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  1. NotSynpax

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    The goalposts move. Banned not for poaching on their discord server, but for poaching in general. If that's the reason I was banned, I accept it. And good luck to you on your anti-poaching crusade, etc. whatever else you have going on.
  2. NotSynpax

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Thanks for the bump.
  3. NotSynpax

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Rooted in fact. Then do it.
  4. NotSynpax

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    People believe anything if it suits them. I never used anyone else's discord to recruit. And I don't care enough about it to even ask why I'm not on someone else's discord, but I don't know why. Nobody ever said anything to me. Which is really the problem really lies. How can an embassy be run by a childish clique (or those who act like them) be "official" for anything when it's run that way. And if you don't like the new, "official" embassy for NA clans, fine, don't join.
  5. NotSynpax

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    It depends on how you define embassy, but one with our standard of good management and fairness, no, there is not.
  6. Given that a fair, competently-managed place for leaders of North Americans clans to meet and discuss issues of shared concern is sadly lacking, I am pleased to announce that the The New Guys discord is now the The New Guys and NA Clan Embassy. The Embassy Category on our server contains both a text and voice channel for polite, friendly interactions among clan representatives. Please spread the word. All are welcome under the umbrella of fraternity and mutual respect in hopes of fostering a spirited and affable competitive scene in World of Warships. https://discord.gg/me9GdTc
  7. NotSynpax

    Complaint about Treasury Rewards

    I suspect there will be more ways to earn treasury rewards in the future.
  8. NotSynpax

    Looking for a Clan

    Not sure why folks are saying our Discord link isn't working. I tested it a few times. It's good. discord.gg/Sd93QtX
  9. NotSynpax

    Looking for a Clan

    Looking for a clan that meets the following requirements: - Takes any active player with T10 ships. - Has plenty of capacity for additional players. - Is very active. - Squal/Gale with Storm ambitions. I'm the leader of TNG/-2/-3, and we get a lot of applicants we cannot take due to having no remaining unreserved slots. I'd like to find a competent group to whom I can refer these individuals. Please message me on our discord if you are a leader of clan that is interested in working with us on this. discord.gg/Sd93QtX
  10. Sup gaF, If you watched the video, it would be clear why I did what I did. Thanks for clicking nonetheless.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BumvFcoYA5Q
  12. Look forward to enjoying this firestorm for every one of those OP ships that you want to nerf (that you coincidentally hyped as crate loot this Christmas).
  13. The New Guys Development Branch (TNG-D) is currently looking for new recruits who have their own T10 ships and are interested in competitive play. Our Storm-level clan participates in Oil Supply, KOTS, clan battles, intra-clan scrimmages, external scrimmages, and runs divisions for randoms and operations around the clock, and we have many helpful upgrades in port. What we require: You can get on Discord and use voice comms with passable English. You are available to participate in clan battles at least a few nights a week. You are willing to follow field commanders instructions during clan battles and otherwise respect the clan's order and leadership. You are open to joining random divisions with fellow clan-members. You will familiarize yourself with the strategies we have for clan battles. You have a T10 ship, preferably a cruiser, with a 19 point commander. If you are interested, please join our discord and message Synpax. discord.gg/Sd93QtX