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  1. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Depth Charges Don't Damage Surfaced Submarines?

    It is called a Depth charge for a reason.
  2. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Question: Jerzy’s Jersey personal assignment

    Have a cup of coffee and read it again. That is correct.
  3. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Anyone else find the game just gets worse and worse??

    Average damage says otherwise.
  4. The_Jolly_Scourge

    If you are gonna send chats after a battle..

    Name and Shame includes naming the clan... Black it out please.
  5. The_Jolly_Scourge

    CC's about to be censored?

    I fixed that for you..... I mean lets face it. No one wold watch flamu if he wasnt raging. Guess he won't be able to make as much $$$ with his false information YT now.
  6. The_Jolly_Scourge

    CC's about to be censored?

    Its not WeeGee.. Its CC's like FLAMU that have the issue. WG reigning in the pure vitriol that comes out of some of their mouths is a good thing. We need more HONEST CC's like LittleWhiteMouse! Not mouthbreathers like FLAMU.
  7. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Clan Brawl

  8. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Free Premium ship PTS

    No.. Wrong. It is meaning to be read. Not simply glanced at for a split second. If you would have read it in a clear and concise way you would have the information.
  9. The_Jolly_Scourge

    I will quit!

    Good! One less tomato!
  10. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Combat Missions

    No reason to insult the pacific northwest b/c of something YOU didn't know.
  11. The_Jolly_Scourge

    OK, raise your hand if...

    Warship. CG 61 USS Monterey. Yes I had that bad boy at my fingertips. Hands on the helm.
  12. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Pan-European DD Orkan?

    Did someone call an exterminator?
  13. The_Jolly_Scourge

    What losing looks like without a premium account lol

    Added a word that makes me feel better about your post.... Personally my whole view is under a 50% needs work, anything close to 45 means sloth and what not.
  14. The_Jolly_Scourge

    What losing looks like without a premium account lol

    You are a troll and a very bad one at that. everyone with an ounce of brains knows full well that there is no "special" MM for prem time.
  15. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Pro tip about IJN CAs

    How about none. You have never ever had one single kraken ever. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1024573610,AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017/