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  1. Yes, it is just a camo, you can always select a different one..... but....why would you ever want to.. those camos are awesome.
  2. Lipty3

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    That link only lets you buy the new BF sales, not the old ones. I was going to buy an Asashio. But, TYVM for the link.
  3. Lipty3

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    BTW, did weegee take away the ability to just buy the ships for cash instead of using dubs? Its a pain to buy dubs to buy stuff, I thought you used to be able to just pay the cash equivalent upfront?
  4. Lipty3

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    not so much luck for me :/ got the Dunkerque B plus 100,000 elite commander xp in the 10th container that I opened separately from the chain. That is my luck for you.
  5. As an at best average player, player skill trumps all other components you could ever hope to match up. Doesn't matter if 1 team has 3 dd and the other 4 or even if only 1 team has a cv, it is the player behind the ship that makes all the difference in the game, final. Random chance can and will always play a part in the outcome (a random det or dev strike or surprise ship behind an island when you pull out) but the best players will already have a plan in place and know how to deal with it rather then those of us that hit W and drive around in shooty botz. Memorizing pen angles and overmatch and map choke points, that puts people in a different league and that is why the only things that could matter to balance MM would be based on skills not on ship comp or tier (within reason) especially with divs. I get the argument that the outside player rankings are "fake news" but I would challenge anyone to prove that a player from the "unicum" group by that ranking is not a better player than an average or yellow player by the same ranking. I am sure the numbers could be tweaked a bit for better accuracy but I would bet that it is a pretty fair picture of the player base overall. If WG does not want the numbers used why provide them? If they want a happy, everyone's skills blind, why don't they simply shut it off? Stats trolls can't grief you if they don't have the numbers to do it with. Troll away.
  6. So, you are one of the stat trolls, or is it just the personal attacks that get you off? You are not helpful, go away
  7. Maredraco didn't say you could get the data, Just that they keep it all and store it. It just got my attention in these facebook facial recognition data days, what these guys are storing. Sorry, didn't mean to click bait you
  8. https://na.wows-numbers.com/players/ enter your name and voila. Some will say the stats are arbitrary and made up my ghosts, but the data is direct from WG info. All of your battles, win/loss rates in ships, etc is there for your review
  9. That is fantastic sleuthing Mr_Argamas. I also requested mine.
  10. How would "their" stats be any different than anything WG would do. I can't think straight for a moment, has WG every changed anything on a whim? Hmmm how has that gone in the past? You assume someone else is going to do a worse job? The stats come from WG, they could use them to balance MM according to their own ratios, but I am sure it would still be very close based on players skills in a match.
  11. And where do they get the data?
  12. Maredraco today during the stream mentioned that all of the sanctions, reports, bans etc are permanently stored on your account. You go pink for hitting someone with torps (well not anymore for this) or the power going out and getting reported afk, permanent record. Will they give you access to the info stored about you on your own account? FOI request needed?
  13. Why is the stat available then? If WG thought that stats shouldn't be there, it would be super simple for them to make them unavailable to avoid the stat shaming trolls
  14. You did read my next post right?
  15. Also i agree with most of the posters that captain skill matching would be meaningless as a balance factor. A skilled played could play in a canoe and still take apart a potato. It needs to be based on PR and nothing else.