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  1. Where is PEF?

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  2. Where is PEF?

    It's been weeks since we heard about her. I was really excited about this ship, but now the only ships it seems they are working on are Jean Bart, Le Terrible and British DDs. I'm hoping that this won't end up like T61.
  3. 0.7.5 Bug report

    I've changed the sound quality from low to high and it seems that it works fine now.
  4. 0.7.5 Bug report

    I am having the same problem, sounds are just weird and loud, no engine sound, and I think the bell that rings when all your guns are loaded is not working.
  5. I have no problem with fighting tier Xs, my problem is being the only tier VIII. Why just don't mix it better, 4 tier X 4 tier IX 4 tier VIII?
  6. Maxing out commanders vs...

    I have just 4 lol
  7. April Mission Briefing

    Will those Bismarck containers be the last ones?

    I bought her 2 days ago, very nice ship, this one was today; Sorry about the picture, I was sending that to a chat group haha
  9. Now that I can't turn, I'm gonna play bow in as far as possible from the enemy team. Just trying to close the distance in a tirpitz and you start to eat citadels from nowhere
  10. So now german bbs will get citadel more often, plus the tons of damage they take with normal penetrations. The point of the german BB line is to brawl, now we get punished for being good at it. Nice wargaming, every day I am closer to quit this [edited] game.
  11. MiniMap ship icons....SCALE

    1280 x 720 here, i cant see ship names anymore.
  12. How many of you have 19pt captains?

    I have got 2, I use them in 4 ships, Gneisenau, Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Tirpitz.
  13. I love both of them, best ships in game imo These are my first two games of the day