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  1. NEW players read this

    Seriously? You think it never occured to the dev team? They knew, but they likely calculated the risk, and determined, that they win either way. more people signing up, or more people playing more often has the same results.
  2. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    Its not paranoia if people really are trying to kill me, nor is it fiction if WG is out to get me!
  3. Any info on the new USN CLs?

    Then with adrenaline rush....you juat hold down the mouse button.
  4. I am completely for removing the friendly cv. But i also support leaving the red cv in play, for the plane kills. While playing coop the last few days achieving ribbons for the aigle missions, i have had a few early deaths. This allowed me to observe the cvs, and the red one seems to be twice as useful as ours. I didnt notice team kills from the red side but i saw 2 on the friendly. The friendly made no attenpt to spot targets, or shoot down red planes.
  5. PSA Lemming trains at high tiers.

    Yeah i was trying to explain this strat to the 3 man div (of a well ranked clan) leading the charge to a on 2 brothers, while the 8 man fast moving red element was rushing c. I said push a, he said defend c. Team melted for a loss. I have seen the round robin work exceptional many times on that map. The key is only recognizing that well positioned and aggressive team is very difficult to stop, especially when half of your forces are in supporting positions of the push, but not the defense.
  6. PSA Lemming trains at high tiers.

    Funny, the person said nothing in chat, but post game i got accused of lemming train. Early on in my cleveland i pulled in by my gneis. Because their were torp planes coming, shot down 3, he got 2 more. Then i wasnt within 8 km of any other ships the rest of the match, i held the west flank. Maybe if the person had better match awareness they would not have been deleted in one volley. Although i see alot of times people call lemming, and it's nothing more than group formation. Face it you are either on a group or all alone, there are times for both.
  7. Seriously.... I want to know that secret. I only have 300k. I dont use papa papas, but i dont even think i could convert to get that many.
  8. shot before being detected

    Also i understand the value in providing a replay for this, and reporting things immediately, but i havent said anything because i dont have those. When i can play for 3 days/50 games and not have a crash i will turn screencap back on. I only posted just so that someome may realize it is an issue.
  9. shot before being detected

    I have had 5 significant hits since i returned to playing (3, perhaps 4 weeks) Sadly, the game has been crashing frequently enough I havent turned on screen capture, or any mods. Two of which i will discount because although they were good hits, they could have been random luck, and only came from one ship. 1. Emerald, first 2 mins. I believe the map was ring. It was the first game i felt i had smoked properly in that worthless piece. I slowed, popped, and began to angle the ship. Before i even came to a complete stop i received fire from 3 seperate directions. Deleted. not spotted before smoke in place. closest was maybe 5k. One person locking on to where i fired from, sure, but not 3 simultaneously. No radar or hydro. 2.Giulio, last minutes. I had gotten positioned behind some islands, completely obstructed. The other remaining member of my team a dd was spotting from the other side of the island. I was raining down he, and all we needed to do was live and we win on points. Both ships open fire on me, and kill me, the dd decides to fire and gets deleted. No plane in air. At least 30 degree offset from either line of sight. No detected marker/radar/hydro. So its not often, but i dont recall any problems with being focused when not detected playing last year. Say 5 out of 300 games.
  10. Petition to buff cesare

    Oh trust me, so can Cesare!
  11. Petition to buff cesare

    Buff, as the first bb to utilize the new combat dolphins.
  12. I’m CURSED with my Lyon

    I accept you were not calling me out, i do wish to clarify my point about the weekend. 1. I notice the difference in my weekend numbers. 2. That does not mean that the team is at fault. I wanted to point this out to clearly spell out, my post was- although the skills/teamwork might go down on the weekend, it is important to be honest in evaluating ones own performance. I see everyone in chat is quick to blame the team, on the forums they seem quick to blame the ships/WG. Rarely do i see someone say..."i f'd that one up royally guys, sorry."
  13. I’m CURSED with my Lyon

    I thought that for a while, when i first started playing i didnt use any flags or camo, and when i did, my WR dropped hard. Since, i have carefully tracked it, and it appears to not be the issue. although my hypothesis is, i played more aggressive, feeling emboldened.
  14. I’m CURSED with my Lyon

    I agree that weekend matches are completely different. After reviewing my stats, i see a 20% drop over the weekend, on average. Part of the problem is definitely the player composition, i want a hotkey button for "teammate, quit broadsiding the whole enemy fleet." You see things like the Emerald attempting to push the right side of brothers all alone. While there are many other reasons the weekend causes problems, but the other thing mentioned is to be objective about your performance. Damage, xp, ribbons, etc, do not win the battle. They are correlated, of course. I have won a game because 10 enemy ships get caught in the corner of the map, while i cap. That game was a win not because of damage. In a decent number of my wins where record damage happened, it was a loss. Hope you have better luck, or find a reason that you can pin it on. O7
  15. I wish i could trade you all something for them. The doubloons i have made from events and such i had to use to buy port slots and reserve spots. Im sure many will cringe at that. I have only gotten 1 reserve in a container so far. One day, wg will process cards in US so i can buy things.