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  1. From time to time recently, when firing at an isolated Bot which is not receiving any other incoming I have seen (or at least thought that I have seen) fires start prior to my shells hitting the ships. For example, I am firing on a ship that is not on fire. I fire HE and have rounds in the air but still far from the targeted ship and see a fire start on the fire with no other rounds hitting the ship. I see my rounds then hit and also see, at that moment, the "fire started" indicator with no "new" fires being started. Of course, I never have videos of this but wonder if others have seen this. Thanks....
  2. BB AP vs DD?

    Having a problem and sorry for the repeat posts...
  3. BB AP vs DD?

  4. Might be my best chance to get a Kraken......
  5. Although I do not have any specific statistics I will tell you that recently there has been a significant increase in low tier Coop battles. A few months ago one might see the occasional pink perhaps every two to three matches. Now there seems to be at least 1 pink in every battle, with a Tier II battle late yesterday afternoon have 4.... Of course, after this morning's 5 am battle there was another pink...this time a Bot.....Tell me what sense that makes????
  6. 26.... All from coop battles and when I have a really good battle most of the others have been long sunk and are probably on to their third "In Battle" game....
  7. I love my Hermelin and Black Swan....6 am Coop battles to get the blood flowing in the morning...often the only non-bot....when things go right a 5 to 7 kill battle...it is a ball.....
  8. wow crashed critical error

    Since misery loves company, if it is any consolation, this also happened to me on Saturday afternoon during a Coop battle, except I was able to get back as the battle was ending. I did not get an AFK pink warning. Everything was slow (loading, changes to position in port, loss of audio, etc.). I stopped playing for awhile and did a hard reboot and things then seemed to start working. I have had no problems since....
  9. I sure agree....It is so much fun to engage in a "knife fight in a telephone booth" with either of these. That twisting fur ball of flame and fire is incredible.....
  10. The destroyer USS Melvin arguably sunk the IJN battleship Fuso in the Battle of the Suriago Straits.....
  11. Being rammed by a Bot yet you are "fined" for this.....
  12. Request: Forgiveness ability

    Or a cybernetically enhanced helper monkey....