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  1. Jazzyblaster

    Anyone interested in deep reefs and the deep sea?

    I have always been fascinated with diving too. I'm not sure I have the guts or lung capacity to try it though. It's just amazing to me how deep the ocean truly is and how much we don't know about it. Truly fascinating. Also, amazing pictures @Snargfargle! You sure do have some amazing adventures. :)
  2. I sincerely appreciate your advice and tips, Don. I am going with a friend who was born and raised there, so I have a pretty good tour guide. I'll have about a week to visit and sightsee before heading back to the states. He's a military buff like myself, so I'm sure we'll be visiting many if not all of these places for sure. Thank you!
  3. Jazzyblaster

    RIP Pops

    My sincerest condolences to your family. May he rest in peace.
  4. Jazzyblaster

    The movie thread

    Awesome! Me too. Tron is definitely one of my favorite movies, i'd say in my top 10 favorites for sure. :)
  5. Jazzyblaster

    The movie thread

    Loved Tron! The original and the remake was pretty good too.
  6. Jazzyblaster

    Rare baby dinosaur skeleton found in Canada

    Wow, that's awesome!
  7. Just got finished reading Battle at Sea: 3000 Years of Naval Warfare by R.G Grant. It's a great read. Not necessarily regarding one war but i enjoyed it. I'll post the information below.
  8. I have honestly never used audio books, but they do seem convenient. Nice photo! I do plan on taking a trip to Singapore in a year. It's for a friend's wedding actually but I will definitely make some time to visit. Thanks for the recommendation and information, Don.
  9. Jazzyblaster

    It only took 10,461 battles...

    Congrats! Awesome job!
  10. Jazzyblaster

    70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    This is awesome! Must have taken a lot of time and dedication. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Jazzyblaster

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Amazing review. Thanks for posting.
  12. You did a good job for your 1st attempt. I agree, if you don't want to get a mic, make the text slides a bit longer. I found myself still reading and it went to the next clip. Awesome job though!
  13. Thanks Don! I was going to start with Hell Above Earth so it sounds like I made a good choice. Found a good deal on Amazon, so i'm excited to read it.
  14. I agree, great list. Seems I'm going to have a few good books to read this summer. Thanks for posting!
  15. Jazzyblaster

    Novel Recommendations: Iron Dawn

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for the recommendation.