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  1. embeddeddear97

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    My friend just over his 100th (you get an achievement for 1000) he got arizona I believe
  2. embeddeddear97

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Worked for me now
  3. embeddeddear97

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Stuck on the last step and won’t let me complete it
  4. embeddeddear97

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Ah, it is the weekend officially
  5. embeddeddear97

    Kraken Heal?

    Go into the captain skill area and to the left there should be the icons along with the tracer shells that you click and activate
  6. embeddeddear97

    West Virginia '44 News

    Well Atleast wows blitz has followed with the same ships to tier, so them releasing it at t7 gives us an idea of where our West Virginia 44 will be in tiers
  7. embeddeddear97

    Worst Played Ships

    Omaha for sure, I had to be bribed to continue down the cruiser branch that thing is a bow and stern on the ends of a citadel block, I got Murmansk from a Christmas container and it made me remember how bad the Omaha’s were
  8. embeddeddear97

    The 12 Days of Warships (carol)

  9. embeddeddear97

    Seal Clubbing.

    I got a team of all bad stats (all red) plus me in my first random game in the Hindenburg, which I play average in clan battles with it, anyway let’s say the full team of reds/less than 10 battles were against a team of purple and deep purple
  10. No, old design than the oldest ship we have in the game (mikasa) not a good turret layout (would have to get broadside to fire 4 guns) not many secondaries to counter main guns. I would like to see the Olympia though
  11. Go to container screen and click the Santa crates box in the mid left corner area and it should say something like “recieve your gifts” or something like that. Had the same problem just had to look tell us what you get
  12. embeddeddear97

    A message?

    Oh the mass you will enjoy
  13. 8 in a salvo of 9 from a salvo of 9 in Des Moines, forget what ship I shot at
  14. Yep that ruined the entire reason I was about to go up pan asian line, Yueyang got way overnerfed