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  1. That number isn't accurate if you used any of it to upgrade the ship or buy a ship above it. However, http://shipcomrade.com DOES show you the total, accurate XP you've earned on each ship.
  2. There are better ways to do this. Like the ingame profile stats for each ship or what you can see on warships.today. They did give us a discount a week or so ago, 35 xp per dbl, and I cashed in $100 worth so I have a million free xp. I'd feel like if they did something super cheap right now, I'd have gotten ripped off.
  3. For a few months now, it has stopped showing damage in the logs. This is the stat I'm most interested in of all. I've attached a screen shot showing the column is blank. Any idea on a fix?
  4. This is demonstrably false. The HIV has a statistically significant win rate advantage over the Zao, another fire starter. HIV has the highest win rate of any CA/CL. Running around at long ranges keeps you alive, and staying alive and lighting things on fire is what has an impact on the game, not taking daring moves and getting deleted in a single salvo by a BB.
  5. We ought to be grateful there's so much disagreement here. If we all agreed, it would be a clear sign that the game's mechanics are broken. Lately I've been playing the Zao. I know I'm still getting the hang of it because my damage is below average right now -- only about twenty games in. I've played the Mino as well, but primarily with spec'd out anti-air in a CV division. I've played it 'straight' lately and it does alright. I'd say the correct way to assess the balance of the ships is to look at their history in the last two weeks among three ship divisions. This improves the average skill of the player pool to better highlight the ships. Anyway, here's how it looks below. However, this is not a perfect analysis and the best ship may be, say, the Zao. I'd love to get some more advice on how to play it.
  6. It seems remarkably unfair to have to pay for a captain to spec the same ship twice. I move from Yamato to Fuso and back and I have to keep retraining and paying the dubloons. Can you fix is to that captains can either be permanently trained on a ship OR so that there is a new, special monthly 'premium' level account that lets you move captains around without penalty (or possibly retrain without penalty, too?)
  7. It would be a good place to discuss the game and form divisions
  8. How about letting the in-game chat continue for anyone who's still looking at the game results screen? Would be nice to carry on discussions.
  9. I don't think you quiet comprehend my complaint. It's not that there is a bulk discount, it's that they only allow you to buy one of them. Why do you need to play WoWS? Battleship should be enough.
  10. I understand the need to make money, and the game discriminates between wallet warriors and freeloaders. It's cool - we need freeloaders to have enough people to play against and we need wallet warriors to pay the bills and make it worthwhile. Symbiotic. However, it seems that by limiting the the number of 100x packs you can buy at a deep discount to one but allowing an purchase of an unlimited number of 25x packs, WG is discriminating between people who who have a lot of money to give them and those who want to spend money but are more budget sensitive. The other way around is equitable: WG sold one and only one Dunkirk crate for $1 - the deepest discount was given on the cheapest item and you were limited to a single purchase. Accessible to all. And what's also arguably fair are dubloon deals where that the more you buy, the bigger the discount. But what seems particularly unfair is the artificial limit on the large purchase / deepest discount while allowing an unlimited number of more expensive, 25x packs to be purchased. It seems to vindictively favor those who don't care about the discount. Why not just allow the large pack purchases at the deepest discount without limit?
  11. That's not true. You can buy as many of the 25x bundles as you want. I believe there is an incorrect setting on the website. WG has sold these packs before without limit.
  12. I see the restless fire 100 pack is $18, and I want to buy more than one, but it won't let me. I can by the 50 and the 25 pack, but not more than one of the 100. What's up with this?