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  1. Top 1-3 in every match but I guess you want me to try out that other Naval game. OK... you got it.
  2. Larry_Talbot

    Combat Mission Confusion

    Oh crap! Of course. Thanks all.
  3. Larry_Talbot

    Combat Mission Confusion

    Finished a battle and saw this... 4 combat Missions I had not seen before. So I went to the Combat Mission screen to see what was up and all I see is this... What am I missing?
  4. Larry_Talbot

    Has anyone not received the rewards from 0.7.9 PTS?

    So I guess we are SOL (So Out of Luck)? Not surprising I guess.
  5. Larry_Talbot

    Has anyone not received the rewards from 0.7.9 PTS?

    Rewards always appear in your port after you 1) go to the reward site & 2) click on the appropriate buttons and get told that your rewards will be in your account the next time you log in. Parts 1 & 2 have happened. It's the actually showing part. up that seems to be the problematic part this time. But, as usual...
  6. Larry_Talbot

    Has anyone not received the rewards from 0.7.9 PTS?

    Same here, but I wouldn't want to count on WG Customer Service for any help. They are only really good for comic relief. Like 2 days ago after I had earned 2,000 coal through 3 regular containers (2 X 400, 1 X 400, 2 X 400) but was nothing was credited to my Arsenal. I sent a ticket to WG asking them to check. Their response? They want me to send them screenshots of my Arsenal just BEFORE I won the containers, screenshots of the containers I won and my Arsenal right after I won the containers. You just have to laugh at that kind of "thinking".
  7. Larry_Talbot

    Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    I believe the random weather effects that are in some maps now were a direct outcome of last year's Halloween event. As were the night battles in the Cherry Blossom Operation. So that's two, I think.
  8. Larry_Talbot

    For fans of the Iron Duke

    Here is an article from a Canadian Newspaper that was published shortly after her commissioning. No real news but interesting from an historical perspective.
  9. Larry_Talbot


    If sailor tales to sailor tunes, Storm and adventure, heat and cold, If schooners, islands and maroons And Buccaneers and buried Gold And all the old romance, retold, Exactly in the ancient way, Can please, as me, they pleased of old, The wiser youngsters of to-day: -So be it, and fall on!
  10. Larry_Talbot

    200% Dubloon bonus to purchase - But not if you purchased before?

    Why not just bookmark this thread, wait until the Anniversary, see what WG is going to do to thank loyal players and whales and, once we know that, come back to this thread and either vent or thank them. Unfortunately I doubt this tread will last that long as one of the JWC Mods will come along and lock it as not being "constructive".
  11. Larry_Talbot

    Quit Whining

    I said with less than 300 battles OVERALL. o·ver·all adjective ˈōvəˌrôl/ 1. taking everything into account Go get any money you paid in school taxes back. It clearly didn't take.
  12. Larry_Talbot

    Quit Whining

    You currently have 3,703 PVP battles which, last I checked, is more than 300 battles overall.
  13. Larry_Talbot

    Coal! I needz moar kole!!!

    500 X 2 X 14 = 180,000 (with coupon)?