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  1. too bad I don't have enough free exp to get her >_<
  2. Added Graf Zeppelin reworked, man it took me nearly half a month to finish it, ive been so busy working on my work. Hope you guys like it.
  3. yeah, before... ill bring back the old VO mods back once ive done reworking them. well, if you cant wait, ill send you the old mod of Bismarck if you want. idk if it still works tho in this current version of the game.
  4. 12/21/17 - added Yamakaze - fixed errors on Shimakaze also, heres another version of Yamakaze VO mod that has included some festive lines on it during Lets Battle: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ok6xr7gqcq6w4t9/YamakazeFestive(KanColle).7z
  5. added .xml files to all current mods thanks to splinty added shimakaze_kancolle removed DL links of inactive mods(I'll be updating some them) sorry for my disappearance.
  6. - Fubuki Reworked: as usual with these reworked mods, lines are in the right place, amplified, and some new lines. - Ark Royal and Matsuwa have a few new lines. Nothing special about it really. Before I forget this, if some of you downloaded the first build of Matsuwa VO mod, I accidentally included my personal audio guns mod. If you're curious which ships have this mod here are I think the following: King George V, Akizuki, Aoba, Kongo as I can remember. It's just a gun/torp/AA audio mod which most of them originated from the game's older audio.
  7. - added Minazuki VO mod - added a section where you can get my unfinished mods. Haruna Reworked and Hayashimo VO mods. - I won't be making new rework mods for awhile also won't be doing another modpack like maybe WAVE 6, instead, I'll be making single mods. - I dropped Haruna VO mod to the unsupported mods section. Please understand, it didn't live up to my standards when I attempted reworking it.
  8. so I didn't update the mods to latest game version, It's really frustrating every time there's a game version I have to rename the game version folder and upload 2 or 3 copies of the mod. Which is stupid sorry if you dislike downloading them individually, it's fine but it's necessary so I can freely update the mods themselves anytime if I needed to. other than that. added Matsuwa VO mod with recent KanColle event ended as commemoration.
  9. some updates(9/5/17): - Made some adjustments on Warspite and Ark Royal VO mods. - Added some new lines to Pola VO mod. - Iowa Reworked, as usual: lines are placed correctly, now amplified, and less cringier(for Iowa's english at least...) - You may now choose to either download them all or just one of them. now then... that collection...
  10. its an option at "voiceover modifications" option at the SFX tab. Similar how you choose official VO mods like Arpeggio/HSF
  11. updated the mod to released WAVE 5, hope you enjoy !
  12. yeah, sorry about that. I'll try to make the installation more easier in the next patch. If some of you remember, this mod uses an installer way back this mod first released, I wanted to bring it back but I dont have the time to create a new installer. Anyways, next patch is right around the corner, there will be four new VO mods, four different people are working each of them including me. the kanmusu i used this time is from the current event.
  13. sorry if these aren't much updates: mod supports WoWS, added and replaced HatsuzukiReworked, AkashiReworked, and SuzuyaReworked(Thanks Kazuto)
  14. - replace and added KasumiReworked, I hope of you will like the new reworked mod.
  15. thanks, i didn't expect for the yamamoto collection to come out after the patch, this actually maybe give us the chance to finish the new mod before the new collection itself.