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  1. New Russian Premiums

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on the pre-test ships! Great to hear your initial thoughts on them!
  2. WoWS 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes - Video

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts everyone, we appreciate you all taking the time to share your thoughts on the changes!
  3. New player, new beggingings

    Welcome aboard, @Filorux :) these great players above beat me to it! Lots of handy resources shared above that will be a huge help as you begin your shippy adventures! If you need any help or advice, don't hesitate to reach out to me and the others, we are happy to help!
  4. Tier for Tier The Better BB RN vs Da French

    I think I like the following ones: (just my own opinion and play style) Tier 5- Bretagne- decent AA and I play more of her than the RN Tier 5s (French) Tier 6- Normandie- her and Dunkerque are speed little boats and my favourite Battleships in any line (French) Tier 7- Duke of York- good guns and accuracy (RN) Tier 8- Richelieu- speedy mcspeedster (French) Haven't played too much above this tier but I seem to lean to French overall with Battleships! (unsurprisingly as I love a good French boat!)
  5. 100 Club Podvoisky

    Congrats @KalishniKat, glad to hear you're enjoying playing her. And that's a great win rate for her too, well done! Good luck on your journey to 200!
  6. Sullivan Brothers

    Very sad for their family to lose so many young men all on one day. After reading "The Discovery of the Titanic" by Dr. Robert D. Ballard I have a newfound appreciation for how difficult it is to find a wreckage. So many years and hundreds of attempted often go into finding a ship. So much dedication on the part of the team. It is great that they were able to find her and properly respect the place where she went down
  7. Does Video game measure IQ?

    Video games teach us interesting new skills. I have seen improvements in reaction times etc from those who play particular video games. The writer of the second article makes me angry, talk about a lack of neutrality! He clearly thinks little of those who play video games just because he doesn't. He's totally wrong to think video games are not social. I play a lot of video games with family and friends and it is a huge bonding point for us! Video games are getting much more social, it is clear he has not researched the subject at all
  8. Biscuit

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing Nutty! I had a friend who used to collect old rations and I remember how sold these things felt, couldn't imagine eating one! Though, enough wine will help make anything edible in my honest opinion!
  9. Hail and well met! Hope all is well with you! :cap_like:

    1. WolfofWarship


      Hello Jim, how are you this fine Spring day? :D everything is wonderful here, the sun has finally made an appearance in Ireland! 

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Waiting for snowstorm to quit so we can get to New York to deliver....

  10. Lots of great info, @juhun0206. A loooot of praying to be done!
  11. They couldn't run and they couldn't hide @Gyphon_GF- nice game! Great result!
  12. When Lert bought an M4A3 Sherman 105mm

    It's a really cool looking little piece. What sort of size is it? (banana for scale? lol)
  13. The Soup Thread!

    I adore this idea!
  14. New Ship Classes + Icons

    An excellent idea :) thanks for sharing @Altrunchen!