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  1. Some people don't respect the business practices of certain companies. Paying 5,000 doubloons may not seem like much, but when you consider you're paying the same amount for a camo on a free ship as you would to just outright buy a premium ship... The greed shines bright. Only few companies I've ever seen do actual "fair" pricing on their virtual merchandise, WG is NOT one of them, not even close... in fact, as far as pricing, WG is one of the worst I've ever seen. Hard to support a company who's morally questionably business practices I tend to not agree with... Same reason I wont ever buy into game consoles.
  2. Which one would it be? And why?
  3. I never said DD's are stuck with 5KM torps... can you point that out? I am only, and clearly mocking the whiney, cry baby community demanding DD's and torps be nerfed... Study comprehension.
  4. LOL... you guys really miss sarcasm. I mean... it flies right over your heads.
  5. Well I guess that's rather down to perspective. However, let me clarify. "You people" refers to the entire WoWS player base.
  6. Where's all the premium ships?

    True, but she's a carrier master, plays nothing but. Was going to look at the three I know are premiums... but... well, they're not there. I think she would have been quite happy about an Enterprise. Her Gramps served on it. Plus she's a history professor that specializes in WWII naval history, and she's been studying the Enterprise lately. And in our spare time.. we play some WoWS.
  7. I don't understand... I'm right but I'm wrong? I'm wrong because I refer to the majority playing solo... yet you admit only the minority play as a team? I smell contradiction in your words.
  8. Co op. Mains?

    You have to forgive him. He is speaking from a rather ignorant standpoint. He's unaware of the hindrances caused by such disabilities.
  9. Not really. I mean, it has absolute crap guns, and considering it's torps can only hit BB's and CV's, then CA's and DD's should have no problem taking care of it. Also, 20KM is a heck of a shot, the likelihood that any of those torps hit is very very low, let alone more than 1 one of them. Furthermore, the likelihood that those torps remain unspotted for all 20KM is even less likely. I think you people keep looking at this ship strictly from a 1v1 perspective, in which case, against a CV or BB would likely win 9 times out of 10. This is likely why so many random matches are such crap, you people focus too much on yourselves instead of your team.
  10. Ladies an gents, this is what a less than useless statement looks like.
  11. Where's all the premium ships?

    I get that. However, for people who set themselves a very strict budget for gaming... well, we got the money now, may not have it later. They miss out on a sale. Just sayin. And in this specific case, nothing worthy of my cash now, not in this game, so I'll get a gift elsewhere. So this sale is definitely gone.
  12. Where's all the premium ships?

    Was going to gift a ship to a friend for her birthday, but there's a huge lack of premium ships in the store right now... What's up with that?
  13. PVE Battles

    Perhaps. It's actually been quite a while since I played co-op battles, having just played a few in my Atlanta and Belfast, yeah, they have pin point accuracy most of the time, especially with torps. NPC Atlanta drove right up next to me, landed all four torps lol, I was even predicting it like I would in a PvP match and started to move away ahead of time... still landed em.
  14. PVE Battles

    My highest tier so far is 8 in the USN cruiser line. I've still noticed fairly poor accuracy at higher tiers, and I frequently end up in t10 matches. Accuracy is much better than at lower tiers, but still rather bad... I mean, in comparison to the 10k+ battle PvPers that you'll find in the same tier.
  15. PVE Battles

    Well, Just take this bit of advice... Don't do that in PvP, you'll be dead within the first two minutes. What kind of BB are you using? German BB's typically have really good secondaries, which makes the close range brawling possible, and really fun, especially in PvE.