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  1. The New Guys Development Branch (TNG-D) is currently looking for new recruits who have their own T10 ships and are interested in competitive play. Our Storm-level clan participates in Oil Supply, KOTS, clan battles, intra-clan scrimmages, external scrimmages, and runs divisions for randoms and operations around the clock, and we have many helpful upgrades in port. What we require: You can get on Discord and use voice comms with passable English. You are available to participate in clan battles at least a few nights a week. You are willing to follow field commanders instructions during clan battles and otherwise respect the clan's order and leadership. You are open to joining random divisions with fellow clan-members. You will familiarize yourself with the strategies we have for clan battles. You have a T10 ship, preferably a cruiser, with a 19 point commander. If you are interested, please join our discord and message Synpax. discord.gg/Sd93QtX
  2. The New Guys (TNG) is an invite-only clan. We just finished top 16 in KOTS and have a deep bench of seasoned players. We have two expansion clans to help players improve through divisions, scrimmages, and our exclusive #advice channel on our discord. We are accepting applicants for both. Each is developing port bonuses most suitable for the players who join them. The New Guys Development Branch (TNGD): If you have your own T10 ship and are interested in playing clan battles. EVERYONE gets to play in clan battles with the BRAVO rating and the more experienced players can use the ALPHA rating. The New Guys Ensign Branch (TNGE): If you are a new player. You can play clan battles in rental ships if you have a T8, but even if you have just reached the service level that allows you to join clans, you are welcome to join our ranks. Beyond this, our only requirement is that you get on our Discord. Our discord is here: discord.gg/Sd93QtX. A video on how to use Discord made by Synpax especially for WOWS is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbXmdFia1rQ.
  3. Grinding Rank? Hang Out In Our Clan's Public "Ranked Salt Mine" Voice Comms Channel. About our clan structure: The New Guys Prime (_TNG_): Invite Only TNGD: Development Branch for those who want to play clan battles and have access to T10 ships (rentals welcome). TNGS: Social branch for those still learning the game but without access to T10 ships or casual players without a competitive interest.
  4. NotSynpax

    Season 10 Ranked - Changes from last season

    That is what is known as a non sequitor.
  5. NotSynpax

    Season 10 Ranked - Changes from last season

    This isn't quiet right. You don't just get rudder shift bonus, you get a dispersion bonus as well (and a small range bonus). And it does have a cost: less range than the range mod or the reload mod benefits.
  6. In the process, I discover an error with WG's explanation of what is to be had from the collection.
  7. ALSO: We are having an intramural clan battle night on Friday between _TNG_ and TNGD. If you're interested in seeing how we work, this would be a good opportunity to try us out.
  8. We have an invite-only primary clan but also a development clan for new people who are still learning the game and/or playing in rentals. I'm looking for someone who can join this clan to help lead/call clan battles. I myself have two accounts, one in each clan, but most of our more experienced people are in the primary clan. You don't have to be a unicom or anything, just willing to lead/organize battles in a more casual environment on an occasional basis. Message me here if interested.
  9. Join our development branch all together, TNGD (The New Guys - Development Branch). You will find it easy to get to 7. Discord here: discord.gg/Sd93QtX
  10. _TNG_ is a competitive, invitation-only clan. However, we have a casual/development/social branch, TNGD, and we're gathering people who want to learn and who want to try clan battles. You don't need a T10 ship; a rental will do, so you only need a T8 ship. EVERYONE will get to play CBs. Please apply in-game to TNGD and find our join TNG discord here: discord.gg/Sd93QtX Personality-wise, we're pretty politically incorrect/chill/laid back. If you're an SJW/Snowflake, you're probably not for us. But if you can talk a little trash and dish it back yourself, come by our discord server and say hello.
  11. Feature requests: - Search ability, including the ability to search battle chat. - Show the final scoreboard, and allow this to be exported somehow for analysis. Keep up the great work.