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  1. Bald_Rookie

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    De Grasse (in a T6-8 match) win (but not my "fault" )
  2. Bald_Rookie

    Huanghe and propulsion mod 1

    Hi. @LittleWhiteMouse 's review is from 2017, so things might have (and probable has, because it's called "prop mod 1" now instead of "prop mod 2") changed with equippable modules after that. I just checked my own Huanghe (haven't played it since the CV rework) , and it did have the rudder shift module equipped, but will definitely try out the prop mod 1 on it. Regards.
  3. Bald_Rookie

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I am bald, and (was a) rookie. After playing all this time I should really change it to "Bald_and_Crap" now.
  4. You have gotten some good advices already, and here is maybe one more advice (that i try to follow). The cost of retrainining an 21-pt commander to another tech- tree ship is horrendous, so I don't max up an commander to 21 points with elite commander xp before he is assigned to that tech-tree ship where i want him in the end. I have 3 commanders (on my EU account) to 21, (Halsey, Lutjens and Yamamoto), and they are all assigned to those (t10) ships where i want them. My Kuznetsov is (atm.) assigned to the t9- Sovetsky Soyuz and has still a long way to go to reach 21 pts. But when i get the Kremlin, i assign him to it. And only then i start to use the elite commander xp (that those three 21-point commanders generate) on Kuznetsov. Regards.
  5. Bald_Rookie

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    This is not really a tip how "to get the most from the Free Content" It's more a tip how to not loose your doubloons once you got some. When using economic signals (and some of the camos), and enabling the "Auto-resupply". The box before "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" always get automatically "checked". Always remember to uncheck the box "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" If not unchecked, then (when you run out of signals) the game starts to spend your Doubloons to resupply them. There is also a mod in the official modstation (named "Scrooge") that prevents that for happening.
  6. I found this from MrConway on WoWs Eu forum. Link. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/42653-youtube-licensing-and-copyright-issues/ Regards. Bald_Rookie
  7. @Hapa_Fodder I haven't really played on my NA-account lately, so i can't really say how many missions is required there. But when i opened my game today on my EU-account, it shows that the 4th directive only requires 5 missions to complete
  8. Bald_Rookie

    Credit/Commander xp farming advice?

    Hi I was also totally confused abt. which camo i should use for which grinding, so i made an "Spreadsheet" for myself. Heads up. Pls. note that the calculations may not be (and propably aren't) completely correct. They are more indicative. And (because i used those camos i had) there are camos missing from the list. And also note, that signals, clan-bonuses etc. are not calculated. I calculated this with the assumption that on a ship without any camos you would get 1000 xp (Note: not Bxp) 100k credits and would have an after battle cost of 25k credits. The "screenshot" is sorted with which camos give best Commander XP. And as you notice, the "Back to School" -camo isn't so hi up on the list. So if you are grinding a tech-tree ship line at the same time, then those camos that have XP-multipliers in every category (xp, Cxp and Fxp) is better to use.
  9. Did you get Pink, or did you just get a warning? This happened to me a couple of patches ago, and if the bug isn't fixed yet this might be the reason.
  10. Bald_Rookie

    German Navy Collection

    Just make sure you have it enabled, i.e. "collecting".
  11. Bald_Rookie

    new combat flags

    You can buy them from the Armory with coal or credits
  12. Bald_Rookie

    Anyone else having to log-in to see forums?

    Now it's working again (without logging in), atleast for me. Thx. to whoever fixed it
  13. Bald_Rookie

    Anyone else having to log-in to see forums?

    Same problem here. @Hapa_Fodder New policy?
  14. Bald_Rookie

    Anyone noticed a lot of blind fire recently?

    Here is a good guide from Flamu howto blindfire It helped me to understand why i got hit in the smoke. Regards Bald_Rookie
  15. This was put up on KOTS-discord a couple of days ago. "#announcements (King of the Sea - WoWS) Tobiassho @everyone long time no ping! No KotS news yet, but the first season of CB with CVs just finished. WG needs our help ~~to ban CVs from CB~~ to evaluate the pros and cons of this season in a fair way. So if you want to ~~get CVs out of CBs~~ share your feelings about CVs in CB or the season in general fill out this survey: http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/CvC9-EU Thanks! " I think the link for the NA -server survey is https://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/CvC9-NA Go, and give your feedback.