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  1. If it is indeed the O-class, I would hope they change the armament to either 3 triple or quadruple 11-inch turrets like Spee has... that would make for a much more balanced (and more enjoyable imo) ship than a weaker Gneisenau as a cruiser.
  2. That whole list is about stuff that happened this past year, not what is going to happen next year. I'd be very surprised if subs are fully implemented by 2020
  3. CrescentSky

    Help me decide

    I for one like my Aigle. If you enjoy your Minsk, I'm sure you'd find her fun too. However, as others have pointed out, she doesn't currently have a use as a trainer and your coal might be better spent elsewhere. The arsenal should have some new premiums at some point and it might be worth seeing what they are. for sub-8,000 doubloons, there are a lot of good ships to choose from, but some of my favorites are Graf Spee and Z-39. I've heard great things about lots of other ships, but it's all about preference and seeing what's available at a given time.
  4. CrescentSky

    Overhead shot of USS Iowa and USS Midway, 1987

    I may be wrong about this, but I think a lot of the stockpiled materials that were planned to go into building the Montana class were instead used to make Midway and her sisters. I believe this also includes using their propulsion systems and other machinery.
  5. Who's idea was it to sell Jean Bart in the premium shop? And while yes, I am aware of just how good WG is at keeping promises, I was very happy with their decision to never sell tier 9 or 10 premiums. I fear that this game is going to become completely dominated by pay-to-win, especially with selling ships as powerful as Jean Bart.
  6. Alright, so I've been going through some of the "documents" from last year's Halloween event, and after seeing tons of mentions of the "Sea of Fortune" I decided to take a look around. The first specific place in the map mentioned was grid F11. Of course, this grid doesn't exist, but its place can be easily inferred. According to the documents, this is most likely where the wreck of Rasputin lies, but in-game the area is completely empty: The next place that is mentioned is "directly West of grid F10," which puts us in grid F9. This is supposedly where the top of the portal we see in the Halloween operation is, but the only thing of note in the map are the following structures on a small island: These look more like 1940's-era pillboxes to me, but I figured they were worth mentioning. There are a total of three on the island, placed around it on all sides. Sorry if this doesn't really contribute anything, but I thought that the results of this little expedition were worth sharing for the sake of posterity. If anything, this just adds a little bit of insight to the background lore surrounding this whole Halloween/Space Battles storyline (oh yeah, it seems they're connecting the canons of the two now btw!). Happy hunting to the rest of you code breakers though!
  7. CrescentSky

    Leaked info about new ship for patch 7.12

    I have a feeling that this may be a bit... fake... And allowing a sub to stay underwater indefinitely? That's literally game-breaking.
  8. CrescentSky


    Honestly, I'm not sure how WG could screw up something this simple. They must have known that people wanted a tier 7 retrofitted West Virginia, because people have only been talking about her for forever. She's also extremely unique in her refit, and ignoring that is ignoring what makes her special. WG must be extremely "special" themselves to mess something up this simple lol. They'd better change the name to Maryland and give us a proper WV at some point or they're gonna have another Alabama debacle on they're hands.
  9. This certainly a U.S. Allen M. Sumner- or Gearing-class destroyer. I believe it is more likely a Sumner-class, but am not totally sure.
  10. Actually, the in-game De Grasse never existed. That is how she was intended to be built in 1938, but she was captured by the Germans and was planned to be turned into an aircraft carrier of all things. However, the work was stopped in 1943 and De Grasse was commissioned by the French navy in 1956 as a dedicated AA cruiser. However, the camouflage is almost definitely the same. So I suppose you were half right with your assumption. ^^