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  1. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    It would seem entirely reasonable and for good customer service for WarGaming to calculate the battles and achievements attained since the original ticket was filed and during the multi-day time period tickets languished in limbo and then retroactively apply to this Challenge......
  2. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    Just received an email notifying me that the issue was resolved. I checked in the game and the mission was indeed there. Humorously though when I clicked in the "Confirm Issue Resolved" button in the email I got a message that there was a "Technical Error".....
  3. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    FYI - Since misery loves company I will note that also have a ticket pending and no mission yet......
  4. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    FYI - Filed ticket yesterday and very early this morning (~3 am EDT) received response with standard language and now all of these hours later still nothing....
  5. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    "Day"......You are more optimistic than me....I was just hoping for a month....
  6. DJC_499

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    This is also my concern. The goal is to get people to play CVs more. The easiest way to do that is to make them incredibly overpowered. I was not selected for this test, but everything I see and per a comment above is that every attack (torps, bombs, rockets) is successful. So non-CVs will be constantly flooding and burning. Eventually damage control will have to be used and then a DD can hit the ship with a single torp or start one fire and it will be devastating to the target. I see this is a way to make both CVs and DDs more popular and both very powerful.
  7. DJC_499

    Should I sell the marblehead?

    This is one of the values of these forums to be able to get this sort of perspective from people who have experience with a particular ship....
  8. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    I received a response early this morning (EDT) to my ticket that I filed yesterday with the standard language others have posted.....
  9. DJC_499

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    Nothing here either....
  10. DJC_499

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    Not correct.....all guns greater than 280 mm are affected....For example, Scharnhorst and even the Graf Spee....
  11. DJC_499

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    But now, of course, they will get a serious nerf to their detection range from the "proposed" CE change....
  12. DJC_499

    Thanks 8 the Great

    Wow, Congratulations!!!
  13. DJC_499

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    IFHE Pan Asian Deep Water Torps Asashio Torps AP Bombs Graf Zeppelin AP Bombs
  14. I interpret these as another buff to DDs as they will NOT lose any incremental concealment versus all of the other ship types and when combined with the recent radar decrease for the Wor et al and the pending change to AP effectiveness will simply be another step down the road to World of Destroyers.....