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  1. Two for One!

    #2 - I use him on DDs as DD-hunter commander and spotting torpedoes early for my team. He gets 10% on Jack of all trades which is quite useful for DDs with many consumables.
  2. "Human" Bots?

    Co-Op aside, have you guys noticed how there's no bot-comments for players that are sub-40 wr any more? It's been "accepted" that they just exist. Back when WoWs launched anyone with such low wr and accompanying stats would've been looked upon as a bot-user instantly, where people would send in replays and whatnot. Makes me wonder how prevalent bot-usage is in randoms as well these days.
  3. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    It comes and goes in waves and every time that happens when I'm playing WoWs I just play some other game for a few months, or as long as it takes for me to feel like I want to come back. Putting all eggs in one basket and just play WoWs would've done my head in.
  4. Never Underestimate Your Team Mates

    This has kind of been the theme song for this summer, along with the catchy tune '44 is the new 48'.
  5. Three-loss rule, if I lose three games in a row I switch ship and if I then lose two-three in a row I just quit and play something else because when you get tilted you perform worse and that does not help you or team play.
  6. When I transferred over to NA spring last year first thing that hit me compared to EU was 'wow, NA sure does love their CV game play' has there was a whole lot more CV-games here than on EU and I thought I needed to make more AA-builds. But since then there's been fewer and fewer of them, and I've considered re-spec'ing and rebuilding some commanders/ships. Perhaps this will change though when they're done with the CV re-balance soon[tm].
  7. 47.3% makes you average at the game, not trash or suck. If you are a solo-pubber it usually means as soon as you division up with people your wr can easily go up to and in to 50's. If you ever need someone to team up with, on most tiers, and I am online do not hesitate to shoot me a PM. I can invite you to our clans Discord server so we can do tactics over voice comms as well. I am sure there's others here too that'll bring you with them if you like to.
  8. One thing struck me when I saw this post that I have quite forgotten myself and that was had this been a couple of years back this person had quite possibly been reported to support as suspected bot-user, though today we actually don't flinch and see this as a regular occurrence in the player-base for which I struggle to find the right words. I've been seeing this phenomena, registering it, for some time and it seems like 44 is the new 48 as win-rate is concerned and 39-40 is what used to be people at 44 and then you have those that dip further down. This isn't the worst case I've seen either, and also seen people with 16-25000 battles with sub-44 ratings. Now I know, as I solo-pub myself, that this can be a harsh environment for wr and stats and that doing divisions is best for people to up their wr but at some point you are really not getting the game and through your actions dragging your team further down with you and they're not just the odd one out on the teams either. Which brings me back to the beginning of this paragraph, could some of these actually be what we used to call bot-users? Secondly, free xp. Look at the creation date of the account, and remember there was free xp in Christmas boxes and if they had enough money and didn't care you could easily get hundreds of thousands of free xp that way. Thirdly, and this is something we just have no control over as WG will never ever change that, people come straight in to this game in store-bought tier 8s more often than we know or register. I dunno, I've talked to several people during this particular summer and the "consensus" seemed to be that the drop was felt particularly hard this time as there seems to have been a large influx of new players where many had bee-lined up to tier 8+ fast. Some times it feels like there's two sets of players playing this game, those that simply does not care one hoot and are just here to pass time until some OOG appointment or otherwise and those that love to play the game and give it their all no matter what skill level they may be at. We can't all be 50, 52, 54, 60 as WR goes and I have no qualms what so ever with solo-pubbers around 47-49 as they're doing as best as they can which is all we can do, but once you drop way below I feel that something is way way off and not quite right.
  9. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    I think I'm just going to go for the credits, there's absolutely nothing I want left in the Arsenal section. I got my Eagle flag and emblem, none of the premium camos interest me design-wise and I got so many other camos from other events I have enough for years to come.
  10. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    Thing is, since the loyalty points still come in, we never know if WG has a surprise planned at the end of the event for those that stuck with their team through it all. I, for one, will be Eagle to the end.
  11. Capping is a strategical decision, some times it is better to let the enemy cap first and then re-cap when our team is in position to support (although the latter doesn't always really happen or work out...). In a perfect world the DD captain would announce his/her intentions and ask for backup but that does not work either because a) the DD captain does not speak nor want to or b) DD captain speaks and lays it out but no one listens or want to. There's nothing inherently wrong with waiting a bit but a lot of teams seem to just not want to cap and at times I am not sure if they understand that it is actually a tactic and goal. The other day all three DDs got ganked early on and my cruiser was one of those with lowest detection radius so I needed to have a go at it as time was running out and enemy had 3 out of 4 caps, shipwise it was even. I went in to one of the caps and it looked good for a while but the enemy team reacted like they should and closed in to get me within spotting range. I asked for support, there was two BBs and three cruisers just outside of the cap I was in and they sailed just outside of the circle and not in to it like they were purposely avoiding it. Requesting help again with cap and one BB started to move towards but then turned and went just outside the line, in the end I was spotted and while I managed to take down a BB before going down it was done for. At that time I wrote in in chat these exact words: "Look, the way this game is played is one objective is to capture the cap points to gain points to win and to do that you need to sail in to the cap circle. Otherwise we'll end up losing, as you can see now." At that point all five ships, two BBs and three cruisers, that had previously sailed just outside all went in to cap like it was their Eureka!-moment thus had me wonder was this the first time they realized this was how it was done? This was a tier 7-8 game, mostly 8. I don't think there's ever going to be any in-game consensus on how to cap, some people just want to kill and view cap as "cowardice", some are too afraid of even trying, some see the strategic advantage and right time but are not getting support and so on and so forth. I have no solution to any of it and I've been thinking hard about it for ages.
  12. Where's my T-61 ?

    Two things about this event that struck me as weird though. First of all that you needed to opt-in, I mean who wouldn't want their spent doubloons to count towards some bonus? Secondly, the event could have started at the same time as the opt-in as so many people just skims articles or get tunnel vision thus you end up with WG "having" to make exceptions later on. Well, perhaps the next one will be more straight forward. Also, the event could've sent you an in-game pop up or similar once you reached the various stages so people would be sure they've spent the wanted/needed amount.
  13. Where's my T-61 ?

    Some times it works out and they help you, once upon a time on the EU WoT server I missed the deadline for a tank-swap by a couple of days and sent a really polite ticket asking if they could be so kind and help me out and they did without any hesitation. So I'll cross my fingers for you!
  14. Where's my T-61 ?

    Sorry to hear that man, I hope you get it sorted somehow.