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  1. embeddeddear97

    Space Battles What the hell ?

    I think you insulted 85% of the community who wants torpedo beats to be a permanent game mode.......
  2. embeddeddear97

    Torpedo beat is awesome! Post screenshots!

    It’s got to be the gearing duplicate, guns are good and torpedos reload fast
  3. embeddeddear97

    Mode of the Week: Space Battles - 8th to 15th

    kept forgetting to screen grab the wins, very surprised when we on on the attacking side good luck everyone
  4. embeddeddear97

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    I could see something like this in a second BB line as the Tillman battlecruiser which has 8 18 inch guns in 4 twins
  5. That and people free xp the T9s because they want the T10 so bad. I at least partially free xp my T9 to T10 simply because I want the tier 10 more than the T9. Also a factor is that tier 9s and 10s cost so much which causes me to always sell my tier 9s to help fund my T10 (sorry I don’t have a Missouri.) Only time I rebought a T9 is for the most recent ranked sprint
  6. embeddeddear97

    Indianapolis costs

    Ah ok thanks
  7. embeddeddear97

    Indianapolis costs

    In the armory the Indianapolis costs 7800 doubloons but in the tech tree it costs 7500 doubloons. will one of them be changed or is this a PSA for any without Indianapolis and plan on getting her with dubs that she is cheaper in tech tree, granted its not that much but still
  8. embeddeddear97

    Georgia - Free XP or Coal?

    im thinking coal, as a replacement to the musashi that was also available for coal
  9. embeddeddear97

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    Yeah do you want your 1 credit back? buying a ship without reviews? keep it
  10. embeddeddear97

    WG...are you kidding me right now? WHY?

    27-30ish is what I got from videos, 1.8 sigma I believe but it’s got graf spees dispersion formula so some times you get lasers others rhat broadside waterline Ou shot up becomes 1 overpen on the shperstructure
  11. embeddeddear97

    Make April 19th USS Iowa day in remembrance.

    Love Iowa, will gladly rebuy her and take her out, thank you for your service
  12. embeddeddear97

    WG...are you kidding me right now? WHY?

    It’s an Iowa I can shove Halsey into and hit harder with? Sure. now where is my 8 18inch montana gun upgrade
  13. embeddeddear97

    I am the worst carrier player on the NA server

    Langley has to be one of the hardest carriers in the game to play right now, planes suck, RNG on it sucks, it has no armor, no speed. Can’t do damage so you don’t get XP, my win rate in it is trash. Just got to fail through it I guess
  14. embeddeddear97

    Make me a: Deceptive Description! - 25th to 1st

    I am not what everyone wanted me to be I am like a Japanese premium shoved down the tree I overmatch everything at my tier While mounting a special camo for all to hear Ill take you home To the place you belong well the bottom of the ocean of course
  15. embeddeddear97

    HMS Dreadnought?

    I’ve been stocking dubs for a while now trying to figure out if I want space camos for hindy or zao or some of the armory ships