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  1. We saved Parks!

    I heard there was a special reward, so i always try...but that guy lubes up his boat with vaseline or something...
  2. Why do Ships go invisible on me?

    Perhaps it was said with a slight cruelty, but it is the truth. Without understanding spotting/detection mechanics, you are no better than rick grimes waking up in a hospital bed (walking dead).
  3. Reporting players at battle's end

    Much like you OP, i wait til end of match. This way if someone has a temp emergency, or a simple crash, and are able to log in before end they dont get saddled with the report. You have to be either a mouthy pos, or absolutely horrendous to get a bad report, and i use my positive reports up every day i play. I like to think that WG does something with those reports, but i doubt that any person looks until they reach a threshold of some level...
  4. Bismark Containers

    Yes, something must trigger the collection, so you can play during an event to do it, or buy containers for it. Once unlocked it stays available for the future though, so you can switch whatever one to active and pray for collection items from your daily containers.
  5. Suggestion...Bloodthirsty mode.

    So sorry i havent been able to monitor the thread, and mis-communicated, but that was exactly the idea. The odea was to make the match last another minute or two, and "help to rebalance" difficulty when all the good players end up on one team.
  6. Following matches ended within a certain time frame.. (I'll leave that number to wargaming, but a single digit percentage of all match times) When it happens, you must then fight the remaining team members, those in the top 1/2 of the "second match" get a modifier to their winnings (xp/silver of the first match), perhaps double. What say you? I know, a little gamey...
  7. My only completely afk game.... Crashed during load in, ended up having to reboot computer, by the time i did the match was over, we had won, i had 1 kill, and 6k something damage, my secondaries finished him...and i had no damage. Petty sure thats gonna be it though, i am (still) too aggressive as a player to not have received any damage at all.
  8. I experimented heavily during space battles to see if their was another way to play des Moines. Nope. Unless you are willing to bet on poor aim from the red team. You must hug islands for cover while dealing your damage. You must be well supported, because their is no protection from a rush (like torps would provide). You can fire from smoke at your own risk, of getting blind shot deleted. Good DPM, with either HE or AP. Solid AA. And (arguably) strong consumables, means that taking damage is its weakness. Many videos available to show play style, but i have only rarely seen anyone able to influence game solo.
  9. Losing credits

    T9 and T10 can loose credits unless you played well, they do this to encourage camo and premium time purchases.
  10. How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    Meta is completely different now. Much more chess/thinking mans game, than it was. You will have to retreat to lower tiers to relearn if you stay and play. One mistake in positioning or chosen target at T10 means that you are the new favorite target.
  11. How to play a Battleship in 2018.

    Tanks a few months ago (at 1.0) upped the video quality. I dont play it, so i cant say what system resources changed and how much. But it is like high def now in the streams.
  12. Thats a heck of a night! Congrats. I dont play cv much myself, but i can say that yes, at least in the lower tiers coop the carrier snipe is common.
  13. So Close to a Broken Back........

    Pretty sure i voiced support in the other thread, but in case not.... I support this!
  14. 40s WR with her. And i generally use my bbs to raise my WR. I can only hope one day, i will figure her out, she is fun to play though.