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  1. Rockhound_97


    It worked for me and a friend about 5 mins ago, Mission 5000 base points in a Brit ship
  2. Rockhound_97

    WoWs Waterline - Snowflake Event

    I saw a Mission that said, if i remember correctly something like 1000 or 1500 for base score in Co-op or Random to get the prize. I begin to think who ever comes up with these base scores for pve numbers doesn't have a clue about it...
  3. Deleted -- Missed prior comment....
  4. Rockhound_97

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    Looks like this video makes more questions than gives answers... The way things are going lately there will be alot of Uncomfortable feeling going around... I hope your wrong to, i have noticed that alot as of late and it just doesn't seem right... There are words for it but it gets censored here... Just gonna give your comment a Thumbs UP! About the Halloween changes, i don't think that anything you have to use like your resources for to UPGRADE ships? or any concept of that for an event is a GOOD THING. "The video was a bit "VAGUE" and makes alot wonder about and question WG's Future on how they handle things. ""Wait that's been a in question for awhile now"" I enjoyed the Last few Halloween events, but now ONLY 4 can leave....WTH!! Bad Idea, again.. Go figure
  5. Rockhound_97

    Hamsters die or something?

    Same with 5 other clan mates.... Can't join battle and 3 got kicked out of what they were playing.... Well, hope its fixed by the time i get back from the Store or someones gonna PAY!!! LOL Would someone TASE those hamsters!!!!
  6. Rockhound_97

    Removed from queue....

    Yup, guess i put off going to the store long enough... Blah
  7. Rockhound_97

    Kicked From Que for Techincal Reasons?

    Guess its time to mow the lawn.... :( Cant play anymore
  8. Rockhound_97

    Removed from queue....

    Same with 5 other clan mates.... Can't join battle and 3 got kicked out of what they were playing....
  9. Sorta what the base reason why they should have made that have two options to finish, put Co-op in there...
  10. Have you noticed that the Twitch missions now have Co-op in them due to people specking up. May have taken awhile but finally its happening. ""False, if you consider yada yada... They want us to Join Discord and follow, Twitch and follow, Youtube and follow.... etc With rewards that have stipulations. Can't say there not making money from views or/and followers. Its only fair to have a Community Event be a Community Event "AS a Whole" Now we have them shoving Asymmetric Battles down our tthroats from what i have seen basically runs into Seal clubbing. Again making you play something ya want for COAL!!... really...???
  11. Rockhound_97

    KOTS XI begins now!

    The last 2 streams from this mornings KOTS, 3 hours and only a Twitch drop. Even tho he had Codes in his description
  12. Rockhound_97

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    My sound is broke again, it worked for one day and broke again :(
  13. Rockhound_97

    Bonus Codes for 0.9.8 and KotS

    That would be a good question for Twitch, i am sure they can tell us that much... Since they can't tell us if the changed the percentage of drops of ""Super containers"" since the reminder in the mail of the Gamble for a ""Super container"" in your Daily's came out. I used to Gamble, not anymore due to i noticed SC didn't drop as they used to.
  14. Rockhound_97

    Azur Lane Collection

    Just remember to SAVE your duplicates till you have enough to complete the remaining... Or you may end up making the goal to finish a bit harder
  15. There are Clans made of just players that play PVE I guess they have to go without, pushing them to play Randoms, Asymmetric....etc. Co-op should be a option included in every mission. They say these are ""COMMUNITY EVENTS"" but from what i have seen over the years that isn't so. Community is all players as a whole.