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  1. Solitary_Stalker

    My T7 Calibration Period

    Very cool pick and yes the new MM has been pretty nice was about time that it happened.
  2. Solitary_Stalker

    I really want to take that next step

    The Wolf clans are just so they get the resource benny's from being in a clan most are players who play solo
  3. Solitary_Stalker

    Constant crashing

    Are you running any mods I know when mine are not updated I will crash.
  4. Solitary_Stalker

    How many crates on average to get one french DD mission??

    Purchased 14 got the Tier 5 and 7 missions
  5. Solitary_Stalker

    It is finished, all 80 ships

    I have 253 ships and did co-op for the tokens and still took forever waiting before I start on the coal ships to do just need a break.
  6. Solitary_Stalker

    New WG code from stream

    Thanks @ work so can't watch the stream but was able to redeem
  7. Solitary_Stalker

    Premium French Destroyer Containers x15

    I also bought 14 and received the tier 5 and 7 missions at least you did not have to pay for them war gamming gave them to you.
  8. Solitary_Stalker

    Naruto Running (said to be from an actual Air Force brief)

    And that is the reason the other branches of the Military give the Air force
  9. Solitary_Stalker

    so i got the "free" dd

    Got mine couple days ago and find it to be a blast have only 4 games in it so far averaging 2 kills and 91K damage and torp hit rate is 9.15% you launch one side turn launch the other and your reloaded again have had good luck shooting down planes with it also. Love fletcher but so far this is a blast.
  10. For me it has to be the Irian I have the Kutuzov but was never able to really make work great but the Irian just clicks with me I'm averaging between 90-95K damage per game in over 130 matches before the last AA buff had some issues if in atier 10 match with Tier 10 CV they could just kill me fast without shooting down any planes at least now I can last a few more attacks.
  11. Will the legendary mods still be attached to the tier 10 ships or are they going to implement this and then take those away?
  12. Solitary_Stalker

    10,000 battle count Tin foil hat

    From just normal containers? I have gotten them from 7 and 30 days from Xmass crates and 7 days from some of the other containers what I don't see is super containers I play 2 accounts and get my 3 containers everyday and see a supper every 3-4 months or 270-360 containers my main account over 12k battles and alt under 1500 and both get about the same rewards.
  13. Solitary_Stalker

    So how is Irian?

    It's a great ship have had a lot of fun playing only down fall for me is I am normally bottom tiered in it and if a tier 10 CV doomed have to stay very close to other ships with better aa but the range is great easy to hit what you aim at and torps and the angles for then are great been averaging 91K damage in over 100 battles played.
  14. Solitary_Stalker

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    Heard Moby [edited] was the biggest whale
  15. Solitary_Stalker

    T8 CW

    I agree Irian will be my choice even though I have Kutusov for whatever reason I average 90-95K per-game in Irian but Kutusov just never have any luck in plus torps on the Irian are just too good low detection and pack a punch.