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  1. I experimented heavily during space battles to see if their was another way to play des Moines. Nope. Unless you are willing to bet on poor aim from the red team. You must hug islands for cover while dealing your damage. You must be well supported, because their is no protection from a rush (like torps would provide). You can fire from smoke at your own risk, of getting blind shot deleted. Good DPM, with either HE or AP. Solid AA. And (arguably) strong consumables, means that taking damage is its weakness. Many videos available to show play style, but i have only rarely seen anyone able to influence game solo.
  2. Losing credits

    T9 and T10 can loose credits unless you played well, they do this to encourage camo and premium time purchases.
  3. How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    Meta is completely different now. Much more chess/thinking mans game, than it was. You will have to retreat to lower tiers to relearn if you stay and play. One mistake in positioning or chosen target at T10 means that you are the new favorite target.
  4. How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    Tanks a few months ago (at 1.0) upped the video quality. I dont play it, so i cant say what system resources changed and how much. But it is like high def now in the streams.
  5. Thats a heck of a night! Congrats. I dont play cv much myself, but i can say that yes, at least in the lower tiers coop the carrier snipe is common.
  6. So Close to a Broken Back........

    Pretty sure i voiced support in the other thread, but in case not.... I support this!
  7. 40s WR with her. And i generally use my bbs to raise my WR. I can only hope one day, i will figure her out, she is fun to play though.
  8. It seemed like a good idea....

    I always read the shoni posts.... Why? Cause there is no whining! 3 dds, a des, and a bb... ouch hate it when i roll into the hornets nest, but fun at the same time!
  9. Best Class

    I am a firm believer in the fact that the best, is in the eye of the beholder. That said the russian lines are more challenging than others. To adress the fact of money...dont buy anything. Play at least a few hundred maybe 1000 battles before dumping any money in the game. There is nothing that the money buys you, that you cant get without it. The one exception might be a ticket to the deep end of the pool, with a limited understanding of the game mechanics, tactics, etc. That will lead to frustration, and perhaps foolish posts on the forum. One of the best features of this game is that you can really have a chance to know how much you like it, before spending a dime.
  10. Multiple monitors support

    This has been asked a few times, and has always been ignored by the devs, to my knowledge. I have 4 monitors myself and i would love to be able to widen my view, or to move my mini map to another screen. Nonetheless i add my support to this thread.
  11. Multiple monitors support

    Ha! And i thought it only happens to me.
  12. I cant place a number on the times i have seen complaints of a ban. Lets just say 100 threads, but out of that, i remember not a single reversal. Perhaps i have become jaded...but it reminds me of asking how many people in prison courtyard are innocent.... Perhaps Turbo07 you could guestimate a % associated with those 2 or 3 cases...aside from that request a compliment. You are very much so, more approachable about this matter than your predecessors. So kudos for that!
  13. Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    Wild card tier nine kill steal contest.... In case you missed that.
  14. Most overrated ship in WOW's?

    Also congrats OP... I havent ever seen that many duplicate posts ever!