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  1. Shooting Conquerer

    Couldn't help laughing goodbye sweet Conqueror, enjoy your trip across the stars!
  2. Thank you for reviewing and sharing your personal thoughts on USS Kidd, @Falls_USMC. Very informative! I'm so glad that you have enjoyed playing this ship! You sounded like you had some really fun games in her!
  3. Liquid Cooling

    You can get some really gorgeous setups for your PC! Some builds look more like a piece of art or an aquarium than a PC!
  4. How was your day at work, dear?

    Lousy That bus driver was probably completely unaware. He sort of looked over like 'oh, what's happening here then'
  5. Wonderful to have you Tony @Radar_X :) exciting to hear from another worker in the industry! Great to have you as part of the team :)
  6. Great discussion folks, I'm looking forward to the Tone myself, just please keep it civil and be kind to others on the forums
  7. I like this idea! Be nice to change the color of the ship turrets or something else a bit more obvious so we can show off a bit!
  8. damage record CV Ryujo ( DMG 285,294)

    Nice work @Sky_Cleaner!
  9. What gorgeous planes! They must've been so fantastic to see up close @DeadMeat_015! They're even brighter than I would've imagined. They must be wonderfully looked after
  10. Concealment buff to Mahan?

    I don't think a few buffs to detection would be a bad idea. Be nice to make Mahan a little harder to spot!
  11. I am going to hell.

    Felt that this was appropriate
  12. Foot pain question?

    As a runner, myself and my friends have experienced many problems with our feet. There's just so much that can happen with them. Hip problems, problems with the backside and with the knees can all show as foot pain. Even arches that are too high or too low. Rotating to one side when you walk. Getting it checked out is best, but make sure to look in all areas. Trapped nerves in the hips can even result in foot pain. It's a strangely complicated part of the body. I hope you get some answers (and some relief) soon!
  13. This is a very heated area of discussion at the moment. I definitely think that many people's main concern is the safety of their children (and their own credit cards) I have had years of experience with customer service and have seen first hand in other games what happens when a young child gambles their unknowing parents money away. Plus, often the child is risking for little reward. I do feel it's worse if you've just dropped 60-80 on a new game then the game expects you to give them more money, nuh uh! It's definitely a good thing that it is being investigated
  14. Better than better bands?

    I listen to so many different things, there's no rhyme or reason. If it sounds good, I'll listen. Brad Paisley, Bo Burnham, Ninja Sex Party if you like silly. Florida Georgia Line for something catchy. But I love a bit of Dan le sac and Scoobius Pip too. At the moment, I'm currently listening to broadway musicals of all things. As a kid I was vocally trained so I still love a good sing along while I work. Little bit of Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen and Avenue Q.
  15. Incendiary's Drawings

    Love your style @Incendiary_Tanker! The digital shading is very nice. Do you use mouse of tablet? I used to draw a lot of manga characters too, been ages since I last had the time but your work inspired me to have some fun too :)