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  1. I made the mistake of not checking the mini map for the "support" I was promised while heading into a cap Detected and shot to pieces by the enemy who apologised in chat, which was nice Some BB drivers are aggressive but most are cautious The best "team" will nearly always win so check the map, look out for radar and remember that incoming fire has right of way
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    How about some cover

    I could have understood if I left a 4 vs 4 battle so I didn't take any damage but it was me vs 5 with no support It's a shame a good game has to be spoiled by the "Do as I say not as I do" brigade
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    How about some cover

    I'm not a good player in fact I wouldn't even claim to be average but..... Estuary map T7 - T9 MM. I'm in a Baltimore and with 1 DD we are left by the rest of our team to cap and hold west flank cap. DD does well but is taken out leaving me alone against, at that time, 5 enemy ships. Choices : Make a futile gesture or get the hell out of dodge. I chose to fall back rather than get blown out of the water and have to fight a running battle with 2 enemy DD's with still no friendly support as they are in a lemming train half way round the map Our 2 remaining DD's are keeping each other company whilst capping and spotting I then get a message in chat telling me I am not playing well from 1 of the DD's Ok. We won the battle, I got more exp than the DD that was telling me how poor my play was and I had no support from my "team" for much of the match with the nearest ship a BB over 10 'km away and at no stage did any other ship ask me if I needed help or, as I would have done as a DD driver, head back to spot / screen for me I've never posted here before but what more could I have done other than join the lemming train at the start and leave our DD heading west with no support at all ?