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  1. I just watched that video above and I have to say I kinda agree with flamu with this... its 22k dubs or $81 for that.. to be honest I was actually thinking about getting Kong because I thought it was going to be cool I also thought there was going to be a actual event to earn containers for this event granted there is one combat chain for which team you pick you get 8 expendable camo and the final reward is 1 container and I could be wrong in this but honestly these bundles were too expensive maybe if they were like $40 that would be at least more reasonable and would appeal to more people or something like this $60 for the ultimate bundle (godzilla and kong) $40 for either godzilla or kong bundle and something like $20 for just godzilla or kong (no bundle) I think that would make it better
  2. Ragnarok1701

    Swift Fish Bug

    I agree swift fish is a useless skill especially for CV's I mean the Midway's Torpedoes Bombers I believe their base speed is 35 knots and if you use the torpedo speed upgrade that's 5% and then swift fish that's another 5% for grand total of 38.5 knots so round up to 39 knots before the commander rework the commander skill for increasing torpedo speed was 5 knots so with the torpedo speed upgrade and the old commander skill the midways torpedoes were 42-43 knots it may not seem that much of a difference but it does make a difference so if wg decides to change swift fish (which they wont) they need to go back to swift fish increase's torpedo speed by 5 knots instead of 5% just wanted to add before the commander rework increasing the torpedo speed by 5 knots was at the cost of losing 20% torpedo range which still for most cv's is still a great trade off
  3. Ragnarok1701

    AA too OP. Needs nerf especially Halland AA

    I somewhat agree that AA is too strong in certain circumstances I just got out of a match with me as the Lexington in a tier 10 match (also this is co-op not random) there was me and one DD and the other ships were cruisers no Battleships and they stayed clustered together the entire time so I could do nothing for my team as my planes would be shredded trying to approach the enemy so I would say the more ships that are clustered the less effective AA should be because there is no point launching aircraft if you cant do anything and all the ships are already spotted either that aircraft health or armor needs a buff
  4. Ragnarok1701

    Bring Back Enterprise!!!!

    I would like the Enterprise to come back I never had the chance to play her I was relatively new to the game when the Enterprise was around I was grinding up through the US lines I think I was only on the Bogue or Independence when the rework happened and they took the Enterprise away that made me sad.. but also in addition to wanting the Enterprise to return I also think the IJN needs another premium carrier the Germans have two premium carriers the Royal Navy has two premium carriers the US HAD two premium carriers one being the Enterprise the other is Saipan and the IJN only has Kaga so for the US and IJN its not fair that they only have one carrier and the Germans and Royal Navy have two
  5. Ragnarok1701

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    I am going to chime in on this for starters I do not do random games that much I do co op most of the time but be that as it may I have been playing the Lexington and in my opinion her planes are just too weak they get shredded easily no matter if you try to dodge the flak and going up against tier 10 ships forget it you might as well leave your planes on the deck I just got out of a match where there were tier 10 ships and I was attacking a BB there was another ship close by but they were the only two ships left my planes got shot down 6km from the target I was going for the Montana and the back up was a GK if I am not mistaken both of those ships have high AA so I couldn't do anything except sit there so the friendlies that were left had to take care of them without air support
  6. Ragnarok1701

    New Operations

    Well I know I am late to this topic but I thought I would say something I have been playing this game for a while and I just got a few tier 8 ships which most of them I went through the grinder... I have only played the only tier 7 operation.. I forgot what it was now but now that I have tier 8 ships and found out that there are no scenarios for tier 8 I was kinda sad I don't do pvp that often even though I know this game is pvp based but I am one of "those" players that just do co-op and scenarios I find those more fun so I know I am hoping against hope but I really do hope after the major project that they are working on with the submarines they can possibly add a few new scenarios or reactivate some of the older ones I may have not played
  7. Ragnarok1701

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    I vaguely remember some of those operations when I had a chance to play and they were ok but the operation I want to talk about is defense of naval station newport I seriously think this op either needs to be reworked or removed completely in this weeks cycle I have played this op about 15 times this week and have not won a single time the win/loss ratio in my opinion you lose more than you win think about this you have a fleet of 7 tier 6 ships going up against 4 ships in the first wave 5 ships in the second wave 5 ships in the third wave and if you fail to defend you dont get support and you have 7 more ships coming down on you including a tier 9 BB that can pretty much one shot you if he gets a good hit and the other ships tiers vary from 4 to 7 I mean I know a tier 6 can handle tier 7's it is challenging to do so what I think is that they need to do is bump it up a tier to 7 or do a mix of tier's 6 and 7
  8. Ragnarok1701

    Why are service costs to high at tier 9?

    even though this thread is mainly about t9 and t10 I would like to say I just recently got a couple of t8 ships and the service cost I come to find out is super expensive for me... and I don't think that it should cost that much silver for the service costs and I have seen in previous posts that you can lose a lot of silver I have also lost some silver in my matches and frankly the silver is not worth that much so they should lower the cost of servicing of ships for t8's to 10's it would encourage people to use those ships more often because some people work hard to get to those ships
  9. Ragnarok1701

    Operations Rotation Schedule?

    I am in total agreement in there needs to be more operations for tiers 8,9,and 10 and I am also in agreement in that the rewards needs to be reset for the current operations because now there are only four operations so I hope they add more I want to take my high tier ships out
  10. Ragnarok1701

    Ships in Air Supply Containers

    Well I feel some of your guys pain I had 22 air supply containers opened them and didnt even get a single mission for any of the ships now that the event is about to be over and can no longer get any air supply containers unless you spend real money on it is technically gambling WG better be careful about that if people get outraged enough it might be a starwars battle front 2 situation
  11. Ragnarok1701

    teir 6 US cv's question

    I may be late to this forum but I have some opinions about the ranger in particular since I am playing it currently the torpedo bombers are not that good you only fire two torpedoes per run and they do 3k to 3.5k dmg that is if you hit your target you have to be within 3km and the torpedoes move only 35 kts most destroyers can out run them and some cruisers can also out run them your rocket aircraft are now pretty useless unless you go after a big target but more often than not I do more damage with my dive bombers... I guess what I am really trying to say is that all the American carriers need some love and attention
  12. Ragnarok1701

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    well I think its happening again I just did three matches with the Indy and got no xp lags at the end of a match and goes back to port with nothing for my efforts I also think its a server issue
  13. please bring back the Enterprise
  14. Ragnarok1701

    world of warships (( NOT RESPONDING ))

    I know this is a few months since the last post but every time I start playing the game its fine but after 3-4 matches I que up for another match and it freezes on the loading screen prebattle so I have to close the program for about 10-15 mins then I can log back in but I as soon as the port loads I am slapped with a penalty for leaving the battle early...(which I couldn't participate) its getting pretty annoying every time I play the game I can only play in very short bursts maybe a match or two three if I am lucky before this latest patch everything was running fine I hope they can fix what ever is going on