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  1. DJC_499

    Update Sound fixes.

    I note that the 7 am EDT time has come and gone and the system is still not available and with no notices as to when the system will be available. Unfortunately this is all too typical. If you need more time to provide a fix simply give your self more time and develop a schedule that you can confidently meet rather than one that clearly you cannot or do not meet.
  2. DJC_499

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    Oh, OK Thanks....only about 2.25 years for me...
  3. DJC_499

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    Since this is a complaint-based thread I want to know where MY 30% off coupon is????
  4. DJC_499

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    Fairly blah results for 5 SCs: 50,000 FXP 50 Halloween Camos 100 Indiana Yankee 100 Sierra Mike 50,000 FXP
  5. My fondest memory is of a Coop battle in the Missouri shortly after she became available. It was a late night battle with only two live teammates, who were almost immediately sunk along with a few team bots. This quickly left me with a DM and CV bot against 7 bots. In the next few minutes I realized what a great ship the Missouri is, even when faced with nearly all Tier X bots. I ended up with 5 kills, 60 planes shot down, nearly 1,300 BXP, and a victory with my brave bot CV still afloat. Embarrassed to say that I was literally shaking as I was running down the bot CV at the end.... I would love a Le Terrible as I am sure that would be consistent with my DD play in her.....
  6. DJC_499

    This Upcoming Election Season....

    I wonder if we will end up with red ships versus blue ships.....
  7. DJC_499

    Super Containers in name only

    If it is any consolation I have been feeling exactly the same way. I would very much like a container of coal instead of another 100 ramming signals.... I read the post above about the person who has gotten (reportedly) multiple steel and coal drops and three ships. For context, I have never gotten a ship or a coal drop and had exactly one steel drop immediately after these became available with none in the ensuing years. In the recent months I have continually gotten the minimum SC (and those only very rarely these days) consisting of 100 of the "regular" signals, with most of those ramming or anti-detonations signals..... I have (seriously) wondered if the lack of quality of these recent SCs is a measure of the economic performance of WG.....
  8. DJC_499

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    I am really torn between the Iowa Class ships, the Scharnhorst and the Prinz Eugen....
  9. DJC_499

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    I have checked recent postings and I cannot find any specific statements as to how the Hayate will be released (Coal, Steel, RB, etc). Does anyone have any insight? (Thanks)
  10. DJC_499

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    This is so odd in that the "original" configuration seemed to be reasonably balanced right of out the box, other than perhaps needing a small rate of fire buff (per the Notser and other videos) and then it underwent such apparent drastic changes in torp range, etc. and is now lost in development Hell.....
  11. DJC_499

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    Thanks for the listing. I thought I followed developments fairly well, but there are a couple of ships on this list that I had previously not read about. I was hoping for the Siegfried for this patch, but I guess that it is not quite ready.....
  12. DJC_499

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I had never previously had an 8-kill battle in the Bougainville. I was sufficiently sleepy this morning that I really did not realize that I was having a great battle until I noticed that I had all 7 kills. Fortunately the final bot was way over on the western flank and I was able to nail her from "downtown"....
  13. We already know how this will play out as we have seen this script. Subs will be brought on as incredibly overpowered wreaking machines to induce interest among players. They will then be nerfed just enough to not be game breaking and when the initial luster wear off and playership decreases WG will state that re-balancing will be made based on ensuring that a minimum number of players are engaged with subs....
  14. DJC_499

    Co-op Rumors Confirmed.

    The Admiral nailed it, as usual. The highest BXP I achieved was just over 1,200 in the Missouri in a mainly Tier X match. I initially had two teammates who were (very) quickly sunk leaving me with a handful of bots against all 8 red bots, including a CV. As noted, by sinking or very heavily damaging all the DDs along with 5 total kills, getting two or possibly three caps and shooting down 60 Tier X planes, that added up to this total.