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  1. Yeah, the bots are real friendly to you for the first 5-6 games. They sail right up to you with their guns pointed the other way. They show full broadside for 3 full salvoes... And if you are low-health, they lose interest and move on to another target. ............... But after those first few.... Then it's full-on TERMINATOR. They do a River-dance around your torpedoes. They change course - the moment you fire a salvo. And they work together to--- (BOOM.. Ziiiinnnnngggnnnngggnnggg .. where the heck did that come fro- BOOM.. Ziiiinnnnngggnnnngggnnggg) And a T10 bot can reach out and delete you half the map away. Dip, Dodge, Duck... Whatever.. Unless you have an island to get behind, you are dead.
  2. AVR__Project

    how the heck do fighters work?

    The field of battle is not uniform. You need to keep them away from AA sources and enemy fighters - unless intended. Be aware that ships like the Atlanta can have AA bubbles that extend past detection, so you can get wiped out and not even see who did it. Of course, there are enemy fighters and be wary of incoming strafe attacks. A new danger is click-attacking enemy planes. If they are moving slowly, while returning to their CV, they have Evasive Maneuver as a captain skill.. Strafe if you can, but if you can't you might want to leave them be since you will lose half as many fighters as they will lose strike aircraft. With fighters selected, holding down ALT shows your strafe box. Damage is also done outside this box as well, but the effect is diminished. Hit LMB to order it done. Practice in Co-Op... Practice.. and Practice... and Practice this.. Also practice the other manual drops.
  3. AVR__Project

    N/A Server Crash 8:45PM est

    Anybody in-battle at the time of the crash was screwed up in some way. Some can't log into their accounts. Some are stuck 'in-battle' in a division and can't get out of it.
  4. AVR__Project

    N/A Server Crash 8:45PM est

    My account can't log in, but my alt account can... It's a server lockout