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  1. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Please remove NO SKILL warning or make it optional

    Please leave this feature in game as I would hate to play CB or Ranked or Randoms without a captain. This warning/reminder is awesome!
  2. Thats all game modes. Also.. You say "These people" you should perhaps use a mirror. (pot calling kettle black here) "I am utterly terrible and want to put no effort into the battle because others will carry me." It shouldn't be a test to play ranked. It -should- be a minimum PR/WR though.
  3. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Bots behaving more like humans?

    Bots have captain skills and captains, yes.
  4. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Statistically, Average Battles Needed to Rank Out by WR

    How many of your own battles actually hit the 20 min mark before you are either dead, or it ends early? I wager ALOT.
  5. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Way to Many One Sided Battles Lately

    No, actually it sucks to be you. I;d hate to stink so bad at a game as you do.
  6. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Way to Many One Sided Battles Lately

    Eh I have been going over previous posts from OP... It's much worse than what you stated with this one. Literally about 100 posts about you all hack cuz I cant win.
  7. The_Jolly_Scourge


    It's not as much as the half in half out as much as the angle the ship would move when on the border that made WG add the speed thing and what not. That said the border humpers are rather easy to hit once you have had a little practice shooting at the odd angled ship. Sailors who use spotter planes alot may have a much better time at the aiming part.
  8. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Way to Many One Sided Battles Lately

    Scamdemic? Tell that to all the dead, mouthbreather. Waist? Cmon mate... Your other post you cant spell, you just complain... This post you use covfefe words, and complain more. You say you are an average player? Yer not. Yer a baaad player who is probably the -reason- that your teams are losing so much. Take a look in the mirror bucko. First he blames hacks, now he is blaming everyone else. I see a similarity here. Alternative facts wont work here.
  9. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Vote for your Favorite Naval Tattoo

    Too easy to make a fake entry as well as myself not wanting to give a 3rd party all that info.
  10. The_Jolly_Scourge

    ODIN: I Will Never Say A Bad Word About PEF Again

    For a fun ship that can hold her own. Um... Seriously? OMG this ship stinks.. OMG OMG do something WG!!! OMG! Ever think its not the ship?
  11. He aint wrong OP And is this is truly your sons account... Where is yours then? @_HoJo_
  12. I would tell you to get a little better at the game, OP. All this looks like to me is an overreaching excuse at not being able to succeed in ships. Nothing is wrong here with being bottom tier since in this game you can actually still contribute to the win, do massive damage if you know how, and still have fun. Plenty of matches at bottom tier that have been high damage wins. Get gud!
  13. The_Jolly_Scourge

    Should I have fought/encountered a CV during my protected status?

    Its not a real account.