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  1. Aside from the numbers... I dont recall many instances of a Nagato wiffing shots against me in anything but a dd. Colorados...not so much. Also, just to be clear there will be whining, because you have no bacon related options...
  2. c3shooter

    Did you know: Ramming damage.

    Slow rammed a cruiser in my dd once, killed him by flood while he was on cooldown, i instahealed and went on to kill 2 more ships. God i wish i had that replay saved, it was epic, especially the whining in chat...
  3. c3shooter

    50 doubloons and no more Sovereigns????

    Dont think any were in service levels, but there are some small doubloon rewards in the first campaign , science of victory.
  4. c3shooter

    Halloween OP Help?

    That I knew, and from what I remember he was more of a southsayr type. But none-the-less I can't really explain the other part of my comment without going into psychology and politics, and the last time I did that, the thread was closed and I got a vacation, so...
  5. c3shooter

    How does AP work at 90°?

    Although it is not perhaps where you would expect it, going back and rereading HE and AP sections by where the tables are gives the details regarding determining penetration calculation, and angles of autobounce. What is glanced over largely is explaining how trigonometry is used to determine the actual thickness of armor at any given angle, but that can be found via the search engine of your choice, and then for the calculations (If you dont have a scientific calculator) you can go to wolframalpha.com.
  6. c3shooter

    How does AP work at 90°?

    And I am sure WES was being sarcastic in his comments, but if not...just wow!
  7. c3shooter

    How does AP work at 90°?

    I see where you were going with your response, but the way its worded... A citadel penetration does 100% damage. (Of the given shell damage number) a pen anywhere else on the ship does a 33%, and 10% for the overpen Since we are discussing the wiki page it is listed in the comparmentalization section bullet point 4.
  8. c3shooter

    Halloween OP Help?

    Cant believe, i never noticed that... Now the question is...Is it coincidence?
  9. c3shooter

    Halloween OP Help?

    I dont believe flamu gave details about capts... but with port viewer, his vid, and my comments that should be enough to do it the first ones. Personally not impressed with seelowe, i keep returning to gerfalcon. and i havent played with killer whale yet.
  10. c3shooter

    Halloween OP Help?

    Certain ones have secondary artillary, some only have torps, some are faster. Capt skills...you can invest in secondary skills if you have a cannon, but torpedoe skills should be a priority. Survivability should be a priority. Concealment has little use in my opinion, you should be submerged by the time you are spotted. Rpf is not useful, and vigilance is questionable, so far the bots dont fire many torps. Using all that info there should be very few choices for 19pts. Obviously some leeway for playstyle.
  11. c3shooter

    Clan Battles?

    Glad to see i wasnt the only one having issues this morning. Agreed that WG needs to use the game interface to explain some things. Earlier in the week, i was surprised to find no relevant information provided in the clan tab other than a posted schedule. Mousing over the schedule gave conflicting information as well. One could expect a hyperlink to the details if they cant bother to copy and paste.
  12. c3shooter

    USS Texas 9.99

    Yes, Thanks to them ending the RN missions a few hours before reset i need a bunch.
  13. c3shooter

    How long for Subs to be ready for Randoms?

    I will agree for sure that they have added ships at an unsustainable pace, although i am sure they do so at a rate dictated more by the shiny new ship syndrome for the long time customer and the wallet warrior alike. I believe they were looking at a pan american line soon as well. They may have to address subs, if for no other reason in a couple more years they will just run out of ships. But i believe if they are probably all consumed in the air category at the moment, once that is done and released, they may return to the subs. Most of all, i just hope you dont get your hopes too high. In all respects subs are as big a hurdle to release as cv has been. Unless i am mistaken that has been a year. I must say i am not sure i would like them in game all the time, but i am glad for the time i have, and i wouldnt mind seeing them again.
  14. c3shooter

    How long for Subs to be ready for Randoms?

    There is more to adding depth charges to ships than the graphic on the deck. In order to maintain the balance, you must be mindful of all the factors (offensive, defensive, etc) of each ship you put them on. A subsurface concealment value must be established, and perhaps include variables of amount of turn, speed, depth of keel, etc. Although the Halloween scenario is a good test platform, it is far from a comprehensive test. I stick by my prediction of a year, and that assumes that a decision has already been approved to pursue, rather than this being the interest test. I am still not convinced they are interested in pursuing this more than a single/periodic scenario, or other limited function, type of thing.
  15. c3shooter

    How long for Subs to be ready for Randoms?

    Judging by aa balancing and cv adjustment... And considering you still need to add depth charges to a bunch of ships.. I'd say the best timeline might be christmas. 2019.