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  1. marine3567

    3cv's on each side!

    I was just in a battle with 3cv's on each side add the radar and a dd has no chance what so ever....THE GAME IS NOW BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. marine3567

    Clan season. Ended!

  3. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    Had to uninstall and reinstall, what a pain in the bee hind.
  4. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    So it happened to me and I ran the check and repair tool..nothing,but when I try the public test server it works with no problems.
  5. marine3567

    BUGS BUGS BUGS and game play

    I just got the same thing, ran the repair tool and nothing..I am not using steam.
  6. marine3567


  7. We are a group of veterans/first responders looking for competitive tier 10 players to join us.. Come check us out https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/ Feel free to hope on our ts.
  8. marine3567

    Sims vs Kidd

    I do well in the Kidd. I even have a USS Kidd coffee cup from it's gift shop that a clan mate got for me when he visited it.
  9. They are in the Bermuda triangle! War gaming will fix it,calm your pants.