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  1. Krautjaeger

    Crate duplicate ships

    The Mega-boxes want to give you a Monaghan first of all (and repeatedly if you have all ships), the Big boxes will give you a Krasny Krym first of all (and again repeatedly if you have all ships), the small boxes though seems to be more random if you are lucky enough even you have all ships or not. Seen people get both Perth and Dunkirk from the small boxes, instead of repeated Perth/Dunkerque.
  2. Krautjaeger

    Unboxing 60 Santa crates

    This years sequence is Mega first, then Small and Big at the end. So yeah, a bit confusing for those that buy 20 of each.
  3. Krautjaeger

    Philosophy behind the new Santa crates

    Yes, Wargaming have been testing how far they can go in all their titles this whole year and it's not really a secret either. I would not be surprised if it evens out a bit next year, as you say.
  4. Got 20 of the Big (medium) ones, I always go for those for the same reason as Zoup said, and ended up with Le Terrible/10 point commander, Krasny Krym/10 point commander and was refunded 2950 doubloons + port slot because I had it, 3000 doubloons, 6 Type 59 camos, 50 New Year Streamer camos, 30 Leviathan, 15 Scylla, 15 Red Dragon, 15 Yellow Dragon and 60 Basilisk. Regional pricing may vary because of taxes and such, I paid around $42.20 for those and total doubloon value given to these items by Wargaming is 28650 which would cost roughly $114.60 +/- depending on region. As always happy with what I got. Also, a clan mate got a Z-39 out of the two free ones so it is possible.
  5. Krautjaeger

    My 100 Mega Box Haul!

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Same here. Totally agree.
  6. Krautjaeger

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the madhouse
  7. Krautjaeger

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Yeah, I traveled to an island off the coast here that had four inhabitants and they turned the electricity off at 10pm between March and November. It got pitch dark for a few moments, and then the sky lit up with diamonds. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen in my entire life, people should get out in some remote area and experience it to believe it.
  8. Krautjaeger

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    The vote sample is at a point where it is starting to get relevant. So about 46% of the player base is 40+, about 68% is 30+. Computes really, back in 2015 iirc Wargaming posted some age stats for WoT and the average players age at that time was 29, and some change, old. Kinda bursts the kids-playing-bubble and makes you wonder about all the supposed adults and what's been said and going on.
  9. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    This time around, they drop smoke, reverse a little bit then start firing their guns at any ships that are lit up and in range like humans would do. Then gtfo when smoke dissipated. Started at tier 4.
  10. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    That is the bot AI that has been live tested a few times and believe it or not there were people complaining about it. Sadly I believe you. Still hope they put it in though, as it would actually make co-op on the way to some light challenge.
  11. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    Well, if they bring the bot AI over from CV test I may, just may, do it as I have seen bots in this test do stuff never seen before. They don't all go gung-ho lets go in a straight line, they attack, pull back, drop smoke and stay plus move from their initial position in smoke to throw people off, seen bot DDs fire one spread at one ship then another spread at another ship then pull back and cloak up, they reinforce, this is deffo a beefed up AI and I for one would like to see it in co-op/scenarios. On the other hand if they just keep the old, dull, co-op AI there's nothing for me there. I'm a pvp person at heart. Most likely though I'll just get the doubloons and get some tier 6 premium CVs when they inevitably get on the market. So far in this test, tier 6 has been the most fun and seems the most balanced as well.
  12. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    And at tier 8, well as long as you fight tier 8 you have a chance-ish but the AA can be quite brutal. If you are in a tier 8 carrier and get tier 10 games, and you know you will get plenty of those especially in your tier 8 premium CVs, the AA murders you. If this heavy AA carries on to release I'm just gonna get doubloons for all my premium carriers. It's sad enough to be in a tier 8, regular, ship and constantly seeing tier 10 games but I do not want to be there in a tier 8 premium CV. Not at all.
  13. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    Up to tier 6 now, seen some tier 8 CVs in those games too, and I must say I'm having a blast. This was exactly what I was hoping for, even some adjustments should/may/could be made. Great fun. EDIT: oh, and noticed bot-ships that deploy smoke are much more intelligent, as in stays inside the smoke. DD-bots will pop smoke and stay there once a plane gets within a certain distance.
  14. Krautjaeger

    CV Rework Feedback

    Playing tier four at the moment, rockets and bombs only this time around for both sides. Tbh I'd rather see rockets and torpedo planes, then introduce bombers later. But that's me. Torpedo attack is kind of the stock, traditionally.
  15. Krautjaeger

    Random Battle Anomalies

    He's probably gonna accuse you of B&E even if you just found it, lol. Pretty sure it's his room too. @OP As for people not saying anything in games, Aslain's mod pack has a 'disable chat' mod afaik and it seems a lot of new people go straight for that pack which may be one reason for people not talking much. Also, a lot of casuals are tired of getting yelled at in-game so they may just manually disable chat for the current match and/or ignore people. In games like World of Tanks the majority pretty much disable chat by default.