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  1. Ragnarok1701

    Ships in Air Supply Containers

    Well I feel some of your guys pain I had 22 air supply containers opened them and didnt even get a single mission for any of the ships now that the event is about to be over and can no longer get any air supply containers unless you spend real money on it is technically gambling WG better be careful about that if people get outraged enough it might be a starwars battle front 2 situation
  2. Ragnarok1701

    teir 6 US cv's question

    I may be late to this forum but I have some opinions about the ranger in particular since I am playing it currently the torpedo bombers are not that good you only fire two torpedoes per run and they do 3k to 3.5k dmg that is if you hit your target you have to be within 3km and the torpedoes move only 35 kts most destroyers can out run them and some cruisers can also out run them your rocket aircraft are now pretty useless unless you go after a big target but more often than not I do more damage with my dive bombers... I guess what I am really trying to say is that all the American carriers need some love and attention
  3. Ragnarok1701

    No credits or experience earned

    yep this has happened to me as well I just sent in a ticket... I hope they get it fixed soon
  4. Ragnarok1701

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    well I think its happening again I just did three matches with the Indy and got no xp lags at the end of a match and goes back to port with nothing for my efforts I also think its a server issue
  5. Ragnarok1701

    Will Saipan/Kaga/Enterprise be available again?

    please bring back the Enterprise
  6. Ragnarok1701

    world of warships (( NOT RESPONDING ))

    I know this is a few months since the last post but every time I start playing the game its fine but after 3-4 matches I que up for another match and it freezes on the loading screen prebattle so I have to close the program for about 10-15 mins then I can log back in but I as soon as the port loads I am slapped with a penalty for leaving the battle early...(which I couldn't participate) its getting pretty annoying every time I play the game I can only play in very short bursts maybe a match or two three if I am lucky before this latest patch everything was running fine I hope they can fix what ever is going on