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  1. c3shooter

    Are Battleships all about luck?

    I do second the training room with the new mex. It is a shotgun. I usually aim 1/2 between waterline and deck, that assures a few shells towards citadel, a deck pen, and a couple super structure hits. It seem to have best dispersion in the mid range 8-10, although ive had some amazing (rng) shots at 3 and at max spotter. But specifically practice with the angle, i find best results right about where the third turret is just barely on target. At that point 2 of the 3 turrets seems to shoot well. Unfortunately like most BBs the rear turret is usually dead on, where the 3 shells will pen the front and rear and the middle one will citadel and mid range. As long as you are paying attention you can fish tail out, shoot and re-angle between enemy salvos. This is kind of a trademark skill for US bbs more than some of the others. Of course it relies on synchronised or solo engagements. Worst comes to worst, stack xp flags and camo and hit Op Aegis to gain quick xp to move past to Colorado. I just did a mission earlier to level up commander and got 15.5k for ship and 43.5 for commander on a 5 star win. It doesnt take long like that....
  2. c3shooter

    Negative Karma

    Unfortunate and childish, but as mentioned karma has no effect other than how many points you can distribute to others.
  3. Ive been in some coop games with less than seven ships...lol guess that would be impossible then. And set 2 fires with a montana isnt that bad, its only a couple salvos of HE, better than half the time i have HE loaded at the beginning of a BB game anyway to max hit that overzealous DD that always seems to appear in the cap. And rare is the game i dont need to aim at the bowtanking BB, which is better for HE most of the time anyway. Totally feel your pain about 6 cits in a budy. That requires a certain star alignment, or foolish play.
  4. c3shooter

    How fast is this game dying??

    And the hot dog survey had me laughing hard. That was a good one!
  5. c3shooter

    How fast is this game dying??

    I just returned from my 1 yr work hiatus, and i have to say i am surprised Ducky lead this thread.... I would figure he has been around long enough to know how many times this exact title has been posted... I almost didnt click in, that being said... I have seen more long time gamers complaining hard about the cv's, personally i dont hate on cv play, but it is a little frustrating with lots of double cv matches. After a triple cv match i move to another mode. I do remember the radar thread, and although the gripes have moved to cv, i doubt many would say that the radar issues are gone. The acknowledging by WG is a fair request, but i have been around long enough to know that issue by heart too...and i am not sure what would comfort anyone about the "we are working on it" answer because they have routinely given that, and rarely has it lead to satisfaction of those complaining when the solution is presented. Ultimately just plan on disappointment and sail on, until you cant take it anymore.
  6. c3shooter

    The blind warrior's path

    For some time I searched settings for a solution some time ago, there was not option I found, but this was like a year ago. I ended up changing the brightness of my tv, its only like 2 button clicks on the remote. most of my monitors have a pretty quick option to change the screen settings so I would imagine yours would as well. Sorry if that's not much help.
  7. While i understand your frustration and generally agree with your premise, this is just an example of typical marketing. Car dealers bundle upgrades for both assembly efficiency and additional profit. If you want the designer rims then you have to pay for the ground effects. If you want the rice cooker, you must buy the 36 peice set. Selling things individually means they make less money. This is most important in collabs because they have to make a certain amount to recoup the investment, and only once they have paid the bills do they consider breaking the bundles down. You have made the assumptions that they actually changed their mind in the past, bowing to the demand of the few who post on the forum. Or that they have some already determined date to sell individual pieces, where they most likely are waiting until sales have serious slowed before trying to mop up the last few buyers. Perception of value is never more paramount than when selling digital nothingness. They have to start high to create/inflate that value. And ultimately over 100 years of research and experimentation show that this is the most profitable way to operate.
  8. No change in dispersion with tier. Camo can reduce, and higher tier *can* mean more camo... But that is all i got. NM is fairly accurate, however any player can get some fairly long runs of crap dispersion. If it makes you feel any better my XO's (BB and cruisers of all nations) only put my seamen with good aim on the rear guns. I think it may be WG's way of trolling me into swinging the butt out to use that rear turret.
  9. c3shooter

    I tried. I really tried

    He pointed out in an earlier post he has a t10 account that he couldnt remember the password to, and since he had no premiums he decided to start over.
  10. c3shooter

    I tried. I really tried

    I just started playing this week again after almost a year off. The cv's are annoying. I never was a cv hater, and im not really now, but the other morning it was 6 cvs out of 10 ships. That was seriously broken. The team mates say that 3 per, is quite common at that time. My biggest beef is i've had a few games where there is just the cvs left, and it drags on for 10 minutes more while they chip away at each other. Quite aggrevating.
  11. Aside from the numbers... I dont recall many instances of a Nagato wiffing shots against me in anything but a dd. Colorados...not so much. Also, just to be clear there will be whining, because you have no bacon related options...
  12. c3shooter

    Did you know: Ramming damage.

    Slow rammed a cruiser in my dd once, killed him by flood while he was on cooldown, i instahealed and went on to kill 2 more ships. God i wish i had that replay saved, it was epic, especially the whining in chat...
  13. c3shooter

    50 doubloons and no more Sovereigns????

    Dont think any were in service levels, but there are some small doubloon rewards in the first campaign , science of victory.
  14. c3shooter

    Halloween OP Help?

    That I knew, and from what I remember he was more of a southsayr type. But none-the-less I can't really explain the other part of my comment without going into psychology and politics, and the last time I did that, the thread was closed and I got a vacation, so...
  15. c3shooter

    How does AP work at 90°?

    Although it is not perhaps where you would expect it, going back and rereading HE and AP sections by where the tables are gives the details regarding determining penetration calculation, and angles of autobounce. What is glanced over largely is explaining how trigonometry is used to determine the actual thickness of armor at any given angle, but that can be found via the search engine of your choice, and then for the calculations (If you dont have a scientific calculator) you can go to wolframalpha.com.