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  1. I had serious fun testing the Smolensk before they removed it from us and testing was over. I'm getting her by default, even if she was/is nerfed a bit. Been waiting for it ever since. Loved it.
  2. It basically goes like this, if players don't care about their game or the company that makes it they'll just not even bother to say anything anywhere as it isn't worth their time. When a player-base is actively engaged in heated discussion, and heated exchanges of opinion (because in the end, it's all opinions), it is weirdly enough a healthy sign that people care. Now granted, some times some threads may go too far or people go too far but regular pressurized heat is just good. Odd, I know, but there it is. Wargaming has done many good things, and they are by far some of the better MMO-companies out there and the majority here knows and appreciates that even it may not always seem like it.
  3. Krautjaeger

    Gr8 crates worth it?

    Whenever I buy bundles, which I haven't done in a while now, I always buy the biggest one as that for some "magical reason" has always dropped all the things I really wanted. I liked this bundle when it was first released, really paid off for me, got a lot more value in it than what I actually paid for. But as with everything, it's all down to the beholder and their wallets.
  4. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Very true. That's what all if this comes down to, people's opinions on whether it is a smart move from WG or not, agreeing is not required.
  5. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    All of this has been answered several times in this thread already, just go back and you'll find it.
  6. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Went over and checked, not only are you right but in the two minutes from you posted this until I checked the upvote had only gained one, while the downvote had gained another 27. In two minutes. Perhaps the RU peeps didn't notice it on YT until today, lol.
  7. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Point is, Colbert f.ex. is one of the better ships for a good player to troll unsuspecting commanders in, especially if you team up with a smoke-ship. This is the 'carrot' WG is hoping to entice said good players with all the resources and/or nice wallet to go for and all the other players who are not so good to think if they just get their hands on it they'll be as good too. It's the same carrot recipe as always in that regard. The real point is, how many will actually fall for it and I think Wargaming is way off base this time in their prediction. As mentioned a few times now in this thread alone, NA/EU/RU forum communities is vastly negative, reddit no better and their YT video rating is tanking. At this point though, this thread have covered arguments from all sides and I think there's not much more to be said at this point. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow and see if any of the feedback this weekend registers with those that make the decisions over at WoWs WG. I'm signing off at this point, going to play some tanks.
  8. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    This is a yes and no thing. I have tested Colbert extensively and while you can get killed in that like any other ship, if you put that ship in the hands of a very experienced commander he will wipe the floor with people.
  9. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If you reset a line, it is like starting a new line from scratch, from when you first laid your eyes on it, and do it all again. All of it. Oh, and do not forget that if you ever got any ships for free from early access containers they will not count for research points if you reset that line. I am assuming it goes for the first time you re-do it, but that time they will not count towards research points at all. This 'thing' here is not made for people that play rarely, sadly, or many people at all. Well, except if you pull your wallet out then it is 'made for everyone'... And if you wonder about world wide reactions to this, NA, EU, RU forums are overwhelmingly negative, Reddit is no sunshine place either and their Youtube video on it has about 370 likes and 2.3k+ dislikes. So it will be interesting to see tomorrow, Monday, if that is even acknowledged or if they just chug on like 'nothing to see here'.
  10. I have all the means I could ever need to do it, but I am not biting, at all. Will not be doing this. Said it before.
  11. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Great constructive feedback here, there are so many ways to go about it properly. Btw, the big-spender category is actually 0.4%, possibly a bit less, from WG own statistics released before Christmas. That's the margin they are working within on that aspect. I'd give you a thumbs up, but out of my allotted for today so +1.
  12. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    It is made for the minority group which have everything and credits/fxp to spare by the bucket-load and those with enough cash to spring for fxp conversion and possibly buy credits off of premium website when those packs are available. The latter group is the golden goose, the other is just convenient. In other threads that were in 'General'-forums these past weeks, there's been several discussions on how to create credit/fxp sinks that can encompass the whole player base as far as rewards go, said proposals did not all include monetization aspects but again that is something they can work with the community on. We all know, and understand, that they are a company and look for profits as well. The smallest of the titles, World of Warplanes, has an equipment upgrade system that makes your credit drain like an open sink with holes and actually gives out nice results as well. There are several, many, other ways to go about making sinks.
  13. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Yeah, having the CV rework behind but still in our necks and then submarines coming on top of this, people are weary to say the least... Math is not my strong suit, but it's been at 2k for a while now. Lets say 2050 vs 350, that should be slightly less than 15% in their favor. I had my own business before I retired, and I would never, ever take those odds when introducing something new to the mix. Ever.
  14. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    hehe. As I posted above, how they deal with this will define a large part of their game where there are real consequences for them. While this is not as large as WoT's 'Rubicon', it is a defining moment even so. If cooler heads prevail, they'd find a way and use time to work with their communities and engaging people outside of them as well and come up with something that benefits everyone and guarantees revenue for them at the same time. We're all willing to work with them on that, something mutually beneficial, for the majority.
  15. Krautjaeger

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    It was/is the same on EU and RU as well, before end of workday. Could be, really hoping, it's a sign that WG may be reconsidering.