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  1. Tom_Lin

    CV Autopilot

    Yep, I have played CV for the directives, and yes, it is very bad.... I played in senario, and autopilot always drive the ship right to the island. It's already to the point that I start manually controlling the ship..... WG said they gonna improve it in next patch.
  2. Tom_Lin

    Salem vs Yoshino

    I got both since I have enough coal anyway. However, after playing both, I like Salem more.
  3. Tom_Lin

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    True. But I feel the Co-Op battle is the one tha most lack of "Co-Op". I found sometimes in Randoms and Operations, sometimes there gonna be player trying to coordinate with the team via chat. I pretty much never see that in Co-Op battles.
  4. Tom_Lin

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    Yeah, that's exactly what I do when I play DD in coop. I kind of feel coop as a whole has some problems. It isn't really "coop", more like "damage farming competition". I really feel senario battles are more coop like. Since there are more teamwork appears in senario battles. Especially the hard ones. Sometimes you can see people trying to coordinate with others via chat at the start of the battle.
  5. Tom_Lin

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    No, I am not saying the DD is doing anything wrong. As you said, my choice made me at the bottom of the team. Like I said, it is not something that happens first time. You can see thing like this happening in coop battles pretty often. At the point I choose to peak out of island, tank damage and use my radar, it's simply make it easier for the Gearing to yolo those bots.
  6. Well, I just played few games with my Moskva in coop battle. In the battle, I played normally, hug an island, prevent fire from the flank, and bow tank 1 DD, 1 Moskva and 1 Georgia. I and the Gearing are the only 2 players on this flank. So, when the Gearing smoke up, I used my radar. The radar spotted the bot DD. We took down the bot DD togethor. And guess what happened? The Gearing yoloed both Moskva and Georgia. And here is the result: To be honest, I wasn't too surprised by this, as it happens pretty often in Coop battles. If you are a DD, you charge forward, smoke up when you been spotted, wait for your team to spot for you, gun down enemy DDs, and yolo the rest of the bots. Funny enough, I find sometimes it is easier to get better result in coop by letting your teammate die. For example, in the battle I just mentioned, if I didn't use my radar and hide behind the island. The Gearing in my team will be hardspotted by the bot DD, and will be focused by 1 DD, 1 Moskva and 1 Georgia. It is really likely the Gearing will die. He probably gonna be able to sunk the bot DD and doing some heavy damage the bot Moskva and Georgia (depending on how lucky his torps are), but I probably won't be ended up at the bottom of the team since he doesn't have the chance to yolo the Moskva and Georgia. I am curious what people think is the proper action under this situation. Is it gonna be a better idea to go for team play? Or is it better to treat your fellow teammate in coop battle as competitor and leave them to their fate? I gonna be honest, I have tried both, and I kind of feel playing selfishly in coop battle usually gives you better result......
  7. Well, I haven't purchased any premium containers yet. However, I think I got most of the free ones, besides like 2 or 3 from the national credits earning mission. Still, I only got 2 missions in total.
  8. Okay, I just played a coop game with my Benham, and for some odd reason, my torp went through a shipwreck (which they shouldn't) and travel through an island, and almost hit a friendly Iowa. Can someone explain why? Here is the replay file: 20190810_185239_PASD509-Benham_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay Here is the screenshot I took in the replay:
  9. Agreed, now I just try to get as close as possible, however, I find the gun isn't really accurate at 5Km mark... maybe I should get closer. I think I scoure 1 citadel hits at at broadsiding Musashi at around 7km or 8km mark...
  10. I find more pens on an angled battleship rather than an broadsiding one.... sometimes you shoot a broadsiding target and see the shells flys anywhere but the ship you are shooting at. However, there are rare cases that I almost deleted a broadsiding Salem at 12Km mark, I think I got something like 4 or 3 citadels in one salvo..... but again, in most of the times, the shells go anywhere but the ship, I think usually it's gonna be 1 pen 1 overpen or something like that.
  11. I just dig my Roma out for those directives and French containers, played a few coop game with her. It is so relaxing, at the point I entered the match, I know there is pretty much nothing I can do, and I am assuming my team didn't expect me to do anything. I just need to sail around and find a nice target to ram. At the point I see the ship is doing more damage to an angled Musashi rather than a broadsiding Musashi, I confirmed my thoughts and kept shooting angled Musashi for nice 5K or 6K damge per salvo.
  12. Tom_Lin

    Lexington Museum player issue

    Wow, I can't imagine myself playing WoWs on this kind of set up. I mean, how can you even aim with this kind of strange control pad. Why don't they just get a proper keyboard and mouse?? I mean a set of cheap ones shouldn't cost that much......
  13. Well, I just encountered a Lexington Museum player in my Mino, and the guy is in Alabama. It's a coop game. I spawned right next to him near C cap, and after the match started, he starts shooting HE at me..... for like 2 salvos, first salvo missed, and second salvo did a bit damage to me. Luckily, after I mentioned this problem in the chat, the Alabama stopped, and he remained pretty much stationary and shooting HE at bots till he was sunk by focus fire. I think there are people mentioned some Lexington Museum player does team shooting. Well, I think it is a thing. However, at least in my case, it seems simply becuase the player is completely not familiar with the game. I wonder if there is anything could be done to address this issue? I mean, at least let them know the most basic thing before enter the match?? Here is the post battle screen:
  14. I think this is beacsue the ship is tier 9. I play a lot of coop, I think tier 9 is the tier that is extremely difficult to earn credit. In tier 10, you have expensive premium camo that reduce the ship cost by 50%, I think tier 9's premium camo only has 20% reduction, so the cost of bringing a tier 9 ship is higher than tier 10. So basically even the mantainance cost for tier 10 is higher than tier 9, but if you sub in the 50% reduction vs. 20% reduction, a tier 9 ship cost more than a tier 10 ship credits wise. I think if both tier 10 and tier 9 ship has premium camo mounted, the cost are: T9: 96K T10: 90K