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  1. Troy_patterson

    PTS 0.10.0

    Im a battleship main, and Im proud of it, plus I love brawling in secondary build battleships like the Massachusetts ( B ), Georgia, Odin, Bismark, Pommern, and Grosser-Kurfurst, and to see the way that the manuel secondary skill has been significally nerfed for the German, French, and Japanese, plus if you dare Italian's I do not agree with, because the builds are now no longer viable with them even though secondarys especially for the German's are the most effective build for these ships in the game. What Wargamming should do is either buff the manuel secondary build's despersion from -35% to -50% so that the German secondarys can be viable once more, also Super Intendent where did it go, and why did you remove it, its a must have skill for Battleships all around. My next point is on the super cruisers they need Fire Prevention, and Baisics of Survivability in order to tank, and eat less fire DMG, plus they still need tha option for a viable secondary build like Agir, and Seigfred which is what makes those two ships fun. My third point is on light cruisers like Atlanta, and Flint they need the range, and reload of the BFT, and AFT skills in order to work properly in the current meta. Lastely the new CV skills that buff the DMG output of their Dive-Bombers, Torpedo-Bombers, and Rocket-Attackplanes are an unessisary buff to an already ( OP ) class in the game. Finally my last point is on Fighter planes and how the heck these things still dont work one dang bit against plane's, also when your ( AA ) fires off and the CV's are able to get an attack off for a moment when your ( AA ) stops fireing in order to allow said CV to successfully get an attack off on you which is just plain unfare.
  2. Hey Hapa I was wondering if I could get a U.S.S. Missouri Code, because I've been playing US-BB's for 4 years, and I got more than 3k battles in them lol, and I wuld really like to get her or another US-BB, like the Arkansas, just either one of those 2, soooo ye thats it pls message me back wehen you have the time good day.

  3. Troy_patterson

    The PT is a small small world... Even NA is?

    Ahh noice, now I "fully" remember ya.