for ships at its own tier to be able to overmatch, throw in a lot more BBs with 16in guns your mistakes will be punished harder. Its stealthy and fast. use that to your advantage and figure out when its best to engage.
  7. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Should I get G.K

    Why would you turn down the chance to get a (soon to be) premium/special ship for completely free? thats a free snowflake twice a year and a ship you would later have to spend coal on
  8. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Ugliest ship in wows.

    So everyone except @Superczar forgot about Kearsarge?
  9. The_Ruleset_Difference


    In my port and probably not yours if you are asking where it is
  10. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Player Win Rate Stats

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1021133017,IRISHSDOWN/ that is a link to your wows stats page which has a ton of info on almost any stat you can think of
  11. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Sell the BB's

    Reject this post, embrace Schlieffen!
  12. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Sub Mechanics

    3rd point: if a sub is submerged 20m or less you can shoot it with guns/hit it with bombs and rockets 4th point: there is a little bar below the HP and battery symbol with the duration off to the right side of the HP that shows how long left the battery has before the sub needs to surface. I think there is a consumable that lengthens that time that is usually used when there is little to no battery left. After that bar is out the sub has to surface and recharge the battery (can be any length, doesn’t have to be a full battery) before being able to submerge again. 5th point: yes, maybe if it’s within the 20m area? Would need clarification on that, I don’t actually play subs
  13. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Battles lost

    The moment I stopped blaming my teams for me dying/ losing is the moment I started improving at the game. I’d suggest thinking about how your plays and misplays impacted the battle positively and negatively and what you could do differently next battle to positively effect the game. Last bit of money I spent on this game was Gorizia during the PR dockyard 2 years ago, since then my stats have improved drastically to where they are now. I assure you MM doesn’t care about stats, wallets, radar, whatever, it just tries to match up the same type of ships on both sides of the game unless it brings in fail divisions.
  14. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Question on research bureau

  15. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Second account?

    in the WG center all you have to do is click the add account option then it lets you flip back and forth between the accounts