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  1. marine3567

    Salty Rogue Pirates

  2. marine3567

    Can't log in to WOWs

    Potato's cant read.
  3. marine3567

    wow replays

    What program do i need to use to watch wow replays..I have tried windows media player(does no play back).
  4. marine3567

    Salty Rogue Pirates

    We are an established clan with our own website and team speak looking for former military and first responders to join us. Check us out at https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/
  5. marine3567

    Conqueror .. Just burn it all

  6. So here lately our clan has been getting request to join by players with accounts that have 10 or less battles. I am talking about at least 5 request a day. One account had just one battle. We have not been actively recruiting at all.So I was just wondering has any other clan been experiencing this (bot fest).
  7. marine3567

    Ranked Sprint?

    I thought so as well.
  8. marine3567

    Broken Lag - kills CWars

    yeah,what they said!
  9. marine3567

    3cv's on each side!

    I was just in a battle with 3cv's on each side add the radar and a dd has no chance what so ever....THE GAME IS NOW BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. marine3567

    Clan season. Ended!

  11. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    Had to uninstall and reinstall, what a pain in the bee hind.
  12. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    So it happened to me and I ran the check and repair tool..nothing,but when I try the public test server it works with no problems.
  13. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    I just got the same thing, ran the repair tool and nothing..I am not using steam.
  14. marine3567