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  1. First off, you're not an everyday player and you're not one of the MIA (like I am). But do you think a free 14 day rental Tirpitz is enough to bring me back to playing or spending money on this steaming pile of crapgame Wargaming is sadly mistaken. GIVE me Tirpitz permanently and I'll think about it. GIVE ME MASSACHUSETTS AND I WILL SPEND MONEY. (but not as much as they think)
  2. Loose_Cannon_496

    Logic and the CV rework

    People, can we stop with the misquoting and arguing? We players are only the smallest part of the problem. The vast majority (I'm thinking 98%) of the problem is Wargaming and it's staff. Those people never had any intention of listening or even caring about what we players thought. They have screwed this "rework" and it's testing since the start of the process. They will only care when it affects their wallets. (They still won't do anything right at that point.)
  3. Loose_Cannon_496

    7.11 PT test part 2

    No, you are someone who cannot read. _WhiteFang_ and everyone else posting here are talking about the PT server. The PT server is not working properly and since all WG staff is at Anaheim there's no one to see these posts or reply or do anything about fixing it. I just checked and I'm still getting only Tier 1 ships on the PTS. The time I had sent aside to test is now wiped out (this weekend) and I deserve all the bonuses as compensation. As does everyone that suffered thru this problem.
  4. Thank you for finding a solution for this problem. It had been occurring to me when playing Zuiho in Randoms. It did not occur in Co-op or when playing Bogue in either. Support was no help at all when I put in a ticket last week. They said it was because of the mods (Aslain's) but it never made sense that a mod could affect one ship only. Of course, it's fun when you do 50K damage while blind. Thanks again
  5. Loose_Cannon_496

    Ranked just aint FUN

    That is one disgusting picture. So 4 players took their first trip out in a new ship and 2 are in their second battle? Only you and the green Hindenburg player should be playing Ranked. Don't know if ranked puts people on the same ranked level into matches together but Wargaming should do that. Players ranked at level 10 should play others at that same rank. I played one Ranked battle (with Prinz Eugen which I have a 73% win rate in) and it was not fun. Yeah, I'm Rank 23 now-Hold the F&^%$ing presses!! In addition to playing Ranked at the same level, I have 2 more suggestions. First, Rank should start at a lower Tier (I'm thinking 6) and advance up one Tier every 4 or 5 levels of Rank. Top 5 Ranks would play at Tier 10. 2nd. Stop this saving stars nonsense. You should only be able to advance by winning. No knocking players down for losing matches but only winning let's you advance. And your winning percentage MUST increase each level to advance Ranks. Reset the minimum winning percentage to 50% when you reach the next tier of ships. No more Rank 1 players with losing records.
  6. Loose_Cannon_496

    Competitive Montana build

    As I'm about to hit the 19 point mark for my Missouri's commander, (and will re-spec him then-first change since 14th pt.) this topic is important but i have a question. Why would you waste 3 points on Superintendent? Let's do some math. There are 1200 seconds in a full length battle. Damage Control Party I&II already give infinite charges. Repair Party I&II give 3 and 4 charges. If you need 5, you really must be tanking some damage. Spotting Aircraft/Catapult Fighter gives 6 or 7 uses but each use takes 460 seconds for flight and cooldown(or 340 for SA II) at Tier 10. Catapult Fighter uses 270 seconds or (210 seconds). You can't use the number of charges you have.(you'd get 1 usable Spotting Aircraft) but how many times are you in a 20 minute battle? At Tier 10 I don't see a value in taking Superintendent. BoS, BFT, and Vigilance (even with slow turning BBs) are all more important.
  7. Loose_Cannon_496

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Wargaming's main server is a useless piece of crap. Should we expect better from it's backup?? Now, it's obvious why that ran that stress test yesterday, trying to get 20K players on at one time. This gaming company is just one big joke.