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  1. Tom_Lin

    Premium Ship Review: Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya

    Haven't read it yet, but this is what I am been waiting for, thanks for putting out this review. Will help while I consider if I wanna get this ship myself.
  2. Tom_Lin

    Fighting against a CV CAN actually be fun

    I donno, I don't feel fun playing againt CVs. I just played a low tier coop games for Soviet Tokens... and the bot Ryujo target me while I was sailing in the new tier 5 Soviet Reward Crusier... My AA did nothing to the planes and the bot managed to hit me with AP bomb 3 times while I am angling against incoming AP shells... My HP goes down to around 40% after the first strike, and down to about 15% after been hit by another AP bomb. I think WG failed to bring CV's alpha damage down in the CV rework, and been targeted, even by a bot CV is not fun at all.
  3. Tom_Lin

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    I think if the cosmetics are good enough, like even better than the space camo, give them special gun fire effects, hit effects, adding some cosmetic animations on the camo, and things like these probably will attract people. Hell, maybe even just straight up give those camos better economic income, or generate special exps faster. WG can play around with a lot of things to attract people, I just think it doesn't have to be battle performance related. I actually have a lot of special camos on the ships that I like, which I already spend money on those things, I think I wouldn't mind regrind after I completed the lines that I am interested in. But take few steps back, why WG is such attracted to the idea of regrinding lines anyway? Are they expecting some people will simply convert tonnes of free exp to skip the grind?
  4. Tom_Lin

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    I donno, I don't really like the idea WG is pushing. I think one of the WG employee ones said, "This game is not pay to win, but could be pay to grind." At this moment, I personally believe some of the Unique Upgrades are indeed "upgrades", that gives you advantages in battle. I know WG said they gonna rebalance these upgrades in 0.9.5 and make them "sidegrades", but still, WG's balance usually is hit and miss. I don't really expecting them be able to perfectly balance stuffs (since there will be difference between the actual result and targeted result), so some of the unique upgrades likely will be slightly better than their normal upgrade counterparts (of course, unless WG set the targeted performance way lower than the normal upgrades so the chances of overshoot greatly decrease, but I don't think they will do that as it simply discourages players to use the system), just like what we have right now. WG might be able reduce the performance difference with the new balance, but I am still expecting some upgrades better than normal ones. I mean, WG is still on the way of balancing some of Tier 10 ships, and now adding more factors into the equation? Balancing Tier 10 ships with and without the upgrades? And again, if the unique upgrades gives you an edge compare to normal upgrades, the situation might become something like: Players pay to grind, and the game is grind to win. Which effectively is giving the players three options: 1. You spent a tonne of time regrind lines to have an advantage. 2. You pay the grind to have an advantage. 3. You don't have the advantage compare to players choose 1 and 2. Which I think is exactly the reason why I don't like the Research Bureau. I kind of feel if WG copy paste Tier X tech-tree ships and give them slightly different status can effectively achieve the same thing as these unique upgrades do. Which in my opinion, the unique upgrades might be effectively the same as balancing new ships. I would say just swap those unique upgrades with some super unique camos or cosmetics, which will have zero chance of impacting the ships' performances and game balancing, as well as been truly "optional grind" for players.
  5. Tom_Lin

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    I am totally fine with German CVs... and I know there are weaknesses for those to balance them, but AP rockets? I think in an earlier post WG mentioned those AP rocket gonna have similar pen to 203mm guns. For Tier X German CV, if attacking flight is 3, and payload is 2, while maximum AP damage is 5000. Which means each strike can potentially deal 3*2*5k=30k citadel damage to cruisers? And for each squadron can have maximum 3 strikes... I mean, even 1 citadel per strike is pretty painful already, as most of the Tier X cruisers only have about 50K health. 1 citadel is about 10% of your HP, and you can't heal because it's citadel damage... Most tier 8 cruisers don't even have heal and have much less HP.
  6. Tom_Lin

    ST, changes to test ships.

    It is basically the same thing as I said, the difference is which reference frame you are taking. I am using the reference frame from WoWs Wiki, you are using the reference frame WG dev seems been using.
  7. Tom_Lin

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Never mind, I just checked their old post, they clearly said those ships have improved AP angles, so it must be using a different reference compare to WoWs Wiki So they said it is gonna be 50-65, so converting to the reference frame used in WoWs Wiki, will be 25-40 In the previous iteration, those ships has an angle of 25-35 (which is the same as Stalingrad) Now it is 25-40, which actually is a nerf??? Since the guaranteed penetration angle increased from 35 to 40?
  8. Tom_Lin

    ST, changes to test ships.

    I just checked the WoWs Wiki, it seems normal cruisers have 30-45 angle USN heavy cruisers have 22.5-30 angle Stalingrad has 25-35 angle Soo, New Soviet Heavy Cruisers have an angle of something to 50 angle??? That is actually worse than regular cruisers, since you want both numbers be as low as possible to have an "improved" AP angle. But again, I wasn't sure if WG is consistently using the same reference frame. If they are using the reference frame from the WoWs Wiki, then it means these ships have a worse AP angle than normal cruisers??????? I wasn't so sure, maybe the dev can answer this question.
  9. Congrats. I think they are identical. I perchased 40 crates myself and get all 3 new ships, given I already have all the old ones from previous year. I got the first ship at 18th crate I opened, and second one at 22nd crate, last one at 28th crate. Some lucky ones are able to get all 3 ships and only investing in 20 crates.
  10. I think in this lunar new year event, the best option probably is the crates. The admiral boundle gives you ship, camo, special captain, special flag and special patch. Only purchase the ship gives you ship, camo. The ship dropped from the containers gives you ship, camo and speical captain. For me, the spending 120CAD on crates resulted with all 3 new ships. The only thing I didn't get are the special flag and patch.
  11. I just purchased 40 crates, it cost me about 120CAD. I opened the crate one by one. Note that I already have all the camos and ships from previous year's lunar new year event. So I believe technically it's easier for me to drop new stuffs since I already have all the old ones. -------------------------------------------------- In terms of ships: I got the first ship Wukong, at about 18th crate. and Bajie at around 24th crate and the Siliwanki? at 28th crate. -------------------------------------------------- In terms of permanent camo: The first and only permanent camo for Siliwanki is dropped at around the 5th crate. (yeah, I didn't even notice there is a permanent camo for Siliwanki?. ) -------------------------------------------------- My conclusion: It seems these crates have really good value. 40 crates have pretty good chance of dropped all three new ships, given if you already have all the old stuffs from previous year. For me it is, 20 crates gives me 1 ship and 1 perma camo. 30 crates gives me all 3 new ships
  12. Tom_Lin

    Anyone Seen New PA Ships?

    ^ I believe spread sheet certainly showed this would work. Just like Pay to Rico supposes to appeal to the US market.
  13. Well, I gotta say that number is higher than what I expect.
  14. I have been pretty much playing coop for most of the time, and I feel the new update that increase the number of players actually makes the experience worse. I think the major reason is that the bots always get zeroed, and usually having 2 or 3 ships alive. If my memory is correct, the game usually starts with 300 points per side, and if you get zeroed, you will simply loose the game. And in Coop, the bots usually won't get any cap, becuase they obviously don't know how to use concealment and playing for the objectives. So, as a result, if the human players are good and didn't have a lot of casualties that gives the bots some points, or if the game mode isn't standard or having an initial cap, the bots only have 300 points to play with... and this didn't change before and after the updates. Since that 300 points is the factor that limits how many ship you can kill, I think it is obvious that increase the number of ships will leave more bot ships alive. Like for example, 300 points means you can only sunk 5 bot battleships, this won't change weather you have 9 players per side or 8 players per side. Which in the case with 9 players, if they are all battleships, and no human player been sunk, that means you will have 4 bot ships left alive, but in comparison, if with 8 player, only 3 ships left alive.. So, my conclusion is, increase the number of ships per side actually make the coop game experience worse, since the amount of ship you can sunk is not changed, but the number of players that share this "damage and experience" increases, which lead to less avarage damage. I think the new update actually further increase/strengthen the issue that bots been zeroed and make it harder for human players to farm damage... which makes the already small profit margin even smaller. Or in other words, coop games is even more unprofitable... and in order to make it a viable option, you are likely need to not only have premium camo and permium account, but also need to invest into flags (Yes, more money for WG, even I am not sure if they did this intentionally or unintentionally). So here are some opinions, I really like we have more ships perside, as the game is closer to size of a random battle. But without addressing the issue that the bots always gets easily zeroed, it is actually harder to make a profit, or even break even in coop games even you have premium time and premium camos... Right now, pretty much like 4 out of 5 games in coop will ended up with bots been zeroed and still having couple ships alive, only if you are lucky enough to have random battle, or you lose a lot of teammates or there is an intially cap... the bots pretty much always been zeroed... I would say the experience actually got worse after the new updates. I would reccomend either increase the intially points for both team, or simply make the game won't end when one team been zeroed.
  15. I don't like the idea of you need to Regrind Lines (or pay WG a lot money to skip the grind via free exp) to get those unique upgrades. I'll ignore the unique upgrades if they decided to do this. I kinda feel WG didn't learn their lesson from the NTC at all. Many of these unique upgrades are "buffs" to the Tier X ships (yes, some of them are sidegrades, but still, I think have significant influence on how you play the ship and the ship's performance). Lock those features behind the Research Bureau, is pretty much the same as giving Tier X ships buffs after participating in the NTC, for multiple grinds. Maybe the buffs brought by the unique upgrades aren't as significant as those from NTC, but I personally think it's the same type of thing. Just in a smaller scale. That you have to regrind lines to have your tier x fully unlocked (with unique upgrades in this case). Anyhow, don't know why WG try this hard to make the game for the 1% of the community. The PR event is already bad, but it's temporary... but the unique upgrade... it's more of a long-term in game mechanism. Feeling losing more and more confidence to this game as the time approaches to the Christmas. Maybe should really consider stop investing money into this game.