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  14. The short-list thing isn't new, been like this for a couple of years. I always told, and still do, my clan mates they should straight up buy tier 5 and 6 ships as they come during the year as that will improve their chances of getting better rolls come Christmas time and these are fairly cheap as well. Always good to wait a bit to see what the short-list ships are when the crates drop, then you can just buy those ships for dubs or in the web-store and voilá you get transferred to the true random-roll super-containers. One has to read the "fine print" and dwell on how they word it, like for example what it says about getting rare ships 'The containers have specific chances to drop rare ships'. Specific chances, basically a chance outside the regular parameters as chances go. I was not surprised at all by this years event, I expected this going in as it's been so before. Just prepare beforehand and you can increase your chances of getting the ships you want. Also, while it is never a 100% certainty, getting the 20-packs in my experience since they first started doing containers for some reason gives you a better chance than just getting single crates or lower number crates. One could of course speculate of they load the 20-packs with a better chance but you can never prove it. I've also had 20-packs with out a single ship, but I can count that on one hand. Since they started I've found getting the big crates is the most bang for buck, and I've more frequently gotten 2-4 ships on a 20-pack over the years. In the end the whole system is designed so you will spend money and more money than you actually felt you wanted to, to get what you wanted. It's the beauty of capitalism.
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