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  1. SuperSSL

    It takes too long to log in.

    Yup, startup and login takes way too long after the last patch. Hopefully it's a temporary regression that can be fixed. For some players, it may no longer be worth queuing up for a quick game after work if it takes too long to start the game.
  2. SuperSSL

    Beyond Tier 10

    We're getting superships instead.
  3. I wonder if their data will record all the times I've deleted a full HP DD with one Conde salvo.
  4. SuperSSL

    CV's should not be in ranked

    Again, relevant if these ship types had the same type of match influence and skill gap. Whining =/ game state.
  5. SuperSSL

    CV's should not be in ranked

    Kind of a gross oversimplification of the mechanics at play. A better idea is to design game systems to limit undue influence from certain vehicle types...which is exactly what the OP suggested.
  6. SuperSSL

    CV's should not be in ranked

    Cool. That would be relevant if all ship types had equal match influence.
  7. SuperSSL

    Georgia and IFHE

    Being able to start fires is more optimal.
  8. SuperSSL

    CV's should not be in ranked

    Right, because every CV player always provides equal and optimal spotting.
  9. SuperSSL

    win rate & MM

    Aren't people always arguing that winning doesn't matter, only enjoying the game does? So which is it?
  10. SuperSSL

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    Still haven't figured out how people who do nothing in a match enjoy the game. Which is pretty much what you have to do in order to have an average win rate.
  11. SuperSSL

    Superships - Whats the point?

    The point of superships is to fix the top-tier economy. Playing at T10 doesn't cost enough credits to offset the popularity of playing at top tier. WG intends to make this work by having superships powercreep T10. They pretty much have to, otherwise nobody will be interested in dealing with the increased credit costs involved. For some reason WG is also trying to blow smoke with the whole idea that superships are necessary to maintain long-term interest in the game. This makes no sense given that growth is the key to longevity. Superships, as extreme endgame content, will not be relevant to new or prospective players and will therefore do nothing to drive growth. As far as their ability to retain established players, the novelty will eventually wear off, just as with any other new ship or line, bringing things back to square one.
  12. Right, let's exclude Atago, possibly the most historical and classic premium ship in the game.
  13. SuperSSL

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    I haven't found that to be the case. If anything my WR has been going up incrementally. And there's always Bronze ranked to de-stress. Easy 70% WR there for me, even when playing like garbage.
  14. SuperSSL

    Deep water torpedo question

    The icon should tell you, no? It'll be a small circle if it can't hit you.
  15. SuperSSL

    What is the point of Daring?

    The T8 is superior? TIL.