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  1. Come Sail in Syn!

    I was thinking the same.
  2. I have not received a note, but I edited the word 'trash talkers' instead of what was there.
  3. NA: Iron Cross (IronX) is a politically incorrect group of trash talkers and we're looking for some new members. We have an active discord, a fully built port (100% of bonuses), and play clan battles every session. For clan battles, we have a casual group where everyone gets the chance to rotate in. For next season, we will have a competitive clan that is more selective and a casual clan that will continue to rotate everyone in. Our current requirement to join is that you have at least one T10 cruiser or destroyer with a win rate over 50% and a nineteen point captain. If you are interested, come to our Discord (search "Iron Cross [IronX]" or use this link: http://bit.ly/ironx2018. Title and post edited by Mezurashi Change your title and wording in the post.


    Let me tell you a little about myself. My other account, not this one. I have played nearly 8000 battles. However, I have a below-average win rate, a much lower than average damage rate. Even worse, I have not gotten any better at the game over time. My win rate for the last week is the same as my average for all time. When I got the DoY, I put, not a nineteen point captain on her as you'd think someone who played as much as me would have to spare, but a 14 point captain. Now tell me, given that I've played, on my other account, nearly 8000 battles and 6000 in battleships very poorly and have demonstrated no ability to learn or get better, and can't even spare a 19 point captain to test the DoY, just how valid would my opinion be on that ship after even a hundred games (I've only played 4, so what)? Can you answer me that? Because I believe my opinion is incredibly valid and must be shared in a public forum. Similarly, I also play a lot of chess. Over 6000 games. My ELO is around 120, I'm in the bottom 1 percentile. And let me tell you, the Queen is the worst POS piece on the board. Utterly useless.
  6. Kind of makes you sick to your stomach, yes? And you have to be careful who sees you browsing this forum. Yikes.
  7. Audio Mod Requested

    Yes. Also for Fiverr, they can 'shop a photo of you with your 13-yo Asian "waifu."
  8. Audio Mod Requested

    'professionally voiced' Don't care about 'professionally voiced," though I could have all of that "professionally voiced" for $5 on fiverr.
  9. Audio Mod Requested

    I'd like a mod that gives these audio cues: - When you're located - When you're unlocated - When you're detected - When you're undetected - When you're targeted - When you're untargeted. I'm offering a $10 USD bounty for this mod.
  10. Cuz he da man. He also does the stuff WG asks him to without [edited] about it -- like making ship guides for clan battles, etc.
  11. Thanks for the good advice, but I have a follow-up. I tried this, but the camera is really sluggish and you can only move around withthe cursor keys, now with WASD, and it's nothing like the free cam you get after your ship has sunk. Any advice on how to remedy this?
  12. Is it not possible to detach the camera in replay mode to be able to zoom about? And aren't there other replay options like cinematic mode or something like that?
  13. How many times Perth was on sale?

    I predicted she would dominate ranked and she did. That's what she's good at. Not sure how the smoke nerf will hurt her.
  14. So your doctor wrote you a note to get exempted from #3?
  15. So one DM fires at a Moskva from an angle. It is then focused by all/many of the moskvas and is annihilated because of the Mosk's range. DMs, due to their limited range, can't do this.