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  1. DJC_499

    AI gunnery

    I have noticed that recently bot teammates have excellent aim at enemy bots across the map, but those accurate shots also go directly through my ship....
  2. DJC_499

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    Could you please elaborate on why you feel this way? It would be great to get your perspective.
  3. DJC_499

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    When we see these delays in announcing the currency for acquiring any specific ship the typical answer is that WG is using this as a marketing ploy to generate greater interest etc., etc. Now, that well may be true. However, I also start to wonder though if they really do not know or if they are struggling with figuring out the optimum currency. I would suggest if it is that close a call then it does not matter and perhaps they should just release it in both (or multiple equally good) currencies. I am also though wondering if they are debating offering another Tier IX ships for cash and frankly I would not be surprised to see that this is the case.
  4. DJC_499

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Indirectly this game is a democracy in that we get to vote daily both with our wallets and our feet. The problem is that we are often voting on entirely different agendas. I play this game for fun, nothing more or nothing less. WG has a direct primary financial incentive, which is effected by how many people play and spend money. Other players though have different ideas as to what constitutes "fun", be it clan wars or ranked. As a devoted Coop player I have an entirely different set of criteria by which to decide what is fun or not. I really enjoy the game mode I play and an willing from time to time to spend money (and time). My concern is that WG has a concept of success and "fun" that does not align with a significant proportion of the player population and can end up implementing an approach that will cause many people to leave.
  5. DJC_499

    Arsenal coupons

    Funny, that is what I have been thinking as well....
  6. DJC_499

    What are the best cruisers?

    I always enjoy these type of postings in that I learn a lot as to what people obviously like, but also what is strikingly missing. I keep seeing reports as to how good the Hindenberg is and will have to check that out, as possible, on the PTS. The Des Moines comments are certainly not surprisingly. I am though surprised to not see listings with the Worcester. Further, the absolute absence of the Kronshtadt is also notable. Lastly, I would have expected to see the Admiral Makarov and the Kutuzov mentioned at least in passing.
  7. DJC_499

    Xmas Gambling

    I know that some are assembling statistics for the Santa Containers drop rate so you can add the following for 60 total $1 containers: Anshan Huanghe Doubloons 2,700 (9 Containers) FXP 80,000 (8 Containers) Coal 15,000 (6 Containers) New Year's Streamer Camo 48 (12 Containers) Signals 1,150 (23 Containers)
  8. I agree with this position. Now I happened to get a ship (Anshan) from some $1 containers but regardless was very satisfied with the "other" doubloons, FXP, coal, other camo and signals that I received.
  9. DJC_499

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    That is outstanding as I just beat my personal high in shooting down planes with the Musashi with 20.....
  10. Please find below the results of a 20 Container drop from the 16.99 purchase of the $1 containers: Anshan and 10-point Captain and port slot (first container to drop BTW.....) 1,200 Doubloons 40,000 FXP 2,500 Coal 12 New Years Camo 100 Zulu Signals 50 Zulu Hotel Signals 50 Equal Speed Charlie London Signals 150 Papa Papa Signals Remember your mileage may vary.....
  11. DJC_499

    Doesn't Dusty Rodes Look Exactly Like

    When I saw this I thought that there was likely just enough modifications made to avoid copyright issues....
  12. Simply for the sake of historical accuracy I would note that the Fuso was likely sunk by torpedoes from the USS Melvin.
  13. That and the Grosser Kurfurst..….especially on "Northern Lights" or one of these other more poorly lit maps. Amazing as it is to see all of those secondary rounds blazing through the gloom......
  14. DJC_499

    Free XP & coal drops

    Funny, as I was thinking the same thing.....