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  1. Euro_CV

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    Well, you kicked CV out once again... great job. Plus its also the season of final exams in colleges and universities... not sure if I can gather enough clanmate in such a period.
  2. WG simply made Stalingrad totally OP, and with their silly none-nerf to premium policy, Stalin keeps OP and they decide to let it be.
  3. Euro_CV

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    No way WG is going to remove stalingrad off. It is ruining the T10 Clan Wars so badly, the removal of stalin will cause significant chaos in CW, as new clans with no stalin are fxxked. This is not the Musashi/Kron case; removal is never an option.
  4. This ship is perfect with T6-T5 MM, but awful with T8 MM. I feel fine with other stuff.
  5. Euro_CV

    2019...Year of the carrier/cruiser?

    The whole rework is fxxxed from the start --- WG never absorbed a single piece of feedback from players --- this play mode should't be changed like this --- no fighters, single squad. Instant quit, gj WG
  6. Euro_CV

    8.0 Public Test coming

    WG ruins everything... and they are going to do it right now. Instant quit
  7. Just 'gladly' heard that WG is actually 'ready' for the new CV release. Okey, I quit. But when I check about the compensations, it looked like this: Well, only one question: why can't I keep my Tier X CV while exchanging the lower tier? Tier X ship is the only reason we keep some tech tree ship. And WG just wouldn't let you have ANY compensation if you want to keep your Midway or Haku, on which you may fought hunderds of battles, and had the best memory. Good job WG you asked for this. Now I still decide to quit, but entirely.
  8. Euro_CV

    8.0 Cv compensation

    Bro, with 5 battles you are welcoming this change, and telling old players to xxxx off? Great job. REAL pride for you.
  9. Euro_CV

    CV Rework Feedback

    WG first of all, obviously no one wants doubloon back. Give them real money. Secondly, it is stingy for you to remove our tier X cv if we want ANY compensation. You promised, "no one loses everything." A wonderful betrayal.