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  1. Solitary_Stalker

    Camo bug

    Had the same thing happen with my permanent camo on the Gearing except would not let me place any on it logged out and logged back in and have not had issue again
  2. Solitary_Stalker

    Is the Makoto Kobayashi Camo Still Avaliable?

    I played Roma with credit flags and that camo did not have best game 80-90K damage and 2 kills and made 900k
  3. Solitary_Stalker

    They're out there tonight...

    Well hope he did enough damage to get him or herself relegated to being orange and not able to play Randoms.
  4. Solitary_Stalker

    Whats going on with Coops?

    To get the Legendary modules the 4th part is win 15 games so a lot maybe going to Co-op to get this done fast
  5. Solitary_Stalker

    How Detonations Work

    Detonations seemed to have increased at least for me in the last week have not been detonated for 2-3 months but in the last week have been detonated twice in a Yami once in a GK once in a Zao and in my Gearing normally run the Det flags but not until I have been detonated once that day.
  6. Solitary_Stalker

    Monaghan B is pretty good in Dynamo

    Got 69 planes in my Sims without manual AA had help having a Gallant and Agile with us not sure if they shot down any next closest was another Sims with only 11
  7. Solitary_Stalker

    DD builds for Dynamo

    I used this build this morning and shot down 69 planes with my Sims the next closest was 11
  8. I have Atlanta and Atago and IJN CA are my favorite to run I have to say the Boise is a blast have had some great games just need to have a 14 point commander in her and she will make you a lot of credits.
  9. Solitary_Stalker

    Where is ranked co-op?

    I played 15 games in my Gearing today to get the 15 wins fast for the mod and if co-op had ranked you would be rank 1 in a single day 15 games 15 wins
  10. Solitary_Stalker

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    I agree but there down fall is they turn like dump trucks and are pretty slow
  11. Solitary_Stalker

    TK panelty - co op battles

    Nope because then you get penalized for being AFK.
  12. Solitary_Stalker

    [NASTY] now Recruiting

    Have to say joined the clan about 3 weeks ago great group of players happy they let me in.
  13. Solitary_Stalker

    karma and winning

    I had a Karma of 62 had 3 krakens last Thursday and between those 3 games lost 12 Karma so at the point now that I don't look and should not care.
  14. Solitary_Stalker

    Looking for a clan that plays a fair amount of operations.

    Try TASC good group of guys and always doing the operations
  15. Solitary_Stalker


    I love the IJN cruisers good stealth, torps and guns. Down side slow moving guns and don't show your side but that is most cruisers AA not the best but can hold your own believe I have shot down 26 planes with my Myoko. I have played every cruiser in the game and IJN is by far my favorite to play.