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    Thank you guys so much I read all the comments and I will use everything that was suggested!! Good luck to you all too!
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    Uhm well I have been on and off for more than a year, but that's because my pc just haven't been doing so great lately and I'll leave it. Thing is if I had played that year I might be better, and would not have to ask questions like what I want to do... So first of all...what does it mean to tag a ship??? Someone mentioned this as I was playing the Fuso and it looked like he was rather amused...the Warships chat is so friendly though :) So I got around angling fairly easy but the trick is how the hell do I angle a giant ship so that it actually means something?? Other than that...I love the game. Especially the far less toxic environment than it's landlubber counterpart...smh Anyway fair winds and all that jazz!