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  1. mundaneken

    AA is Broken

    Thanks, I think this is the answer as long as the imbalance continues — be ultra selective in the ships you attack. I was last battle, and it worked.
  2. mundaneken

    AA is Broken

    Ah, the ever popular false dilemma logical fallacy, refuge of the irascible and poorly educated. Only two choices? How about creating a post in the forum and discussing the matter? People are replying with useful information. For instance, I just played a battle, being super selective about the ships I attacked, and did okay. We won too. So see, there are more alternatives than the two meager extremes you touted.
  3. mundaneken

    AA is Broken

    Why I sent multiple squadrons into a hopeless battle is irrelevant, but suffice it to say it was down to 2 ships per side and I was the only one within attacking distance — which gave me a good opportunity to test the AA problem. The main issue I’m trying to highlight is tier 8 planes against tier 10 AA is essentially an impossible situation. Maybe you can try it yourself with your presumably l33t skills and give us weak players some pointers.
  4. mundaneken

    AA is Broken

    The practice of pitting tier 8 CVs against ships with tier 10 AA is not only completely broken but unrealistic. I sent all three types of planes against a tier 10 DD trying to cap our base, and all three type had their entire squadron shot down before they could get a single shot off. This ridiculous mismatch and inability to shoot most tier 10 ships happens in every game I’ve played in such circumstances. There’s no way a single DD could do that in real life, and it’s utterly frustrating and demoralizing for the CV player.
  5. "Wires installed in the correct place"? Eh? I don't have any problem with my wires. The problem does not occur if I only have monitor #2 (GeForce 940MX) enabled and the power settings tweaked as described above. Have now played scores of battles with that config and have experiened no glitching.
  6. * Presumptive Solution * I've played about 30 battles with the following configuration without any glitching. Any variation, and the random glitching occurs. 1. In the Display Settings, Multiple Monitors, select "Show only on 2" 2. In Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings --> Change advanced power settings (popup Power Options window) [+] Processor power management [+] Maximum processor state --> Set both values to 99% #2 Reportedly disables GPU throttling under high temperature conditions, but I'm skeptical, as glitching recurred when I had the Intel card and main laptop display active along with the 2nd monitor and GeForce. Right now I just wanna play the friggin' game uninterrupted for a while, but I'll try to get around to testing the 100% power settings with only monitor #2 (GeForce) showing.
  7. I appreciate the tips, Navalpride33. I've done most of that. Right now my last resort is to delete the frame capture buffer driver (Nvfbc), which will probably cause a fatal error, but that's the only way I can disable the screen capture process, which many people have reported to be the source of the problem. *shrug* If all fails, I'm just gonna stop playing for a while. :(
  8. Nvidia Geforce 940 and Intel HD 620 graphics cards.
  9. After the 0.9.5 update I'm getting sudden glitches in battle. FPS drops to single digit. Video is choppy. Audio stutters and lags. Game is essentially unplayable until the glitching stops. Happens multiple times per battle. Seems to be triggered by complex battle situations. No problem with tier 1 battles. Updated driver. Changed vertical sync settings on card and in game per some suggestions. No change. Can't disable capture buffer in latest Nvidia control apps, which was another suggested solution. Chronic problem now. Can't play the game like this. Additional random problems with UI. Left/right controls don't work. Produce clicking sound. Did a quick return of a plane to CV and launched another squadron. Toggled "M"ap and game went wonky. Was in the Twilight Zone between map, control of ship, and plane control. Plane control disabled auto-pilot on the ship. Graphics buffer bounced between ship, plane, and map. Totally broken. pfffft Running Windows 10 latest update on a second monitor on a Lenovo Flex 5 laptop.