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  1. You would still need 5 tier 10 ships to reset lines just means you can spend the research points you earn.
  2. bohica_2017

    Premium Ship Review: Tirpitz (

    the Bismarck and Tirpitz are sister ships, there are 2 Tirpitz's the Tirpitz and Tirpitz Black.
  3. bohica_2017

    ST, hybrids

    This will not end well, i predict they will suck as CVs and as BB/CAs.
  4. U.S. BBs with long reloads is a bad thing at these tiers, especially with slow speed.
  5. bohica_2017

    Narai Pulled.... Again

    says unavailable in ops menu
  6. bohica_2017

    Update 0.9.6 -- When?

    Wed 8th july and yes RU heavy CAs will be available for research.
  7. bohica_2017

    Why so many suiciding into the enemy?

    i call them COD [call of duty] players they like to run out spray n pray die respawn do it again, here they either move on to another match or hide in the back because no respawn. Seems to be a large portion of the player base.
  8. It is telling them something a large portion of players want nothing to do with them.
  9. bohica_2017

    Moskva without legendary upgrade

    wait and see what change is made to it. They have not posted what it's new form will be.
  10. German is divided into 3 categories Der is for masculine words, Die for feminine words and Das for neutral words.
  11. there is practically no team work now, I don't see that improving in the future.
  12. bohica_2017

    ST, changes to test ships

    WGing really doesn't want to sell California.
  13. bohica_2017


    I would recommend not telling the team to leave you alone it might make some screw with you and make the match worse for you. just advice.
  14. bohica_2017


    It is what the game has become however there will times when people will help. Dont get worked up by it, enjoy the few times when somebody does.
  15. bohica_2017

    When Does Current Season of RB End?

    check the bottom of any tech tree it will days remaining. Any tech tree that can be reset.