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  1. Diison

    Twitch drops not appearing

    Did you unlink and relink your Twitch account on WG website?
  2. Diison

    Twitch drops not appearing

    This worked for my bug. We need a thread for this bug so people see it easier.
  3. Diison

    WotS collection issue

  4. This weekend I claimed my WotS mission from watching WotS. I don't get a mission and I don't get a collection item. Restarted the game several times. It is my last piece... Anyone had issues or do I need to open a support ticket?
  5. Does this captain you can get have ANY special bonuses?
  6. Diison

    Vampire 2

    Where is it...
  7. Diison

    Yūdachi in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Cthulhu In 75k games this dd is 2nd place for damage done. Why? 15km torp range to all the bbs who camp. Sending a lot of torps.. that might be slow but you cant dodge this wall of skill. Sneaky and has smoke to run away she can increase the torp speed and put so many fish in the water that she will get hits. 15,6k damage hurts. She lands 2 a game and with those who know how to avoid detection she can cause a lot of issues on a flank. I got her in a Santa Crate and tried her out. I suck and average 51k a game. Make no mistake this is a great ship despite what other say.
  8. Diison

    OMG. I want it now

    What new ships did they discuss today. Cant find anything.
  9. Diison

    What to do with 1 M Free XP?

    What are your favorite ships in the game? The ones you play every chance you can? If you love to set fires and see big numbers every game then Friesland is amazing. Most ships are too afraid to rush you so you just sit there and murder things. The damage per minute is insane and CV will avoid you. If you like something that snipes and sets fires the Yoshino is an amazing ship unless you show broadside when you are spotted. The range the accuracy are amazing. Do you love heavy cruisers that are tanky? Agir is an amazing ship with her AP Pen, tanky body, etc. There are some amazing RB ships. I think all of them are good except Colbert. 1 mil Fexp makes the grind up to 8 fast and then you grind to T10. If you simply play any ship to its strengths their are a lot of fun ships out there. Currently have 275 and am ready to answer any questions. Also Youtube has videos showing these ships off. You should find out what style of ship you like and go after the next one that takes care of your needs.
  10. Diison


    Support has responded with 50% for both normal damage and citadel damage. They have not updated the wiki though.
  11. Diison


    Just had a Mino game took some citadel damage repaired half of it. Took another big citadel hit and repaired it. Left me with 1/3 of my life and two 19k hp heals. which of course cant be used to heal for much at all... For a massive weakness. HUGE Citadel above the water line I get big heal and can heal 50% of the citadel damage. I would rather have Plymouth citadel and a CA heal that can be used 4x. I know.. maybe thats stupid.. my research is saying its something to think about. UK BBs can heal that 7% of all damage... which is super OP. Conquerer is much more powerful than people think. Taken 200k in that ship and I am very healthy at the end of the game...It can heal 200k. So if that ability to heal 75% its amazing.
  12. Diison


    Is the super heal that super? If I have 50k hps and my heal can heal 25k. I have to take 50k damage and can heal half of that damage to use it. But I am dead. Some ships I am never going to use the full potiential cuz my HPs will be dangerously low...
  13. Diison


    I do appreciate everyone's guesses.. but they are guesses. Looking to spend 27k steel it took me 14 months. I would like to KNOW what it is before making a decision. Wargaming feel free to let us know.
  14. Diison


    NO NO NO... You failed to understand... all ships take damage and that percentage they can heal from normal AP/HE shell damage is very different... espcially UK ships. THIS is a UK ship. They have tons of descriptions.. for almost all ships...except the ONE I want to consider buy...
  15. Diison


    Two major affects on heals. How much you heal. Mino bigger numbers heal and a normal CA heal. There is another major affect here. Most ships heal 50% of all damage unless its fire, flooding, ramming OR Citadel hits. Mino can heal 50% of most damage and 50% of citadel damage. I just want to know if that is true for the Plymouth or is it something different.