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  1. Feature requests: - Search ability, including the ability to search battle chat. - Show the final scoreboard, and allow this to be exported somehow for analysis. Keep up the great work.
  2. @w4spl3g and @_greifer, Thanks for the response. I've had MXStat for a long time and am a donor. It does not include this specific information in the program output. I emailed the creator to find out but haven't heard back yet. I played a few hundred games on two accounts in ranked, and want to do an analysis of ship performance using the base XP on the final scoreboard.
  3. I want to collect this from the LOG files for a statistical analysis. I know it's on the final screen of the game.
  4. Any help on where I can find this data in the game logs? Thanks.
  5. My clan, IronX, has made our Ranked Grinding Voice channel on our Discord server open to all. Please pop in while you're farming salt and tears (including your own). Here's the Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VC9mHzk
  6. Hey, My clan is barely-storm and we're looking for other clans to scrimmage with on Tuesday nights around 8-9 PM Eastern. Let me know if you're interested over on our Discord at ironx.info/discord. Cheers.
  7. Tuesday Night Scrimmages

    My clan is looking for others to do scrimmages with on Tuesday nights. Please step on our discord if you're clan is interested. IronX.info/discord
  8. Interested in a semi-casual clan

    Give us a try. ironx.info.
  9. Come Sail in Syn!

    I was thinking the same.
  10. I have not received a note, but I edited the word 'trash talkers' instead of what was there.
  11. NA: Iron Cross (IronX) is a politically incorrect group of trash talkers and we're looking for some new members. We have an active discord, a fully built port (100% of bonuses), and play clan battles every session. For next clan battles season, we will have a competitive clan that is more selective and a casual clan that will continue to rotates everyone in. And for the in-between time, we will be running clan Scrimmages on Tuesday night between us and other clans or internally. If you are interested, come to our Discord at ironx.info/discord. To see instructions on how to use Discord, just go to ironx.info.