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  1. bohica_2017

    Update 8.+ problems

    I understand the need to see what happens on live server but CVs and everything that effects should have been alot more polished before being released on live server. There are always problems somewhere with updates but with the CV mess and I say mess because again CVs should have been tested and problems fixed alot more before being released on live server that more bugs are slipping thru the cracks and not being addressed as quickly as they should.
  2. bohica_2017

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    WGing should not nerf premiums, they should do a better job of balancing before they release them. The GC can hold its own against T7 but cant survive T8.
  3. I agree WGing will not do it, its still good to let them know we are displeased with it.
  4. bohica_2017 Side Effects

    IMO CVs will continue to be at bottom in PVE due to the fast pace of PVE with only 1 squad of planes they are not able to cause damage fast enough.
  5. What bothers me most is i think WGing only did because its going to console.
  6. bohica_2017

    Fed up with the pens for nothing

    I saw a posting that showed a blackhole in the side armor of the republic where all the shells that hit showed as pens but did no damage, starting behind the bow section to the stern. A glitch that needs to be fixed.
  7. I say put in the option to do CVs or no CVs for a patch and see what happens. If the majority says no CVs then no CVs. Doesn't hurt to see what happens.
  8. bohica_2017

    Mystery Ship coming soon to Arsenal speculations

    I would say Azuma due to it being between to T10 ships
  9. I like it, only problem i see is with CV rework def AA might not be worth it.
  10. bohica_2017

    We need a way to dismiss missions

    or atleast be able to hide them.
  11. bohica_2017

    PSA: West Virginia 41 Special Camo

    dusty rodes has no special perks, i have him.
  12. bohica_2017

    Electronic Counter Measures

    You can't as it is a consumable and a player has to pay for it. You can't have a consumable that counteracts another completely and costs the player credits or dubloons. Radar does not completely counter smoke, the smoke is still there after radar ends or the radar ship moves out of range of smoke.
  13. bohica_2017

    Remove DD SOFT & HARD CAP

    I think they should cap at 3 DDs per side, IMO 3 per side is better.
  14. bohica_2017

    West Virginia 44 - Sniper or Brawler?

    Have to be sniper, 21 kts will never get close enough to brawl. She is going to need accuracy.
  15. Big mistake on AP changes, if you can pen torpedo bulges then whats the belt armor for, ridiculous to due damage there, don't do this.