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  1. yeah sure thnaks, for sure I can maintain these mods for the longest time i can, but I kinda wanted to make more if only... I wish i got more time or more manpower to help me. even I got guys helping me they couldn't get their work as good enough quality as mine, and its a pain to explain their problem with their work until they get it right. regardless their end result is not good as mine :(
  2. place it to your WoWS directory
  3. updated the mod to
  4. mod now supports just note: not all voicemods got new voices for the new commands. also added some info about this mod's future. here is our Discord server link: https://discord.gg/Svg9ydB you can help us testing our future mods or have a game with us or just chat.
  5. here's another video preview mod, this time I'll show you the time-lapse process how I make it:
  6. mod supports patch
  7. just updated the mod, whew... that took me lots of time. I kinda wonder if I wanted to make this as a full-time thing? at some point, I can't maintain all the mods all the time, especially the total voicemod count will be 20 which is way too many for me to handle unless I'll give this full attention or ask more volunteers. I might also ask some support to the people who loves my mod like donations/patreon/etc... but do you guys think? I really deserved it? I'm not really pushing "I'm needing your support" topic on your faces, rather I think this is the best way to keep the mod alive to the longest time as possible. And possibly doing these kinds of mods and other content floating around my mind to finally come to its form I wanted to. Anyways, thank you so much everyone who likes my mod, it's been a month already ever since I released this mod, and incredible numbers had shown within that time frame was amazing to me. Hope this keeps growing in the following time. for that here a voicemod preview of Graf Zeppelin including how I made the carrier squadron voices working. check it out.
  8. vote for WAVE 3 is up!! let's go!!
  9. WAVE 2(voicepack #2) is out, we're open to suggestions on which kanmusu we'll be modding next. please report any problems here ASAP.
  10. originally, i planned to do a CV voice on the next voicepack, at least one. However, it doesn't well... personally, i don't use VO mods every time i play as CV, I'd rather use a standard voice so I can keep track on my squadrons and stay competitive. And yes theres a lot of voice groups specifically for CV, that's why I can't do a CV voice this time, I can but... I need more time how I'm going to work on this. I don't want to rush to such untested mod, like the development of early Aircraft Carriers.
  11. mod is updated to WoWS also added "Akashi"
  12. i've thought of that before, the problem is... the abyssal voices are quite limited not in number of voices but in the number of events. sure, this maybe a plan for another time, but i'm not sure how it's going to turn out.
  13. of course man, it's res_mods cuz its a mod. use my installer installer instead then choose your WoWS directory
  14. just did an akizuki-class destroyer(Hatsuzuki). think of it as a cooldown for now. still noted your suggestion anyways, thanks for that.
  15. thanks man, cheers!!