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  1. Finished my first Campaign

    Wait free ships? How to balance Halsey and honorable service at once 🤔
  2. screwed over

    American battleships where I prefer not to get close to others
  3. screwed over

    thanks wargaming for screwing me over, Ill never take supercontainer chances again and why is this even a possibility?
  4. Opened a super container for 15K coal, want Salem so I don’t need to use rentals
  5. Played a game where a zuiho charged the cap with everyone else. never saw the planes guess that’s a bad CV player 😂
  6. Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    I’ve gotten 1 ever sand it gave me 50K free XP I can’t remember where it all went though....... anyway, you got better luck than I do but I’d really enjoy any ship that comes out of them
  7. What ship draws fire?

    Definitely the Atlanta, she fires so fast and everyone knows it. If I see it then I fire at it given I can hit it at a good angle. Cruisers in general. Especially the US cruisers where they have a nice fleshy citedal. Premiums. My only premium is the Arizona, may get more I haven’t decided yet. I’ve noticed in the Arizona and me being matched against premiums that people (including me) tend to fire at premiums just because they are something different from stock ships. I’ll be in the Arizona and be sniped cross map from some tier 8 ship when there are ships much closer to that ship that I know have been spotted. And I’m not even broadside
  8. Damage from fire

    I can get it done in the new med and Arizona but my team doesn’t seem to want to win....
  9. Submarine Watch - Update

    I’m fine with subs even though I play BBS as long as the us gets the V class with 2 6 inch (I think they were 6 inchers)
  10. Submarine Watch - Update

    Maybe subs would start further out closer to the middle of the map?
  11. Lyon OP

    Lyon is wayyy to OP. We had a arizona, Colorado, Leander and some destroyer go up against a Lyon. After that battle I (the Arizona) was sunk the Colorado had about 1000 HP remaining after a single hit citadeled it probably 2-3 times. The Leander was sunk and the destroyer unsuccessfully torpedoed it only hitting once or twice. The destroyer itself being halfed in HP. After they finally sunk the Lyon (with its final shots crippling the Colorado) an enemy Colorado came around the corner and that didn’t help matters
  12. Victory

    Whose buying what, I’m finally going to get the arizona but I’m interested in what you guys are
  13. British aircraft carriers

    😂 well that wood biplane did the damage to the Bismarck through terrible weather and the Bismarck’s main guns firing at it. It would have to be low to mid tier
  14. British aircraft carriers

    Yes seafire is a carrier adapted spitfire, little less speed for arrestor gear. And of course the Fairey Swordfish