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  1. Diison

    Next Fxp ship

    Thats right, you are the best.
  2. Diison

    Next Fxp ship

    I remember they announced recently a few ships coming out how they can be obtained. What was the next Free experience ship please?
  3. Diison

    WTH is wrong with this

    Angles? All your team had to do especially the BBs was get wide and get angles where he can bounce shells. This entire game is about angles.. ones that help you citadel... great vids out there.
  4. Diison

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    No one likes it including defensive maps...do away with these modes, please.
  5. If there isnt someone new to buy I am going to go nuts on them... if there is something new Wednesday then it was smart to delay... WG Just tell us if something new is coming Wednesday so you look really smart..
  6. Diison

    Coupon change!

    Why wG was this changed
  7. Diison

    Coupon change!

    I just got a steel ship and used my coupon. Love this system. Every 6 months you get a coupon. Georgia comes out. Very excited and I see June 22nd I will get a new coupon! YES!. WG changed the date.. to the 25th. Why do you torture your player base and make us so mad and frustrated.... Its a make believe coupon. Why not just give it to use when you said on the 22nd... Why WG did you change the date...? Can someone from your huge company explain this to me please?
  8. Diison

    Slave will require what?

    Noster said they hinted at you could only own one or the other... wish they would tell us what or how this unique 2 T10 bbs was going to work with acquiring it.
  9. Love the Kremlin. I am so addicted. Love my Mass and now we have a fun new ship the Georgia. I really want it but wait! Slava might be released in 8.5? Can WG please tell me if I should save my coal for this ship? I dont want to spend all my coal on the GA and then be unable to get one of the most OP ships to ever be released... How will it be obtained? Fexp, coal, normal experience? Its our first line break where it hasnt been clear if it is a premium or not. Noster said it will not be a premium. I just really want to know before losing all of my coal.... Thanks in advance,
  10. T8 are a pain point they want you to pay money to get T9+. It’s a large DD and must be played like everyone wants to kill you becuz you are an easy kill. Find a tanky line and you will enjoy the game more.
  11. Diison

    Stalingrad vs Bourgogne

    Love the opinions.. would love more!
  12. Diison

    Stalingrad vs Bourgogne

    Thanks man that helps.
  13. Diison

    Stalingrad vs Bourgogne

    How is the Stalingrad more meta defining? Sit in the back and snipe? Dont CV punish that?
  14. Yes I know this is the BB forum. Many consider the Stalingrad a pocket bb the way its played...Bourgogne is clearly one. Does anyone own both? I can one or the other this week. I am better with BBs so I am leaning that direction. Both great ships and unique. I own most of the T10 ships and enjoy the Rep. The speed and gun reload with more shoots looks amazing. Less HPs not so much. I like active play and the Stalingrad seems more sniperish. More prone to CV attacks. With the current Meta I am leaning toward the BB but I want your advice
  15. Diison

    IFHE is broken....

    Also able to pen a lot of BBs and he cant.