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  1. ZenTheRebel

    Admiral Hipper: what can I expect?

    Oh, I purchased her last night too! XD
  2. ZenTheRebel

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year! Hopefully YouTube will fix their act and make a decent YouTube rewind for 2019. (With Pewdiepie)
  3. ZenTheRebel

    Molotov - IFHE?

    I play Molotov with AFT and Demolition expert. It's extremely accurate, so play it for range and fires.
  4. That sounds about right. Torpedoes aren't great, and she plays the support role with fires and consistent rate of fire. But I'd say it could still use a buff.
  5. I'd say yes. Although I play the Krym quite decently overall, I am forced to retreat much too often. And plus, premium ships are supposed to be unique, but to be honest, the Krym is just disappointing. At one point, I even made a joke campaign #MakeTheKrymGreatAgain but ditched the idea after I realized the Krym was never great to begin with. 😅 ~Cheers
  6. ZenTheRebel

    Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    So, while I'll certainly admit that the Yorck could use a buff, I always like to throw the concept that there is no such thing as a "bad" ship. (Besides Krasny Krym lol) Any ship can be good if you take advantage of the pros and avoid con situations. For instance, the Yorck has two torpedo tubes carrying three torpedoes on each side, perfect for ambushes. And while the Yorck is prone to citadels, use the priority target commander skill and make use of the armor by angling. It has generous range and mediocre fire chance. AP isn't bad, and is quite useful against cruisers who decide that existence sucks and charge in front of you showing their broadside, which happens a lot more than you'd think. And while I'm still kinda new to the forums, I am a firm believer that any ship can be good if played right. (Including the Krasny Krym. True story.) ~Cheers