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  1. bohica_2017

    Moskova - Worth FXPing

    They usually give notice when change gets closer, would grind until they announce change then free xp if needed.
  2. bohica_2017

    upgrade ships to next tier

    They just need to create more operations, for tier 5 to 10. This would be better and easier and not create any issues.
  3. I like the idea however WGing can't balance CVs or other ship types well, so it really doesn't bode well for them.
  4. bohica_2017

    Bayard or Massachusetts?

    I have both, both are fun. draw backs are as mentioned mass needs 14 pt capt or better to truely enjoy her and the capt will have to specialize to her and georgia, bayard is very squishy like all french CLs
  5. bohica_2017

    Yoshino or Georgia

    I have both they are different play styles both are fun, recommend getting both, get the one first with the play style you like.
  6. bohica_2017

    The Mercy rule in Co-op is still a problem.

    I find the mercy happening when you have full or mostly full human teams, i would like to see you be able to select the number of human players such as 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and so on. I don't think this would be hard to do. The match would be much more enjoyable and feel like a match instead of everybody scrambling to get a kill before the match ends, especially lower tier where BBs are slow firing and moving. Lower tiers with alot of human players in a match tend to kill everything but as a BB ex Texas you hardly do anything before match ends its not enjoyable.
  7. not me if you enjoy it enjoy it. Honestly with the player base now they are going grief people for whatever they can, at the moment the PR will be high on the list but griefers are going grief on anything they can.
  8. bohica_2017

    A suggestion for US premium BB

    they fudge alot in this game why not just up the speed to 25 knots
  9. bohica_2017

    What ships do you think need some love?

    The blys and roma definitely, also german BBs their thing was brawling but HE spam and power creep make it very hard, maybe make them have normal BB dispersion at 10km and under.
  10. blowouts are happening more but its because of player base. Same thing happened in world of Tanks, which is why I quit WOT. Really cant do anything to fix player base.
  11. planes are the delivery system not ammo, guns and torp tubes can already be permanently destroyed.
  12. bohica_2017

    Why is everybody's victory percentage so low?

    You should know from WOT, just like there the player base is going to pot, which you will realize after more random matches.
  13. Maybe in training room, I dont play randoms as much as i used to but that is not what i see, every match with a cv has been launching full squads start to finish with maybe 1 short squad of attack planes in the middle somewhere, thats just what i have observed. Winning or losing team didnt seem to matter. Again just what i have seen.
  14. bohica_2017

    Too many planes on CV's

    Ships have more then enough ammo for a 20 min battle, however planes are not ammo, they are the delivery system for ammo. If turrets and torpedo tubes and AA mounts can be permanently destroyed during battle, then so should planes.
  15. bohica_2017

    Premium Ship Review #123: Lazo

    Just get well thats most important, thanks and well done. wishing you good fortune.