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  1. AVR__Project

    I SWEAR this is a serious question,, REALLY!

    I played around 30 games today... all co-op. I was DISCONNECTED on 9 of those games. I filed a ticket. This is absolutely ludacrous. I'm trying to make 70K damage in Naval Battles, and the action freezes just as the battle gets heated up. Switch to the other account -- same thing. SWITCH COMPUTERS... Now instead of the action freezing, I get 'Missing Resource' as the game self terminates. My health (and my keyboards) can't take this kind of abuse. --- I believe this is what your FDR was doing -- constantly getting a disconnect. There is no way to win when the software is screwing you. Despite that, I got 8 out of 10. I managed to restart the game and get the required damage amounts before getting blapped.
  2. AVR__Project

    Florida: Buyers remorse...

    I completely wrecked a bot Florida with a single long-distance Colorado salvo.. Went from 100% to about 5% It's got good guns, and lots of them... but it's a slow moving Pensacola. I think they were looking for the exact opposite of the Gneisenau. Try to stay far, far away from the actual battle.
  3. AVR__Project

    Bismarck Camo Change

    The US Civil War was not about Racism... In fact, racism wasn't even an issue. Pick up any newspapers from the 1880s and you'll see it plain as day. The Irish, the Italians, the Blacks, the Gypsys.... and the list goes on. The US was, and still is a country that contains racism. There is no law against it. That being said, the 'Stars and Bars' Confederate Flag was created out of necessity by General Lee so they could tell whose army was where. The Southern States used their state's flag and they often got confused with Northern States flags. It's a hell of a thing to kill your own infantry with artillery. He ordered every unit to carry THIS flag into battle -- for purposes of recognition. After that, many Southern politicians 'jumped on the bandwagon' and gave this new flag all kinds of unrealistic praise, using it as a symbol of their cause. Politicians do that. After the war, it became a symbol of how the South was cheated out of their freedom to make their own choices... And their choice was SLAVERY (not racism). They slowly gained strength and chipped away at the new freedoms enjoyed by the emancipated slaves. They took away their right to vote and brutalized the blacks in this country by every underhanded means. This hatred shows up as racism, but it was more about being defeated in war. They were trying to pull some kind of victory out of the ashes. Every war is going to have some sore losers. It would be nice to say this is ancient history, but many (a lot of many) are keeping this hatred alive. It shows up as authoritarian terrorism upon groups of black people. The culture is not dead. These angry white people consider themselves 'victimized' - so they lash out that way, ultimately creating the riots and vandalism you see. An eye for an eye only leads to everyone being blind. All of this needs to stop. But unfortunately, I see nothing but destruction looming right after the US election -- no matter who wins.
  4. AVR__Project

    Bismarck Camo Change

    And they knew they would be scraping it off in a couple days. So no prep... Just dump barrels of paint and slosh it around with brooms.
  5. AVR__Project

    The derpiest possible Premium ships.

    I'd be happy with the USS William D Porter....
  6. AVR__Project

    seems cheating is back

    That can be accomplished by sync-dropping two carriers. There are a lot of 'dead' accounts out there. If someone hacks their way into one, and they have CVs... it happens. Look for someone who hasn't played for years, then suddenly starts playing CVs real badly again.
  7. AVR__Project

    The Nagato and the Colorado...

    It's another fine example of imaginary 'Paper' ships getting the benefit of the doubt that they would be worse. Nagato and Colorado are cursed because they were REAL SHIPS. There is history behind the way they were. As for the performance of the historic soviet 'Port Queens' ..... They were real swift indeed. Stalin had the same doctrine as Hitler.... ARMY FIRST. It's only historically important when there is actual history. So what flavor is the Soviet Aircraft Carrier fleet going to be? Stalinium armored aircraft? Deep water torpedoes, and Guided Rockets?
  8. KINDERGARTEN MODE !!!!! ?????? Hahahahahahahahaha !!!
  9. When the carrier game changed completely, I wouldn't even go into Co-Op until I've gotten proficient with the new controls. I have RN, US, IJN, and the German CV. My other account has US and IJN T10 CVs. I regularly play the T6 CVs in Scenarios. The Ryujo is the best performer if used to it's strengths. My advice: Take it into 'TRAINING' mode and practice maneuvers against stationary targets. See how fast you can spin those planes around for a second attack. If not, then how far you must fly away before making that turn back for the 2nd attack. Turn rate changes with nationality. And it it also changes with release as WG steath nerfs the damn things. Especially in T6 - find a low AA battleship sailing YOLO alone -- I can make three torp drops rather quickly, get a flood, then come back with rockets and set some fires. Well defended/played ships are one-shot per squad attacks. Let the accelerator charge up until in Flaq range - then hit the 'W', charge in, make the drop, then hit plane return - even before the ordnance hits. Don't even think about a second attack. You mentioned the Pensacola. If it is set up for AA, it will melt your face if you hang around too long. Get lined up outside AA range, charge in, and make it count. Think about what you are going to do if the target turns in or out during your approach. I've been in that 1v1 situation many times. It may sound odd, but YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN and think things through.. like a chess game. Look at islands that may interfere with your attack. The target could use an island to ram into to foil your lead. Or they could swing over to the other side of one so you'd have to drop over land... Just hang back until you have a clear shot... Those few seconds won't kill you.
  10. AVR__Project

    Interesting placement of Kaga's bell.

    Terribly NERFED !!!! She doesn't stand a chance against the Zeppelin.
  11. "Meanwhile, having retired to his quiet, private life in Slovenia, Bogataj was unaware of his celebrity, and so was surprised to be asked to attend the 20th anniversary celebration for Wide World of Sports in 1981.[2] He received the loudest ovation of any athlete introduced at the gala,[2] and attendees such as Muhammad Ali asked him for his autograph." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinko_Bogataj#:~:text=Vinko Bogataj (Slovenian%3A %2Fˈʋiːŋko,represented the Agony of Defeat.
  12. I recall my Ranger saving a lot of battles in Narai. Killed off the last enemy ship with a blind auto-drop on an Atlanta once -- last ship...last planes. Three torps dropped -- planes were shredded... darkness... waiting... waiting... waiting... VICTORY.
  13. AVR__Project

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    Well said, and thumbs up from Both my accounts !!
  14. AVR__Project

    Fixing Carriers: Attacking Flights

    How about billing carriers for ordnance expended instead of planes shot down. That would be like charging a DD op for all the torpedoes he didn't launch. As it stands, drawing a random battle against high tier uber-AA ships has my planes parked while I try to ram and get some secondaries in.
  15. AVR__Project

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    I resent the term. Wallet Warrior is more appropriate.