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  1. Krautjaeger

    Let’s Talk About "Earn Your Greatness"

    Ticket created, same issue.
  2. Krautjaeger

    Daily Shipments tab?

    19th and I still don't have a Daily Shipments tab. Does anyone?
  3. Krautjaeger

    Daily Shipments tab?

    The offers change on the 31st, it should be on today but it seems it'll come tomorrow (?)
  4. Krautjaeger

    update ??

    Well, I just found this there " Switch between the available types of Daily Shipments and keep an eye on what will be coming your way tomorrow. " which as far as I read it was not about the day tomorrow but about what you could get the following day. If it was stated somewhere else I completely missed it.
  5. Krautjaeger

    update ??

    Also, I can not see the Daily Shipments section... " With the release of Update 0.7.10, a new section will appear in the game called "Daily Shipments". Access it to view the list of rewards that you can get for simply logging into the game on a regular basis. "
  6. Krautjaeger

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Want to sell the Black Camo for existing ships, sure. Sell copy-ships with black camo, that's not going to be widely popular.
  7. Krautjaeger

    unable to log in- is game down? 5:15am edt

    As I just said on the WoT forums, DNS servers all over will have security keys updated from today and 48 hours ahead, and some people may experience temporary loss of connections and slow loading pages and Internet. https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/what-you-need-know-about-first-ever-dnssec-root-key-rollover-october-11-2018 For most people it should go smoothly, but if there's old and badly updated/maintained infrastructure where people route through they may be affected. This may, or may not, affect WoWs connections for some people. Even so, just a heads up.
  8. Yeah, there needs to be some kind of explaining on how it was then measured. That being said people are playing the system for what its worth today as well, and arguments are endless on the topic. And I wisely decided to just skip the Radar-thread Gonna head in to the city, bbl. Wish you a very good day!
  9. On this we fully agree, also as said in the opening post WG would need to device a new system and balance it. Also as said in the opening post, the actual 'Win' isn't removed and there will still be a win/loss but if balanced such a system could/would take away a lot of frustration from players that do well but even so are experiencing losses as not everyone is able to carry 'hard' and give an incentive for people performing less to improve themselves for better rewards (if, as said, balanced right). Also, imho, there isn't much team play at the moment or it is non-existent. Thank you for your reply and input.
  10. 70% here seems to not even have read the original post or been able to digest it. Replies are mostly just "Don't remove the wins or else", which is fair enough as people have stated earlier there are people in the community where 'The Win' is everything and I do get that as I've been a competitive gamer since the mid 90s. If you read the original post and digested it you might have noticed it was not just a suggestion of altering how we are rewarded but an attempt at, and I'm gonna do this in bold so it might possibly be harder to miss this time around, put an end to the friction and frustration between old and new gaming generation (ageless), between competitive and casual gamers. For f*** sake, day in and day out, year after year, our communities are just filled with threads about how frustrated and angry people are with each other, how people feel one group is dragging them down, spoiling the game with non teamplay and the other group shouting back they play for fun and around and around and around it goes. How about we try to find a way to coexist like adult people, find some middle ground here. I know society is polarized beyond repair but this is a game. Try coming together and work something out, work on something different, find solutions other than 'Git gud' or 'I don't care it's just a game'. That's just two polar opposites, and with that you'll have perpetual animosity that spills over in community, matches and don't go anywhere now or possibly better. Now, as also said to someone last night, my suggestion might not even work but it is an honest attempt at trying to bring people together instead having them perpetually sitting on each others fences screaming at each other. For us that's been doing competitive gaming for over twenty years, unless you're blind you are not only noticing but fully aware of casual gaming totally taking over world wide. It is time to try, at least try, to find a constructive way to exist together in our games and act like adults about it. Now some can just continue down the same path as before going the "participation trophy blablabla", "pc blablabla" route, not realizing or wanting to realize it had nothing to do with that at all, and just fully be ignored on this end or we could try some actual constructive dialogue on how to attempt to fix this so everyone can play and be fully content. There are bound to be other good possible solutions as well.
  11. That is certainly one way to implement it as well. One way this can actually be viable is Wargaming toying with the idea of local-login-global-server where matches are sorted by ping, like they do on Total War Arena (Wargaming and CA) where it works very well. If they do this, it means a global WoWs player base thus more players constantly online and that could open up for more modes. Future will see, but I personally have a strong feeling they may be going down this road. Thank you for your input on the matter.
  12. I've not seen anyone, including myself, advocate this in this current thread though. I think we're all in agreement that this will not work in this scenario, and some new way needs to be thought up.
  13. Yes, which is why a new system on how personal performance in each battle is counted would have to be looked at by Wargaming like stated in the original post.
  14. We've been asking for that for ages and nothing that works comes of it, so there is essentially no real if any team play to speak of. Which was why I suggested instead of looking at what we've always been looking at instead reward personal contribution to each match. Not saying this is gonna work, it may very well not, but the current system doesn't quite work either and is constantly bringing frustration to many. On both sides.
  15. Thank you for your input. Will they though have a false sense of achievement? If they end up at the two lower categories with 25-50% bonus only, that's like a loss today, how will that make anyone have any sense of achievement if this even matters to them? There are, as we have seen for a long while, many players who just play to sail, shoot and have fun and that is what fulfillment they are seeking. Achievement doesn't seem to be that important in that category.