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  1. ^^ That. This nanny-state mentality in Europe is taking hold of the central part (Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands) and Sweden. Rest of us over here are giving them and it the finger still.
  2. It seems to me, feels like, that randoms just dropped down the rabbit hole after Clan Battles started. Like everyone that does CBs for the most part stays away from randoms now, and that leaves a lot to be wanted for those that needs to dip their toes for some dailies of grinding.
  3. I detonated an Atlanta in my KGV and was called hacker, oh yeah reported too.
  4. When I bought the 55 pumpkin pack (25k doubloons has the same cost) I got 73700 doubloons worth of content when converted. That's about 67% discount. Then I got a 25 pack on top of that, which costs the same as 11500 doubloons, and it had contents worth 46650 doubloons and that's about 75% discount. Is it expensive? Heck yeah. Was it worth it to me, very much so. I see it as a long term investment in camos and flags that I always need anyway, same goes for doubloons that came with it. Free xp and Halloween camos were just epic bonus.
  5. Check your messages.
  6. I've never ever had this issue, ever and I've played since CBT. ^^ What Dadrox says here is correct, and if your ISP has dodgy DNS servers for you then you can use Googles free DNS service and manually set it. Iirc those servers numbers are and for primary and alternate DNS respectively. Google it and check.
  7. For some reason I as clan commander can't always launch a division in to clan battle when it's ready.
  8. Took a long time to pop the first battle, but after that it went on rails.
  9. We're waiting in line as well...
  10. ^^ This. We can not start new tasks, nor re-do old ones for the stars.
  11. EDIT: Disregard previous posts, something is an issue with my system. Got a friend here with a laptop, and it works there. I'll need to check my system for errors.
  12. Yes, several times over. Faulting module is the ucrtbase.dll
  13. These ones does not work here at all, get list out of bounds errors.
  14. I get list index out of bounds or something error when I try this one.
  15. I guess he's referring to oil you get when you buy items like Yamamoto containers, but as people has stated earlier it would take an insane amount of money to purchase enough oil through containers that way. Not really seeing people doing that.