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  1. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Slava or Ohio?

    I’ll always recommend Ohio first. It can actually tank, it overmatches, has good alpha, has fast DCP, fast reload, you can build the secondaries, (in this day and age I don’t recommend) and it’s a competitive ship when it’s not banned. Slava has better dispersion, but gets overmatched by 16in or higher, is on the lower side of range, and doesn’t have a high alpha. overall I end up with better games in Ohio and I think regardless of your ship type preference, you should always get Ohio first
  2. The_Ruleset_Difference

    6000 Community Tokens Queen

    Twitch, public test, recruiting station.
  3. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Super ships are a scam!

    Superships are meant to be difficult to earn CREDITS in. That is by design and they are meant for players who have the CREDITS to afford playing them. Hence why they have auctions every release and sell for 200+ million credits. I'm not sure how "WG greed" of an in game currency that is easily obtained for free is ruining the game compared to some other things when the intention is to reduce the amount of people with billions of credits. That being said I average 148k in my Annapolis, my most played and favorite supership, I have more premium than ill ever need and haven't bought any of it other than with doubloons earned in game or gifted to me. I also run the blue booster for the credits. This is enough for me to earn a decent amount of credits in. Could an argument be made superships are an attempt to make people buy premium? possibly, I personally don't think so, It is just end game material and one of a few features meant to cut down on credit accumulation.
  4. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Totally Ruined Clan Battles with ship restrictions

    The restrictions are probably one of the better things to happen to CBs. There are people excited for the season that I haven’t seen excited for CBs in a long time because of it
  5. The_Ruleset_Difference

    wows legends on xcloud?

  6. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Is this supposed to happen?

    Fail divving, divs take the tier spread of the highest tier ship in the Div. Not MMs fault or anything
  7. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Reset the crosshairs on enemy ships

    Just press X
  8. The_Ruleset_Difference

    So... Ushakov?!

    next patch
  9. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Current state of the US hybrid battleship release patch

    Good thing all those ships are available for free by waiting
  10. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Brawls Test?

  11. The_Ruleset_Difference

    WoWs Tresure Hunt - Physical Prizes?

    When I won one of the Tshirts from the red white and blue event I think it took over a month from when they asked me for my details for it to arrive… and it ended up being the wrong one so they sent a replacement which came in 2 or 3 weeks
  12. The_Ruleset_Difference

    ~45%'ers (or less) - Would you pay for a WOWS Tutor?

    There are plenty of players who would like to help out others, plenty of discords full of helpful people… however what you are suggesting (payment) is considered RMT and against the eula.
  13. The_Ruleset_Difference

    need HELP regarding about Aslain's Mod

    At the bottom of the installer page there is a show descriptions button, that will show you what the mod is most of the time. I will edit this post when I get back to the PC for the mods I use and a screenshot of my entire screen in game for them all together Mods I use: Side panels by BADoBest: changes the side panels so they offer a little more info such as HP bars, max speed, gun range and torpedo range, is customizable. I also have the Clan Icon add on Smart Horizon Crosshair: an actual working dynamic crosshair, all of my customizations are green but you can change the colors of stuff Classic Camera Mod: Main reason I swapped to Aslains, give the old camera that should've been the default for the new one, also fixes an aiming bug (who knows if that's the one "fixed" this update or not) Alert Indicators detection icons (original): Makes the icons a bit bigger and gives some customization to how they look, I use it just so its a bigger icon that lets me know when im spotted, getting shot at etc etc. Air Burst (medium): tones down the opacity of the flak clouds, ive messed up drops before because I couldn't see through walls of flak Battle Expert v1: its the angle mod, feels more like the older one which is why I prefer it over the second and third versions, shows the enemy ships angle when you are targetting them which helps to tell whether or not you can pen them or not, also has a halfway working running lights mod showing the direction they are moving (forward, stationary, backwards) but its delayed and usually I can tell by the smoke, still helps though Score Timer: pretty simple, shows who will win based on current points and how long until they win Radar Timer: also simple, shows how long you are radared/hydroed, helpful to figure out how long you have left assuming you know the radar time of what is radaring you Shot Timer: also simple, shows how long until your firing penalty is over Minimal Waves: tones down the waves a little bit, ships arent bouncing everywhere
  14. The_Ruleset_Difference

    The Dockyard Missions Changed Yesterday

    They weren’t removed intentionally and still work how they used to goes from top to bottom: subs, DDs, Cruisers, BBs, CVs
  15. The_Ruleset_Difference

    So when will modstation be back in play?

    it will be back in play whenever you reinstall it