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  1. Puka Puka Fleet

    I have mine on my Tachibana, which being a "destroyer" seems to perfectly fit with most cats.....at least our two :)
  2. Puka Puka Fleet

    My wife loves the Cat Commander and, in her opinion, is best in the game.....She notes that Cats, at least in their own minds, are always in control....
  3. One of the best features of these Forums is to read that other players are seeing, experiencing, and feeling the same things as I do...….
  4. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    If I was consulting to WG I would note that they (at least in theory) want "balance" or "equality" among ships; a worthy goal in concept. I would note though that one can strive to make ships equally "good" versus equally "bad", which seems to the case here. I would also ask if this or any suggested change makes the game more fun to play. I also need to check some armor thicknesses and consider the previously impossible notion of adding IFHE to my "Minitaur"….
  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I actually bumbled into an 8 kill game one time......obviously consisting of far more luck than skill....
  6. Fun Tier I match this morning.....
  7. Balance suggestions

    I have read this comment so many times and wonder (seriously) if it would be possible to develop (for lack of a better term) a "Bill James-Type" "alpha rating" measurement that would take your percentage of wins versus the average win rate of the various teams with which you played and calculate the plus or minus incremental win rate that resulted. For example, if your aggregate teams had a win rate of 50% and you had a collective win rate of 52% during these battles you would get an alpha score of +2 (or +4% since you would have an incremental improvement of 4%). Conversely, if you had a win rate of 48% over these battles you would have a rating of -2% or -4% incremental. This rating would do away with the issue as to generally poor performing teams and also adjust a comparatively high win rate mainly due to unicum teammates. It would be also analogous to a +/- Goal rating in hockey as to goals scored for or against your team when you were on the ice.
  8. I want to be sure as to not disrespect the brave sailors who died in that stupid Operation Ten-Go mission, but in terms of functionality she could be rebuilt as a floating "hotel" which was pretty much her "function" for most of the war.....
  9. Massachusetts personal best

    Thanks. I have been wondering about the effectiveness of DCCA for some time. I have read that the fighters do tend to slow down the attack planes and also (rarely it seems) shoot one or more down, but in checking the end of battle stats I typically only see the odd plane being reported as shot down by a catapult fighter with three, as I recall, being the maximum.
  10. Massachusetts personal best

    I am developing a very similar build except that I will likely take DCCA as the "alternate" Tier I skill.....any thoughts on this? (Thanks...)
  11. This is probably true, but not being a DD main I recognize that I do not appreciate the impact radar really has in this case.
  12. I would additionally note that throughout this forum and elsewhere as to the power of CV the statement is made that any, for example, BB can be successfully sunk by a determined CV attack, even a fully-speced Montana and this statement always goes without challenge. Now, although I have not played them, I would think that there are some cruisers (Worchester, Des Moines, etc.) that might fall into this "no-fly zone" ship class), but again for the vast majority of ships there is a seemingly general agreement that a determined CV can sink any single ship at will. Of course the CV will lose planes, but nonetheless the ability of sink basically any ship at will is incredibly powerful.
  13. I had generally expected a comment such as this as I have read this statement many times (please understand that I am not trying to be sarcastic here either). However, this statement presupposes that there are any well-equipped AA ships at all or ones that are nearby or can reasonably help in that their play style does not allow a slower ship to tag along with them. Further, what about toward the end of the battle when you may be the only ship left or isolated from other AA-equipped ships since they were sunk. This statement also shows the degree of the OP feature of a CV in that it is the only ship that by its mere presence requires the rest of the opposing fleet to re-plan any strategy. It is not like the case where there is a BB or CV and the other fleet all state "Oh Gosh, I need to find a fellow ship(s) that can protect me from this ship as I have (literally) no means of self-protection". Now, I can run and hide from a BB or dodge away from DD torps, but a CV can and will find and attack me no matter what I otherwise do and again I am then completely (again literally) with no defense at all against these planes. Please again tell me where is the balance is in that?
  14. The fact is that one only hears about adequate AA at higher tiers and that it needs to be nerfed but never that a Tier III ship have at least some form of AA at all.
  15. I agree with your statement that CV changed the way naval battles are fought, but, to be clear, most of the CV action against surface ships, was directed at other CVs. Yes, there were the Leyte Gulf and Operation Ten-Go actions, but to be honest one must admit that the vast majority of the battles were primarily to attack other CVs. I have thought that CVs would want to battle mainly against other CVs and that there should be CV-only battles. In these CV battles surface ships provided direct AA cover for the CV, which would be fine in this game. Non-CVs could choose to participate in these CV battles with the intent to only provide AA support to the carriers and not trying to be simultaneously attacking other surface ships. That would be a far fairer representation of the actual battles that were typically fought.