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  1. Continuously disconnected from the server

    same here, 3 weeks of efforts, 2 visits from my ISP tech service, and same conclusion - wows servers at fault...
  2. Getting Disconnected from Server in Middle of Battle

    I run also an Ryzen 1600x, OK-ed, and even after I switch back at normal speed ( I was on 4,2 now I am on default 3,6Gh) - STILL I get disconnected on mid game. Last MM happen again. Get an torpedo, and before to reach the R key, got disconnected ! After 30 -40 sec when I was back, 99% of ship HP was gone.... cant be more frustrating !
  3. Getting Disconnected from Server in Middle of Battle

    Same for me, random disconnected on mid-game, sometimes even I die in-game and I just watch the mates, other times in port when I am looking at modules, but, as an general rule, almost each 10-15 min; I try all things and more, uninstall my AV and run the game without AV (windows AV shot-down) , re-install the game, run game files check, reset my router, etc - nothing work... :( I have an ISP decent, with fiber connection, 225+ Mb dwld/upld, and ALL my other on-line games run smoothly... Only the fracking wows behave like an nightmare... I submitted a ticket, still waiting for replay... I am unable to play ranked or clan battles since I never know when next disconnection will occur... Not even mention the amount of flags/camo.s and credits lost, since an static ship, with the user disconnected its always, sadly, the priority target for red team... I run a decent rig, an AMD Ryzen 1600x , an NVidia 1080 and 16Gb ddr4, so the issue its hardly on my end... Strange thing, 2 days after last update where almost no disconnections, all running smooth, but after 2 days all fall again... seems to me the EU servers and the links to Portugal (where I live) are really with problems ...