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  1. Hi!

    Update: I had contact with customer support to ask if it was possible to get the gold ship still even when I was over service level 3. It's kind of a paradox really, as you need an invite before you make an account which is kinda hard if none of your friends play this game. Long story short, I was advised to make a new account and start over, so that's what I did. Not a big loss progression wise as I just started. I do feel kinda bad for you Doomlock as you were so nice to give the invite, but I was forced to invite myself to get around the limitations of the invite program :( Anywho, game wise I started again with an interest in the american destroyer line and had a hard look at the german ones which I wanted next. Their torpedo systems and smoke did seem a bit weird to me (long recharge / short duration?) so instead I'm trying british cruisers now as they look awesome. Picked up IJN cruisers as well since they were on discount last weekend and that saved me a bunch of credits. Managed to play through the Kuma (which was great, had one battle with over 80k dmg!) and got the Furutaka, but haven't played with her yet. Think I'm half way through the Nicholas, and about the same in the Emerald (I'm trying to keep both lines at the same tier). Will try some other lines in the future to see what they are about but at first I guess I'll be focusing on those two (only picked up IJN cruisers now to save credits later on). Did some shopping in the premium store and got myself some premium time and experience flags to be able to unlock ships faster. Also got a container with 50k free experience in it which was awesome! Don't know what to do with it yet so I'll just save it for now. Might pick up a premium ship to make me some credits at some point, but nothing in the shop piques my interest right now. The Sims looks ok ish but none of the reviews were raving about her, so I'm not sure. What are your thoughts about the Sims?