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  1. Solitary_Stalker

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    I have not seen it as much now as I did before and normally the won crying is the worse player on the team
  2. Solitary_Stalker

    Grind Goals for the Year

    Grind out the last 2 T10's I don't have both are CV's so we will see how that goes. Also continue to work on win rate went from 47% to 52.5% learning from past mistakes
  3. Solitary_Stalker

    Welcome Back Contest! - 6th to 11th

    Solitary_Stalker Spend most of my free time in warmer weather hunting Musky's the fish of 10,000 cast Have been playing for just over a year and a half A friend got me into the game and my family has always been Navy 4 generations (I was the exception and spent 7 years in the Army) Favorite ship IJN cruiser but really love the Myoko
  4. Solitary_Stalker

    Unrealistic BOT Speed?

    Some of the IJN DD's are slow and if it was French battleships they are fast and have speed boost also.
  5. In all the videos and streams I have watched I have yet to see a CV dev strike a Cruiser or battle ship and with the old CV's that happed all the time now not at all and flood chances are very low now where even if they hit you with a torp or two probably not going to be a flood.
  6. Solitary_Stalker

    DD Mains, Stop Complaining and just Play the Game!

    I have actually enjoyed having the Radar cruisers spotted rite away and not finding them once they pop radar and start shooting at me once there spotted the BB's love to shoot at them.
  7. Solitary_Stalker

    A Co-op Main's Perspective on Update 0.8.0

    I have found most Co-Op games I played trying to get used to the new CV's I was the only human on either team I have moved onto randoms now that I have gotten the hang of the new CV's but I'm sure you will still be getting them in your matches for a while
  8. Solitary_Stalker

    Upcoming changes impact on capping...thoughts?

    I agree so there is a delay on when the other than radar ship can see you but the time and distance has been increased so no real radar change to benefit a DD whole red team still has the same amount of time to shoot at you and more distance for you to escape that detection so how is this a buff for DD's.
  9. Thanks for the info have not been able to play on the PTS so this info will help before going to the live server
  10. Solitary_Stalker

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    I have both and like some have said I have a 19 pt in my Boise and still working on the NdJ 's my damage is higher in the Boise and mostly because only had a 10 pt Capt to start with. Play them in Scenario's to boost them up works great.
  11. Solitary_Stalker

    When the BB Outcaps the DDs

    Looking at your end of battle results guessing you capped when very few left alive at end of battle 11 hits for 23K damage
  12. Solitary_Stalker

    Camo bug

    Had the same thing happen with my permanent camo on the Gearing except would not let me place any on it logged out and logged back in and have not had issue again
  13. Solitary_Stalker

    Is the Makoto Kobayashi Camo Still Avaliable?

    I played Roma with credit flags and that camo did not have best game 80-90K damage and 2 kills and made 900k
  14. Solitary_Stalker

    They're out there tonight...

    Well hope he did enough damage to get him or herself relegated to being orange and not able to play Randoms.
  15. Solitary_Stalker

    Whats going on with Coops?

    To get the Legendary modules the 4th part is win 15 games so a lot maybe going to Co-op to get this done fast