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  1. WolfofWarship

    Scharnhorst 1:570 Scale Model (WIP)

    Wow she's gorgeous, is she big? Banana for scale?
  2. WolfofWarship

    70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    Oh yes! I'd love to!
  3. WolfofWarship

    RIP Pops

    So sorry Major. If you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out to your friends here. We are grateful for his service o7
  4. WolfofWarship

    Free XP needed to unlock new tree?

    Keep it civil please folks. No need to get angry at the OP, just a little misunderstanding.
  5. WolfofWarship

    Azur Lane

    Would definitely like to see loads more collaborations in the future!
  6. WolfofWarship

    German Guided Missile Frigate launch test

    POP goes the weasel I suppose that's why they call it a test lol
  7. WolfofWarship

    Kronshtadt. Fear Nothing Comrades

    Glad to hear you're enjoying her so far @vonKaiser.
  8. WolfofWarship

    Anyone interested in deep reefs and the deep sea?

    I've always been more interested in underwater than space but it is also much scarier to me. It's so dark, and so many things live in the deeps that have yet to discover. It's equal measures terrifying and fascinating
  9. WolfofWarship

    Pawn stars Rich H. dies at age 77

    Very sad, my dad was a huge fan of his :(
  10. WolfofWarship

    I wish Des Moines upgrade was on Worcester

    Thanks for the feedback, @neworleanssaintsfan, will be sure to mention it to our team :)
  11. It's probably like seeing a lion in the zoo, you don't really give it the respect it deserves because it's caged. It doesn't feel like it could hurt you, you know what I mean? You would only become aware of the danger when you're actually being attacked. I would definitely have gone to Jurassic Park, especially as a kid, because I simply would not have thought about the possible danger
  12. WolfofWarship

    Major Rage Live Streams

    Thanks for sharing Major o7
  13. WolfofWarship

    Torpedo rubber!

    I can just imagine him whispering "soon my precious, soooooon"
  14. WolfofWarship

    Rare baby dinosaur skeleton found in Canada

    Such a great find! And to be able to see traces of the skin pattern- just woah! But knowing it was a little baby makes me feel sadder, especially since it drowned. Poor little guy