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  1. dd should be one shot by bb

    Mostly against people like you who can't be bothered to press any of the following buttons: A, S, D, Q, E. Because obviously you just shoot at the midsection of a DD expecting to hit it. I bet that's what you do with cruisers and other BBs too. Hey, do you also like to sit 20km away from any cap? Because DD is supposed to win against a BB. A BB should never be caught in a 1v1 scenario without backup against a DD. There's just sooooo many things wrong with this statement. Radar is a thing. 100k damage is nearly impossible on most games. Torpedoes do not reload instantly. Fun fact. Torpedoes are not superweapons either. You don't just randomly die from one torpedo hit. All a DD can pen on a battleship is its superstructure. I thought arty doesn't just randomly *die* in one hit. DD is also more closely related to scout class light tanks. Again. Pretty sure that isn't true. Because obviously breaking a ship in half also has the side effect of causing magazine explosions. Also, a 46-cm hole on a 100m+ destroyer (Fletcher is as long as 114m, for reference) would certainly cause a DD to instantly explode. It must be.
  2. Because they're comparing Musashi to Missouri. The latter significantly outperforms both Musashi and her own counterpart, Iowa, whereas Musashi's terrible sigma made her feel much worse than Yamato.
  3. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    There should be a tutorial challenge fitted for each ship archetype: When a player first unlock them, they receive a rental of a mid-tier ship of that archetype (Fubuki -- Torpboat DD, Minsk -- Gunboat DD, Nagato -- BB, Cleveland -- CA, Independence -- CV, etc. Mostly t6-7 that are the signature of that archetype). The rental will only be available to complete a quest (or a questchain) that teaches the player how the quest archetype works. For example, a Fubuki challenge would look like this: Level 1: Sail through ten different Surveillance stations undetected and cap two points. This teaches the player the concealment advantage of IJN DDs. Level 2: Kill an enemy ship with Torpedoes without being detected. Fubuki might even start with only 10 Health. This teaches the player the stealth-torp capabilities of IJN DDs and tells them the primary strength of IJN DDs. And progressively more challenging levels. Completing all of them would reward a captain for the starting ship (6-10 points?). The more difficult the challenge, the better the player will learn about the ship and being able to use them in battle. The better the incentive, the more likely a player will go through the tutorials. (Getting a 6-point commander takes at least 15 matches without the proper buffs)
  4. :o no comment (Taiho)
  5. CV snipes becoming common at t8?

    the CV *NEVER* has the worst AA rating in a game, especially after Tier 8 -- not to mention all cvs T8+ has mandatory DFAA. However, at T8 and up I am more and more frequently noticing my strike planes just sitting on top of our AA bubble because there's no opening for me to push through -- which means circling and hitting the CV might be the most productive thing to do. This is especially true for Strike USNs as they often have more leeway with their planes (I have gone losing all my planes once in Lexington, but countless times in Shokaku and Taiho) and the reward of actually taking down an enemy cv -- or at least halve its health and forcing it to play much more defensively -- far outweigh the risk of losing all planes in that strike.
  6. lemming is a poor strategy because 1. You are essentially giving up control and vision over half the map. 2. You are giving the enemy the ability to surround you, reducing potential cover. 3. You are exposing your cv by providing only a limited area to go to. When suppressed, it is far easier for the cv to be spotted and picked off. 4. You are clumping all 12 of your ships into a much smaller area. While this is effective in reducing damage taken from shells, you increase your risk of collision and greatly increase the effectiveness of enemy torps -- while reducing your own.
  7. Next Ranked Battle Season

    Surprise, T8 Ranked Season started Sept. 15 already in China servers.
  8. The only reason Black has an absurd Win Rate is because the only captains to play Black are those who got to Rank 1...
  9. 8 fires

    I did it with Kuma after about 3 tries in Co-op. I'm a RNCL (and CV) player so I didn't actually have any cruiser that start fires. Remember to bring flags and a captain with Demo expert, if possible.
  10. What is this and what does it do?

    HSF also has a scene where makeshift paravanes and ship-mount machine guns clearing mines :3 Think it's between epi 8-11, can't remember which exactly
  11. Elite XP Conversion Sale

    That's not even the point.... All three other servers got 1:35 SHIP XP conversion EXCEPT Americas. WG must think we're stupid for not noticing that
  12. CV's must be remove from the game

    I wouldn't say CVs are exactly popular... In a normal 24-ship match, there can have UP TO 4 CVs, which caps their perceived popularity at 15%. Now think about how often you see a CV (especially on higher tiers) and come back saying CV is a popular class. Fun class, sure, but really can't be popular by design.
  13. CV Expenses

    Maybe you upgraded another high tier ship or something and forgot about it?
  14. I actually find sending strike team down boundary is surprisingly good. Just don't get caught up on the surprising the carrier part. I send my team down the line where it's likely to light a BB and make him regret ever playing BB. And possibly quit playing BB anymore (Mostly for when I face T5 bbs as Kaga). Flying down the boundary allows me to avoid enemy spotting fighters and dds/cls that have strong AA.
  15. Teamkiller – That's ME.

    Gone pink once. A Bis ran into a torp I fired at enemy Yammy 30 secs ago. Warned him in chat right after I shot it and realizing Bis was turning toward it... From what I've seen you seem to think you are pink for 5 times -- when you are only really pink for once -- any TK turns you pink for 5 battles so it really is just one TK.