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  1. Krautjaeger

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  2. Krautjaeger

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    We've been talking a lot about how things are in-clan for a while now, and WoWs is just... weird compared to way back when. More of us are playing other games more often that WoWs, not sure if that's just because we need a break or if some of us are giving up on it. I know one thing for sure, when Cyberpunk 2077 hits in April I'll probably disappear for a while.
  3. True. To be honest, I'm just borderline on giving up and just joining the masses as well. It's either that, or have every play-session feel somewhat like work.
  4. Been a very long while since most players have been actually playing the game, playing the missions yes but not playing the game. Reason, I guess, we notice them more now is because there's so few oldtimers left compared we simply get/feel overrun.
  5. Or go older, with TurboTape? Lots of great old classics though, XCOM Ufo Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep (I still liked that one), Civilization 1-2 and more.
  6. ^^ This, I've been saying this in-clan for a long long time. Get rid of anyone that can raise a voice and tell people how it used to be, how it should be and make arguments (aka complain). Then I guess they think they'll make money on people who come, play a couple of thousand battles at best and then moves on. Problem is, for them there aren't much money in that segment for their games but it hasn't dawned on them yet. Their games have, or at least had up until these days, a very special audience that spanned 12-80+ with the 40+ segment being possibly the largest, and a lot of income for people that age and retired. Chase those away, then what? Well, this discussion though has come and gone a lot on all forums for all games, so we'll see in a few years how this whole experiment went. What I know for sure is that I spent only 30% of what I was thinking about spending on their games this Christmas, and other oldtimers I know did something similar or just spent nothing. On another note, Cyberpunk 2077 even though a single-player game is going to be released in about four months an then I am taking a long, long, break and doing something else in a different world.
  7. I like the Gorizia a lot, liked it in testing and liked it now. Having much fun in her.
  8. Krautjaeger

    Ok I figured this game out

    As people have said, Clan Battles. You also find some limited form when doing divisions and to a small extent ranked if you are very lucky. Basically everyone's doing their own thing in randoms. See that destroyer that doesn't fire torpedoes at all but just gung-ho fires its guns to set fires? Yep, that person is doing do-fire-damage mission with a destroyer and so on. When you realize randoms is a huge single-player game, you disable all chat and notifications, put on some good music and play to the best of your own abilities and let the rest sort itself out. This is the game as it is, today.
  9. Krautjaeger

    Issue With The Dockyard

    Do an integrity check if you haven't already, probably sort you out. I hope.
  10. Krautjaeger

    Issue With The Dockyard

    Do you use any mods?
  11. Krautjaeger

    Jingles take on the "Puerto Rico Fiasco"

    I don't always agree with Jingles, but he's pretty much spot on here, on all comments imho.
  12. Been sitting here since it all started trying to find some words to say, but it's hard. I can probably do it, but it is such a sharp kick to the face to the majority of the player-base as this will be viewed as an 'only for the privileged' event and that is not good for the game or the community as a whole. They have until Monday to adjust things, but I wouldn't hold my breath. This is the last time I'm grabbing my ankles though, this was the straw for me.
  13. Krautjaeger

    Ok let’s see those mega crates results

    I would agree. It has also seemed in previous years that the drop-rate was increased early on, then adjusted later. This year, as far as I've experienced with friends, clan-mates and myself it seems the chances are slimmer to begin with on all types of crates. I got 20 of each of the three types of containers, got just fluff on the small containers and they 'usually' dropped at leas one tier 5 ship for me before. On the medium I got one ship, Fujin and previous years as I log them I've gotten on average 3 in a large pack. Mega gave me Benham and Hill, here also on average I'd get 3 on average in past years. And of course the assortment of flags mostly, some doubloons and handful of coal. Now all of this is of course random, I expect only flags and stuff and happy to get some ships but at the moment it seems the chances are somewhat reduced. There could be other factors as well that, as I had all ships except Fujun, Hill, Benham and Friesland there was not much to take from and that the algorith did not want to give many ships when you have almost all and would be more gracious to give out lets say four tier 6 ships to someone than two tier 9s and two tier 5s. We'll see as this day progresses how many people get what. I'm glad to get the Benham, and for all content I still got more value (to me) than what I put in to it as cash goes.
  14. Krautjaeger

    [] Alternative Pan American flag

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