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  1. Larry_Talbot

    Supercontainer Strangeness

    Huh! Good to know. Thanks!
  2. I got my monthly Supercontainer and added it to the 91 event/daily containers I already had. I player another game, got 2 event containers and a daily and decided to open 14 to bring the total down to 80. The Supercontainer is now nowhere to be found. I opened 14 and they were all either daily earned or event containers. Has anyone else had a Supercontainer go missing?
  3. Larry_Talbot

    Thought Experiment (Operations being Removed?)

    Most of the recent Operations (Defense of Naval Station Newport, Operation: Aegis, Operation: Killer Whale, Operation: Raptor Rescue) were tier VI. The exception was Narai at tier VII and it was generally agreed that it was one of the easiest to farm large rewards in. Some people are just upset because the Ops are a challenge now rather than an easy way to farm rewards.
  4. Hmmm.. I wonder what's on the other side of this island. Let's go have a look see... Sees Musashi 10 km away...
  5. Send the replay to WG Customer Service and copy Ahskance.
  6. Larry_Talbot

    60G for this program

    I read the headline for this thread and thought "Wow! Now that's what I call a WHALE!" Leaving disappointed
  7. Larry_Talbot

    PSA: Update on Operations Rewards

    Why those evil bast... wait... So what?
  8. Larry_Talbot

    In one sentence.

    A high tier Premium ship will NOT automatically get you better results or make you a better player.
  9. Larry_Talbot

    World of Warships Server is down?

    Up again... at least for me. But the "Battle" button doesn't work.
  10. Larry_Talbot

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    You cite 3 1/2 examples. Not exactly thorough given the large number of people who regularly and loudly complain about CVs to the point of demanding their removal doncha think? Also... rarely adverb rare·ly | \ ˈrer-lē \ Definition of rarely 1: not often : SELDOM
  11. Larry_Talbot

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    The most vocal detractors rarely have.
  12. Larry_Talbot

    If you dont spend money..

  13. Larry_Talbot

    Aegis: Any ideas why the bots would stop moving?

    They made quite a few changes to Aegis. For one the ships escorting the convoy were always easy pickings for CVs as they never used AA . Now it seems every ship has fighters... even the ones who don't. And those fighters are deadly. The BBs are just modeling the play of the average Rando BB player.
  14. Larry_Talbot

    I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!!

    CV Player