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  1. DJC_499

    RIP Grant Imahara

    So tragic to read this sad news....
  2. I would rather have shown the prior battle in the Makarov where I sunk four ships, but only did 52K damage....and no I was not trying to steal kills....
  3. DJC_499

    Kurfurst Captain Build: Tank or Full Meme?

    For Coop I recommend full secondary build. As is noted above, basically all Coop battles devolve into brawls where the GK's secondaries rule....My GK specific build is: PM (Hey I figure that everyone is aiming at me in this ship) EM, AR BOS, BFT MFCSA, AFT (no need for IFHE...) I find that Coop battles never last long enough to use the extra heal resulting from SI. (Good luck and great battles....)
  4. DJC_499

    California and T9

    Consistent with what I noted for the newly proposed USA BB line and now for the California is the famous quote by Bear Bryant who commented that: "You can coach everything but speed"......
  5. I would (seriously) think that would be the Musashi.....
  6. DJC_499

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    I used to play a lot of low tier battles but not since they no longer contribute to various daily awards. I miss the Tachibana and Konig Albert battles and have only taken the Yubari out to shoot down some planes....
  7. Two everyday with an occasional three on weekends or during a "special" event..
  8. DJC_499

    NA Server overloaded at 6:25 am

    Interesting in that I played through this time without any problems....
  9. DJC_499

    What's your home port?

    Naval Base....
  10. I keep thinking about Bear Bryant's famous quote that: "You can coach everything but speed...."
  11. DJC_499

    Anti Aircraft 0.9.6 [Operation Clear Skies]

    It has only happened a few times, but a couple of days ago I had a downed plane crash onto the forecastle of my Missouri....no ship damage was incurred but it was certainly is a sight.....
  12. I take it this was related to your request to the community to measure various ship turns rates many months ago? Thanks for your hard work on this matter to benefit this game!
  13. DJC_499

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Which will quickly change into: Orange, it's the new pink.....
  14. Additionally it was the only Pearl Harbor BB to also be at the Normandy Landings.....and Attu Island....
  15. DJC_499

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I will offer my humble thoughts as to this proposed (or now apparently "actual") BB line split. The first thing that surprises me is the comparatively slow speed of these ships; speed being a parameter that WG seems to try to adhere to when possible for the "actual" ships (real or design). Consequently, I do not understand why they did not go with the Tillman Maximum Battleship speed of 25.2 knots; a value that would be much more palatable to me and I would suggest others. Additionally, if I wanted to really inspire interest, especially in the Vermont, I would have proposed the 1934 design that considered the use of 4x2 20" main batteries. I think that this could really be the shiny object that would get a lot of attention. Further give this battery a nominally 32 seconds or so reload time and a 2.0 sigma, oh and also "God-like"gun sounds.....