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  1. I'm a bit confused as to the turret layout of this ship. You say she had a 3x2 layout in the stats section, but then one of the pictures shows her with 4 turrets (presumably dual turrets) and further on you say she has only 4 guns when comparing her to the Japanese gunboats.
  2. Yes, I believe she did... and then they were removed for being too powerful, so they changed it to the Skyraider.
  3. CrescentSky

    modern warships

    Maybe try using actual grammar so we understand what you're saying?
  4. CrescentSky

    The Ramanator

    Ignoring the flagrant disregard for gameplay and balans™, what historical design can you point to for inspiration? And don't just point out some random motor boat packed with explosives; this game utilizes capital ships, and I don't think any navy ever considered building an extremely expensive, massively oversized torpedo. Speaking of which, what's the point of this ship? It would be incredibly boring to play, as all you can do is charge headlong into combat and die within the first five minutes. Nothing else. Overall, this would be a disaster for everyone if implemented in the game.
  5. As I said, I really need to get around to writing up detailed stats about those ships. I haven't contributed anything meaningful to the forum in a while, and I definitely have enough time for it now. Also, nice blueprint of the Aurora. At some point I really want to get a framed ship schematic print, although I should probably get the steam locomotive print I bought at a railroad museum framed first.
  6. If you really wanted to separate her from the tech tree line at tier 7, maybe give her the option of mounting smoke or radar? That way she's not another Belfast, but can also bring something new to the table. Anyways, I've had a few RN light cruiser premium ideas kicking around in my head, and this is what I've come up with so far. If I ever get around to doing it, I hope to write up a post fleshing these ideas out a bit with more specific stats and such. Tier V: HMS Arethusa Ideally she would be the tier 5 of the tech tree, but just in case she's an excellent candidate for the "AP only RN CL trainer" everyone has been asking about for a while. Basically, take Huanghe and put it at the tier it rightfully belongs in, while giving her Leander's set consumables and RN CL acceleration. Tier VI: HMS Dido Another choice for an AP-only captain trainer, Dido would also fare well with Leander's consumable set and acceleration, as well as a lower base conceal value to offset her lower health pool. Tier V or VI: HMNZS Black Prince So Black Prince would actually be a Commonwealth premium, and there's two ways of balancing her. The first involves giving her the bare minimum consumable set (probably nothing more than DCP, hydro/defensive AA, and a low-tier heal) as well as HE and AP shells. Black Prince only has 4x2 guns compared to Dido's 5x2, and thus sacrifices smoke and 2 barrels for being a tier lower. The second option is to have her retain her HE shells, but give her Perth's crawling smoke in addition to the other consumables and bump her to tier 6. This might be encroaching on Perth's niche a bit, but I still think it would be worth adding to the game. Tier VII: HMS Sheffield Sheffield is one of the primary contenders for RN CL premium, and probably the one most people want to see. She's about the same size as Fiji is, has the same guns, and would also only have the standard British 6" AP shells. She'd basically function identically to her Crown Colony-class cousin (that alliteration tho). However, I envision Sheffield being able to mount a surveillance radar in the same spot as smoke generator, therefore allowing her to emulate high-tier RN CL play while not being another Belfast. Another option would be to give her Edinburgh's heal instead of radar, while also lowering her DPM and/or range.
  7. CrescentSky

    Italian Battleship Proposal

    Impero is just the name for a new work-in-progress version of Roma that WG wants to make. They've done this before, namely when testing the re-tiered cruisers for the US cruiser split, and when testing the second version of Le Terrible. Impero does give us a hint as to what the new Italian BB line might look like though, with SAP instead of HE and a Fuel Smoke consumable, of all things. Also, I'm now half expecting Slava to reappear as the tier 10 in the Italian BB line.
  8. I agree that the WNT did lead to the great emphasis placed upon fleet air power, and it obviously lead to the concept of treaty cruiser, I'm fairly certain that the Armored Cruiser was on its way out by the time the treaty came to be. Simply put, Armored Cruisers played the same role battleships did in the pre-dreadnought era, that being a member of the battle line that would slug it out with other ships of the same type. Just like how the natural evolution of the Battlecruiser saw them merge with Battleships to become the Fast Battleship, Armored Cruisers would have merged with the into the dreadnought Battleship had they not been killed off by the WNT. One of the major themes of naval history is the consolidation of ship types in an effort to create more capable ships for less cost; take, for example, the Torpedo Boat and the Torpedo Boat Destroyer. By the time the First World War had ended, these two classes had essentially become one, with modern destroyers carrying both the torpedo battery seen on pre-WW1 Torpedo Boats while also having the displacement and armament of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Another example would be Battlecruisers, which (had surface ships not been entirely eradicated by the guided missile) would have been split into two groups: those that merged with the Heavy Cruisers (much like Alaska, Stalingrad, Moskva, and Kronshtadt), and those that would have merged with the Battleship (basically every major BB design built in the late 1930s-1940s. Think Littorio, Richelieu, Bismarck, Lion, Iowa, and Sovetsky Soyuz). Armored Cruisers would have lost their differences from regular Battleships within the next decade if the WNT hadn't come about; Super Dreadnoughts came about, with higher speeds, greater armor, and bigger guns. Simply put, there would have been no reason for a nation to build an armored cruiser when it could build a Dreadnought or Super Dreadnought of about the same size, but with vastly more capability. Tl;dr: that's my long-winded, roundabout way of explaining why Armored Cruisers would have died out even if the WNT hadn't been put in place.
  9. I mean, Light Cruisers had already become established by the time of the WNT, what with the classes used by the German and British navies (think Karlsruhe, Kolberg, Caledon, and Danae), all of which were essentially the transition (more or less) between Protected Cruisers and modern Light Cruisers. Heavy Cruisers were already being experimented with before the WNT with the Hawkins and Furutaka classes; all the treaty did was set standards for what a Light and Heavy Cruiser was and restrict the tonnage. The WNT didn't set an "arbitrary" separation between cruisers and battleships, it just killed the increasingly obsolete concept of an Armored Cruiser and defined the two types of modern cruiser we see in the 1930s and 1940s.
  10. Honestly I'd say you could give a lot more of the access to repair party. Hell, the current German DD line could really use a British DD repair party to combat the effects of power creep. Other than that, what about a longer range (like 7+ kilometers) hydroacoustic search consumable with a relatively short duration, while the 127mm-armed line uses a much more standard ~5km hydro with a longer up time?
  11. Hahahahaha... no. "Battlecruiser" Glorious is more like tier 4 material. Even with 15" guns at tier 7, she still doesn't have nearly enough survivability to pass at that tier. Let's hypothesize some numbers, shall we? Using the battlecruiser HP formula, we get around 40,000 HP. This is pretty standard for tier 7 cruisers, about as much as a C-Hull Myoko and roughly 5,000 HP more than your regular tier 7 cruiser. 32 Knots, while good for a battleship at tier 7, is pretty mediocre for a cruiser at that tier, negating one of her largest strengths. So far so bland, but don't worry, her flaws become more glaringly obvious the more you look. Glorious's DPM (assuming her guns have the same stats as Queen Elizabeth does) would be 50,400 for HE and 91,200 for AP. Compare that to the 116,424 HE DPM and 191,268 AP DPM of New Orleans, or the 141,570 HE DPM and 201,630 AP DPM of Myoko. Even with a buffed (and historically impossible) 20 second reload time, Glorious's DPM would be 75,600 for HE and 136,800 for AP. No matter what you do, Glorious simply doesn't have the number of guns to be competitive with tier 7 cruisers. And don't even get me started on her accuracy. Even if given really tight destroyer dispersion, 4 guns still isn't enough to reliably hit anything outside of a few kilometers, never mind reliably hitting citadels. And if Glorious were to be implemented, she would more than likely be given traditional heavy cruiser dispersion or Graf Spee dispersion, making her situation even worse. Finally, (and this is the really important part), her armor belt is a piss-poor 3 inches thick maximum. Let me say that again: her armored belt gets no thicker than 3 inches, and appears to taper down to 2 inches. For comparison, New Orleans has 5 inches of belt armor that tapers to 3 inches. Myoko has a 4 inch belt. Even the Brooklyn-class light cruisers had 5 inches of belt armor! None of those ships are known for being able to shrug off battleship (or even heavy cruiser)-caliber shells, so Glorious would be severely out of her league if placed at tier 7. No matter how many soft stats you massage, you can't place any of the Courageous-class battlecruisers in the mid-tiers without turning them into fundamentally different ships.
  12. I think you're all forgetting Takao exists. If Mogami were to be transferred to a CL line, Takao could (and really should) take her place. Keep calling the tech tree ship Mogami, and possibly make her 8" armed version a premium using the name of one of her sisters.
  13. I still don't understand why WG didn't just use the Brooklyn as the tech tree ship. The one argument for using Helena I've heard is Brooklyn having worse AA than Dallas, but this still doesn't work as Brooklyn's B-hull should just be Savannah's rebuilt form with four dual 5" guns after her bombing off of Italy. I also really feel like Helena's name recognition would have made her a much better premium candidate than Boise.
  14. Not going to lie, I've wanted that conversion in the game for a while. She'd be hilarious as either a tier 8/9 BB or tier 10 super cruiser.
  15. So then why can't a gimped reload Juneau be at tier 6? She's smaller than Atlanta and has fewer guns with worse firing angles. I don't see why she couldn't work at tier 6 if given Atlanta's reload and no radar.