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  1. 0.7.5 Bug report

    For those that may be unable to mount camo, make sure you're not running Arnak's Ships Tree mod pre- If you have, disable it and wait for update.
  2. I'd say play to win, do the best you can with what you have and your abilities, but also remember this is just a game. A recreational creation. WoWs came in to the arena a good bit after WoT so it didn't have the huge competitive crowd that had been with WoT for a while, thus WoWs and it's community in general is more chillax (though WoT residents, the influx of new people, are making it much more recreational these days thus more enjoyable). I know some games, no matter what MMO you play, are just terrible but don't lose your mind over it. It is just a game, pixels on a screen. Take the enjoyment you can out of it, and if it gets hard to do that then take a break for a while. I'm currently trawling through heaps of single-player games I've bought on sale over the years and never gotten around to actually playing like Fallout 4 (which is just a hoot!) and I'll be back to WoWs later on energized.
  3. Just noticed as well, I guess I was one of those that logged in before the temporary disabling was done. 80 ships later, all good... click click click
  4. New Premium Cammo for the Roma

    Been discussed a lot since it came out, more than a few people use this mod for it: https://sea-group.org/?p=3910&lang=en
  5. When absolutely no one says a word or responds to any question about strategy and tactics. I do not think a single one of those matches was ever won, ships just pop pop popped and people went back to port without a word and you're left alone surrounded by what seems like ghost players. Those are the worst...
  6. ^^ This. If you see a ship about to smoke up, aim for it and press Shift+X and continue firing until he's dead or he's moved. Most seasoned players would do the latter by default. Also, if you have a spotter plane you can hit things in smoke with a fair accuracy as you get a partial top-down view that helps pinpoint ships shooting from within smoke.
  7. Are the french containers worth it?

    I got 10.000 doubloons, 300 assorted special flags, 260 revolutionary camos, 400.000 credits from duplicates and a mission to get the Bretagne (yes, they do not auto-drop from paid boxes like candy). Total doubloon value of it all: 40.000, was worth it to me.
  8. ^^ That. Kii and especially Ashitaka camos were quite nice, absolutely loved the latter with it's rusty color but this is just silly. Feels like a clown ship of sorts, not to be taken seriously and only laughed at.
  9. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you WG, not touching that button with a ten foot pole.
  10. I've really liked the previous Kobayashi camos and gotten them, but the one for Roma is just too much clown. Looks like they mounted a giant water bottle upside down on the bridge and painted it, I could not stand to sail it. If there's ever a mod coming out that would remove it on the other hand, but not holding my hopes up for that. I think I'll just get the regular one.
  11. Can I shut off badges?

    If it hasn't already, pretty sure we'll see a mod that disables/removes this in time.
  12. Yeah, death threats is where I draw the line. Happily though that is very rare on the NA server, on the EU server it is more frequent and especially in WoT EU.
  13. I just needed Kidd, Gremy, Kamikaze and Nikolay I and got them all from one purchase of the medium, red, 20 pack. My gf got them all too, required more purchases as she didn't have many to start off with. Saved a fortune, for real, getting them from boxes than picking them up other times a year.
  14. I bought a metric f-tonne of these boxes for my gf to get her all that she wished for, most of those were the medium sized red ones as they were best bang for buck. I took note of all she got, then converted it in to doubloon value. First of all, doubloon value of cash purchase (as in, if you'd just bought doubloons with it) was 151.463 doubloons. Secondly, the total value of all she got in these boxes were 423.800 doubloons and I did not count the free xp she got from a couple of basic ones. That's over 64% discount of the top that the more boxes you buy they are also discounted as price go. I'd say as value goes, these boxes had the most of it of all WG games and both I and her were very happy with it. A friend though only bought a 20-pack of the Red ones and got very little that he wanted and decided it was not worth it, thing is after buying a lot there's almost a pattern to it. You'll get a few boxes in a row that has good stuff, then a chance for one that only has premium days, possibly a tier 5 and the rest camo and special flags and then you get the good ones again. Best roll she had was three tier 8 and one tier 7 on a 20-pack, on average most of them contained two premium ships. To get maximum value though you need to buy a lot of them which is quite likely the intention, that if you invest they'll make it worth your while and not everyone is able to do that. But as said, compared to WoT and especially WoWp the WoWs boxes was just amazing.
  15. 'Santa's Big Gifts', the red boxes, in a 20-pack has yielded most at this end and I bought for both me and my gf different boxes and a lot of them. Best bang for buck.