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  1. santiagonarayana

    P.E.F Heavy nerf(and dreadnought)

    Give her tier 7 secondaries accuracy.
  2. santiagonarayana

    P.E.F Heavy nerf(and dreadnought)

    I won't buy that crap.
  3. santiagonarayana

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

    about time
  4. santiagonarayana

    Sudden Graphical Downgrade

    Anyone that is having this issue please let wargaming know, I send a ticked yesterday and it seems they are not aware of this problem, they told me this: "The graphics quality may differ using DX9 and DX11 really. Try to improve the quality using graphic settings" I am so sure DX9 didn't look this bad before this patch. They need to fix this.
  5. santiagonarayana

    Sudden Graphical Downgrade

    It's directx, I'm sure you are using directx 9. If you change to directx 11 it looks normal. That's my temporary solution since directx 11 offers less performance.
  6. santiagonarayana

    Battlewagon Wednesday - The German Navy

    Basically all of them from TV to TX. I'm only missing both premium dds and GZ.
  7. santiagonarayana

    Where is PEF?

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  8. santiagonarayana

    Where is PEF?

    It's been weeks since we heard about her. I was really excited about this ship, but now the only ships it seems they are working on are Jean Bart, Le Terrible and British DDs. I'm hoping that this won't end up like T61.