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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    I’m fine with subs even though I play BBS as long as the us gets the V class with 2 6 inch (I think they were 6 inchers)
  2. Submarine Watch - Update

    Maybe subs would start further out closer to the middle of the map?
  3. Lyon OP

    Lyon is wayyy to OP. We had a arizona, Colorado, Leander and some destroyer go up against a Lyon. After that battle I (the Arizona) was sunk the Colorado had about 1000 HP remaining after a single hit citadeled it probably 2-3 times. The Leander was sunk and the destroyer unsuccessfully torpedoed it only hitting once or twice. The destroyer itself being halfed in HP. After they finally sunk the Lyon (with its final shots crippling the Colorado) an enemy Colorado came around the corner and that didn’t help matters
  4. Victory

    Whose buying what, I’m finally going to get the arizona but I’m interested in what you guys are
  5. British aircraft carriers

    😂 well that wood biplane did the damage to the Bismarck through terrible weather and the Bismarck’s main guns firing at it. It would have to be low to mid tier
  6. British aircraft carriers

    Yes seafire is a carrier adapted spitfire, little less speed for arrestor gear. And of course the Fairey Swordfish
  7. British aircraft carriers

    So while not many the Royal Navy did make aircraft carriers and have imported US carriers. I think WG should add in a carrier line for the Royal Navy starting like this. 1. HMS Argus (1918) flattop tier 4. A concerted Italian ocean liner armed with 4 4 inch AA guns. Air arm of 4 sopwith camel fighters, 2 DH.9A dove bombers and fairy sword fish torpedo bombers. Upgrade to be flycatchers and swordfish for fighter and bomber (no upgrade for torpedo) 2. HMS Ruler (ruler class escort carrier) based off of the bogue class flat top tier 5. An escort carrier similar to the bogue class with an AA armament of 2 4 inch guns upgrade to have 16 40mm guns and 20 20mm guns. Air arm of martlet (fighter) swordfish torpedo and bomber, (torpedo upgradable to SBD) Premium bogue class carrier tier 5 with british aircraft 3. HMS Eagle (built in 1918 sunk 1942) famous carrier with extensive history tier 6 4. HMS Triumph (light fleet carrier) class of 15 tier 7 5. HMS Courageous (fleet carrier) class of 2, sunk by uboat tier 8 6. HMS Illustrious (heavy carrier) heavily armed carrier tier 9 7. HMS Implacable (heavy carrier) more deck room and armor than Illustrious tier 10 while this is a 99.99% chance of not happening it was fun researching and writing this, and I got to prove my british friend wrong when he said Britain didn’t use carriers
  8. Wisconsin as a t8 premium

    Iowa’s aren’t even that great. Just a glorified battleship with little armor and high speed. It was mostly made as an AA ship to keep up with carriers. NCs and Alabama (the parents of Iowa’s) can easily compete with them
  9. USS Arizona

    Come on wargaming, bring back the Arizona
  10. Controls

    So I’m relatively new to the game (T6) and I’ve been watching videos on how to play certain ships. As I’ve been watching I’ve been noticing some things like looking at stats or even following your projectiles. If anyone could give me the buttons to press to see the stats or follow the spread or any other shortcuts for the game that could help please tell. Thanks!
  11. So... the Texas... wow.

    First off, how did you get the Texas for “free” and second Texas is a huge upgrade over the New York due to her having a more of a ww2 configuration with MUCH more AA
  12. Why Coop is better than randoms

    Coop op is easy because oh wait, coop is against bots
  13. What does Shift + T do?

    wait what does alt f4 do
  14. I have something I don't understand

    so then you dont cap and just send out a 5 mile spread of 12 torps and waste 12 torps