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  1. At least you went down fighting @summon4!
  2. Thank you for all of your feedback guys, we appreciate that you all have taken the time to let us know your experiences with several of the ships in this Tier. As always, balancing is an ongoing process and we are always delighted to hear insight from you all as we make changes and improvements. Many thanks again for all of your contributions :D you're all fab!
  3. Hey guys, all of your thoughts on this are important for us as we investigate the matter. We are always looking into issues to see the best way to make changes that will benefit the player base as a whole. We have had the fact that radar shouldn't see through islands brought to us before and we are looking into it, don't worry! Your concerns will be addressed!
  4. Awesome, love it :) nice music choices too!
  5. Thanks for sharing @Estimated_Prophet! She's gorgeous! Ragin' you didn't get to see inside her, bet she's a beaut! <3
  6. ahla

    Nice! Thanks for sharing @Doomlock Hood really was a looker!
  7. Haven't heard this idea before, I'll definitely pass it along to our testing team. Might be a cool new mechanic to implement in the future! Thanks @Ascinius!
  8. Some great plays here guys! Glad to see you all having fun :)
  9. Hey @SteffisCute I'll look into this for you, many thanks for all your help!
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all of your insight on this complaint. We have seen a lot of ideas on improving and removing the mechanic and are always investigating new ways to make the game great. Thank you all for your feedback and for sharing your experiences with us
  11. Awesome @DerKrampus! That looks like a great match for your first one! Well done!
  12. So weird! I'll let our bugs team know so we can investigate! Kinda creepy if you ask me!
  13. WW2 for all of the new innovative weapons and ships that were appearing at that time. Some incredible battles happened during this period too!
  14. Great insight, @NeutralState I'll pass your ideas back to our team
  15. We'll look into this @JCC45! Thanks for sharing!