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  1. agm114r

    WG staff

    I think you have some good ideas. The OP, not so much.
  2. agm114r

    WG staff

    Problem is, MEANN, you keep thinking that how you play the game is how everyone plays, and if they're not doing it that way, they should. That is completely incorrect. WG does not agree. They also know that forcing people to play that way is the quickest route to oblivion for the game. There's tons of examples from other games that are not run by WG. it's called projecting, and you do a ton of it. You keep insisting that what you're saying is what's best for the game. Maybe for you and your buddies, but that's about it.
  3. agm114r

    WG staff

    Oh here's MEANN, spamming yet another MM thread, and manages to add CV and HE whines too. That thread needs a LOT more cheese to go with the w(h)ine.
  4. agm114r

    SAP just destroys DDs

    Boise can 2-shot DDs at T7 with HE...
  5. Also, there's still a segment of players who still want them nerfed further, or removed completely. (Most of those don't want CVs around illuminating their stealth plays.) Having said that, they can still be fun, but you have to forget all about what you used to be able to do.
  6. agm114r

    Kill stealing???

    I don't worry about it. For every time a cruiser or DD finishes something off, I blow up a cruiser with a BB just before the torpedoes hit. Over time it balances out. I don't ever 'wait for the right moment', but I don't wait for anyone else, either. If it's red, I'll try to kill it.
  7. agm114r

    Kill stealing???

    Reminds me of the time my son and I did an operation together. He was in Warspite, I was in Graf Spee. Graf Spee's not a BB, but has 11 in guns, with a 20+ second reload. We went through the operation merrily wrecking ships, and we got a couple of kills, but there was a Cleveland (yes, before the split) that got 7 kills, but he wasn't stealing. Just in the right place at the right time. We wrecked them, he finished them. He even acknowledged it.
  8. Ask your fellow players who wanted, and got them nerfed into uselessness.
  9. agm114r

    Steam and 0.8.9

    Unlimited is not the only choice.
  10. agm114r

    The Complete List of Special Ships

    Well, JB and Georgia are coal ships, but *also* were sold on the store. There are other lower tier ships on the Armory for coal as well. The T10 armory ships, however, have not been sold on the store.
  11. agm114r

    The Complete List of Special Ships

    I bought the Dragons off the store cheap one time, long after the ARP ships were ever available. i.e. yes, they were sold.
  12. Here's how I think about it: I never spend money on gaming that I wouldn't otherwise feel comfortable with setting on fire; i.e. money that I won't miss if it doesn't work out.
  13. I'm probably going to grab 5 tomorrow, and I get what I get. I did five for the anniversary, and got Bismarck, and the camo. I was fine with that.
  14. agm114r

    Can't purchase Italian Cruisers

    Not actually available other than in the early access missions till next patch. Or Genova, of course.
  15. agm114r

    A whole update's worth of crate drops!

    I don't have a list, but, I got enough coal to finish getting Smolensk. Smolensk's supercontainer contained a Lenin. My other supercontainers (5) had dragon-type flags.