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  1. struha

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    mmm, sorry can't do that. That would eliminate the possibility of someone hitting the reset option by accident, an historically reliable source of income for WG (like automatic use of ingame currency to replenish supplies). Of course, if you did hit the reset button accidentally, and you contacted support, I am sure they would cheerfully and promptly reverse the event and put things back the way you intended. BWAHAHAHA! just kidding!
  2. Thanks Ducky, I'll give that a shot. Played a few T10s but I'll try a T8
  3. I thought we were supposed to be able to re-spec our captains starting today (7-31-2019). Did I miss something?
  4. I completed the 20 mission and 30 mission win requirement in daily missions. The reward was supposed to be some type of Russian camo but I don't see it anywhere. Where do I see the reward?
  5. struha

    How do I access my inbox?

    Thanks for the responses, but I don't have an envelope next to my name, just the bell : (
  6. I know I have sent personal messages through the forum to other players in the past, now I can't find my inbox. How do I access that?
  7. Thanks Kelsier3, appreciate your help!
  8. Thanks for the replies, very helpful. I'm still a little confused about how my sitting in smoke affects my ability to detect him. If I can't see him when I am sitting in smoke, even if he is within normal detection range, fine. But why does his firing his guns make a difference? Shouldn't he still be invisible to me?
  9. I'm sitting in a smokescreen with a DD. A BB approaches, He has no smoke or island between us, just open water. He is visible until he is about 4-5 km away from me, then he disappears. He doesn't reappear until he is 1.5 km away form me. Clearly I don't understand something about detection. Is this supposed to happen?
  10. struha

    Daily Combat Missions missing

    I have restarted several times, I will try again. Not sure what you mean by visual bug. I know I have accomplished the mission, wouldn't that show up in the multiplier missions if it was just a visual bug? Anyway, thanks for your reply.
  11. My daily combat mission disappeared. I have the three multiplier missions, but not the basic mission.