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  1. DJC_499

    Another ship setting sail...

    Best wishes in your future endeavors....
  2. The Grosser Kurfurst will at least benefit from the change in penetration for the 128 mm secondaries, but it seems to me, if I am reading this correctly, a few losers will be the Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, and Tirpitz.... It also seems that the Des Moines and Salem might actually benefit from these changes.
  3. DJC_499

    Three Minute Lifespan

    There is an old adage about if you cannot be an excellent role-model be a horrorable example. I am not trying to mock the OP and frankly probably many of us have at one time or another over-extended or mis-positioned by a little and got wrecked. I thank the OP for posting this as this is an excellent learning opportunity. As one the prior posters noted initially positioning a tenth or so of a click to port would be prevented the JB from firing at all and by going ahead slowly would have identified the Colbert and then allowing a fast retreat leaving a bow-on position to the Montana and a reasonably "fair" fight.
  4. DJC_499

    what port do you use?

    Naval Base....
  5. DJC_499

    Just Topped 250 ships in my Port

  6. DJC_499

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    @AdmiralThunder I play my Makarov frequently in Coop and as you note I never see another one....I will have to watch for you.... Per @HazeGrayUnderway's posting I also frequently play the Oleg, Varyag, and Tachibana Lima (the first two were free as I recall) and the last a 99 cent wonder that can be a beast Coop.....
  7. I have been seeing this too as to a single plane "squadron" and was wondering why it was happening....I also wonder what the basis is as far as CV targeting a specific ship. It seems that all too often one ship, for no obvious reason, will get focused with all other ships being ignored...
  8. DJC_499


    Sorry to read about your computer dying....I also know how frustrating it can be to try to quickly get back into a battle when you are dumped out for whatever reason (power failure, loss of WiFi, hiccup on WG system, etc.) and both not getting pinked and still getting some credits, XP and so forth. I had to laugh the other day as I got dumped out (for no obvious reason) just after the Coop battle had started in the Scharnhorst. When I was able to reconnect many minutes later I was way across the map lodged up against an island, but found that "I" had sunk two ships and did 62k damage simply from the secondaries and fires....
  9. Using your phrase as to a "Fun fact" I will note that not a single KM ship is included in the above discussion.....
  10. I got a triple coal container yesterday, the first one in perhaps a month or more....my version of a Super Container anymore....
  11. I am probably the opposite in that I am (way) too slow to pull the trigger on acquiring a ship. In this vein though I have struggled for months in trying to convince myself like the Yoshino. In watching her performance numbers continually drop though I guess I am glad that I did not get her. I have been thinking about the Le Terrible too and wondering if I could make her work in Coop battles....
  12. DJC_499

    Help With Smolensk

    In terms of Captain builds I am using the following: PT, PM AR DE IFHE, AFT, CE @Bill_Halsey's posting guides you as to modules and upgrades....
  13. DJC_499

    Status of Siegfried CA?

    When this ship was first announced I was really looking forward to getting it. Initially it looked powerful with the cruiser accuracy of the 380s and with the Graf Spee 8 km torps. Now that it has been severely nerfed I am far less interested, although, to be clear, I want to like this ship. I am confused as to the value of the improved secondaries as it will be a struggle to use these without getting blapped as this is clearly not a BB. Frankly, I think that the Odin, which seems like a truly upgraded Scharnhorst may be a far better overall ship....
  14. Per the postings above you can readily use the same captain in the Mass and Georgia. I only use my in PVE and with a full secondary build that is very effective in this battle mode. For what it is worth I use the following skills: PM, DCCA AR BFT MFCSA, IFHE, AFT Obviously, this is a very ship-specific build....