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  1. Griefing?????

    Fortunately this particular situation will be a bit of a rarity, where the player will get so close and do nothing productive for any serious amount of time. Give the player negative karma at the end of match by clicking the name under the team tab and reporting. Take a deep breath and go again.
  2. Help with my gameplay

    I dont see anything i can recommend via the stats, given what you have said. So my suggestion would be to contact lord_zath on the forum he will review a replay and offer suggestions. Another option would be flamu from the eu server, he is a "dd main" and a serious top competitive player. Fair warning he is very blunt, but fair. I would think at this point it is more about positioning, situational awarness, or tactics causing an issue. The most common trend i have seen in a player with your number of battles would be aggression/lack of game mechanics and those mentioned above.
  3. Only started ranked the other night, and had a good run, but i can only go so far due to a lack of t10s. Seems like very solid advice. So far there was no salt, but that fits with your statements. I did do 1 match in a dd, i announced my capping order decision, and was told much of your same dd advise. I must say it was nice to feel the support and know we were all on the same playbook. Despite a tough match it came down to me avoiding ANY confrontation, securing 3 caps, and contesting the one....if that match went another minute my last teamate would be dead and so would have been the game. But huge kudos for the advise, the positive attitude and being objective.
  4. ^ Thats where i used to give my feedback...but i havent done a PT for a while, i think it was the Yamamoto campaign when i did it, but they were quite responsive back then.
  5. Rank icons list?

    Ranked season ranks? If so here... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/get-riggidy-riggidy-ranked-son/ Or are you speaking of something else?
  6. For kutuzov and mogami guys, hang in it will take a while, my best t8 secondarys are on the alabama (its weakness) it took 14 coop matches, a couple times i only got hits in the single digits... Just swoop in and do alot of slow drive-bys. Respec your modules to harden and lengthen your secondaries and fly the flag.
  7. Did you hack my computer, how do you know about so many of my saved game videos?
  8. I dont have any other t6 cruisers...guess i have to become a unicum or i am going full blue falcon mode in my dds.
  9. That part is a bit lewd? You didnt catch the cleveland more than waist deep in the backside of the island, and the comment about waifu....
  10. So the fail division guy is one thing, they deserved what they got, but i feel real bad for the other one.
  11. At least this sub thread has a compelling argument... Still not gonna happen.
  12. Thanks to the 16+ page sub thread being commented in everyday i am not so sure the timer ever started again...
  13. Ughhh. Argument: WG you cant balance that class of ship, so create this new class of ship. Conclusion: You would make a great legislature candidate. Side note, subs were almost all less than 10k.
  14. Usually flamu is referring to his discord or his twitch when he speaks about subscribers. As those are his 2 main platforms, the youtube channel is mostly cuts from his twitch stream. MightyJingles is the opposite, primarily he interacts on youtube, but occasionally he streams on twitch. They are all a little different.
  15. This is not the first time it has been suggested, the points i raised are the defining pertinent criticisms from the past threads that I recall. Almost every person that brings this up seems to think that they would receive the vote, because naturally they think they were the best player, and in the match and they got screwed because they did not get the most XP, but invariably that player is counting on at least the items I mentioned to occur. If the team was to vote in top clan battles who was the best on their team, you might have a chance, because most of the super-unicums have all those traits. In comparison, ranked has (sometimes several) members who are broadsiding the whole red fleet in open waters complaining that they are not being supported, that is not the person you want to be counting on for that tie breaking vote...